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By Mac Miller

Occupy Little Rock is now celebrating itís one month anniversary. I came on board on the 25th of October. Been camping since the 31st. Iím Mac. You should be able to recognize me if you come out. Iím a big guy with long hair and beard, both of which are liberally colored with grey. Iím a disabled vet and that gives me the freedom to occupy full time and act as the occupation head cook and resident old guy.

We are, at this time, weathering our third rain. It started in ernest at about six am today. Just in time for me to cook breakfast for cold, wet but determined occupiers. Despite the rain and a laundry list of other problems the occupiers are determined and ready to take anything the sky or authorities have to dish out. That is the real reason I am out here.
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NOT THIS....!!!!!

I came out because of my outrage at police treatment of Scott Olsen in Oakland. I am staying because of the spirit, determination and purpose of the people occupying our parking lot at the corner of 5th and Ferry.

These, mostly younger occupiers have been a great motivation to me. I have served in the Army in some very prestigious and dedicated units in several countries spanning five continents. I have never seen the dedication and commitment I have witnessed on the lot. I encourage everyone to come out and visit with us. If you have anything that can make it possible for us to weather these storms we could use it.

Talk to most of the occupiers and you can learn a lot. You may even find that we are doing this for your sake too. I hope to be able to drop you folks a line from time to time to let you know what we are up to and issues you should be aware of. Service to others is the highest calling.~~~


Saturday, October 29, 2011


The 'leaderless' Occupy Movement has sprung-up from pretty much nowhere and nothing into the mainstream of  everyday consciousness in very short 47 (as of November 1, 2011) days.

Google 'occupy' and you'll get a list of 135,000,000 (yes, one hundred and thirty five MILLION) listings.

Google 'occupy arkansas' and you come up with 24.7million.


Betcha' Coca Cola would love to get these kind of results when they roll out a new product <grin>.

And of course the banter in these millions of posts runs the full gamut of pros & cons, insinuations, acclamations, exaggerations, supplications, mediocre points of view and, here and there, a modicum of truth.

Still, how to sort the wheat from the chaff?

Thus I, being the curious sort and a long-time civic activist who has for decades supplicated the gods to deliver us a society's savior, set out to learn for myself what the Occupy folks are about.

Overall, the experience was a good one and I am pleased to report that the Occupy Little Rock group earned my esteem for their tenacious dedication to purpose... even though, quite frankly, they haven't exactly figured out what that purpose is yet.

Consider, however, that this is a very good thing.

Choosing a 'unified purpose' is in the truest sense akin to wedlock, except that it is not just two people who must (over time) come to agreements about what they will willingly do for each other in an environment where, by the foresworn rules, coercion is not allowed... it is, essentially, millions of folks -- working together in small 'neighborhood' groups of dozens -- who must consensually arrive at such mutually acceptable terms.

To say this is a challenging task is to make a gargantuan understatement. Want proof? Let's ask the Founding Fathers, whose words of wisdom as chartered in the Declaration of Independence and codified in the Constitution of our national heritage still today inspire raucous debate... just as they did when the deliberation of the ideas invoked by these documents was going on.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident..."

This is the mantra humming in the back of these kids' minds... who I refer to as kids with the same loving respect I cast upon my own dear children, being complimentary of the vivacious exuberance and sheer strength of fortitude that is the endowment of youth.

There are, however, some 'elders' of my own age in the 'campus' (as the kids like to call it) community. But the vibrancy and drive of this getting-its-act-together movement definitely comes from the 20-something age group.

All of whom (at least those I met) are fundamentally well-educated and seriously pissed; feeling betrayed like lambs promised a happy green meadow, then sluiced-off to slaughter.

Yes, there are some whiney-weepers and some coo-coo -nutz. Truth be told, the same is true of our body of legislators, federal, state and local alike.

And the only problem I see with all of this is the growing frustration with being misunderstood which, in context of the fear being promulgated by those who are totally clueless about the legitimate concerns being expressed, could fester and erupt in uncomfortably life-quaking events.

Though I hasten to add that the Occupy community in Little Rock has zero tolerance for violence, threats, bullying or confrontational violation of the law. They want peace and order just as much -- and perhaps maybe more -- than those of us sitting at home watching the saga unfold.

Dare I say, shame on us..??

I will say sham on such folks as former Alltel CEO Scott Ford who, in a speech to the Fort Smith (Arkansas) Chamber of Commerce, drew a comparison between the Occupy Movement and the Rwandan genocide.

[see: The City Wire, October 27, 2011, Scott Ford talks about Whirlpool, ĎOccupy Wall Streetí]

While I agree with Scott that anger just doesn't work and that self0fulfilling prophecy is real, what he seems not to grasp is that these 99%ers have figured out how the current economic system works... and they don't like it.

Not one bit.

That is why they are pissed.

They feel like they -- nearly all of us actually -- are getting the shaft. Being treated (by 'the elders') like they are subhuman; enticed into entrapments by banks that dangle alluring bobbles and then in the dark of night  foreclose dreams.

They are bereaved by wars that kill, maim and terrorize real human beings under the pretext that violence is a an essential ingredient of peace.

They think (and I agree with them) that all of us who do the 9-to-5, pay our bills, attend our children's school volleyball games and crash (exhausted) each night in front of the TV too weary to think about any of this have abdicated our duty as citizens; bought off by a loaf of brown bread and jug of white wine.

Sadly, they may be right.

Hopefully, they are wrong. Because the ramification of 'us' -- ALL of us, the WHOLE 99% -- failing to educate ourselves and take action with the management of our own nation's economy is criminal.

If you are ready to start learning, take a gander at the video posted at the bottom of this page... 

My partial day with the Little Rock Occupy group started with a group photo at the Arkansas State Capital building. Above, folks are organizing on the lawn, figuring out 'how to' create the 'perfect image' to express their unanimity. Note: click the thumbnail at the top of the left column to see the outstanding results of this amalgamated effort.

Once the plan was made, everyone headed inside. to take the picture in the Capitol building Rotunda.

My photo: No where near as dazzling as the 'official group photo' (click thumbnail, top of left column), and still it confirms (for any who might doubt) the reality.

After the photo-op I visited the camp, which is in a parking lot in front of the Main Post Office in downtown Little Rock on Capitol Ave.

Tech-savvy and utilitarian, posterboard, twitter, facebook and all things Internet are the tools of common use.

Law-abiding and respectful, everyone I spoke with said that the Little Rock Police have been nothing by courteous in spite of the fact the being authoritarian is a huge part of their job.

Above is the commissary where provisions for meals are stored and prepared for the hungry troops.

Above are a couple of the people who do the cooking and cleaning up. (NOTE: If you want to find the 'true leaders' in any group, visit with the folks in the kitchen. Not only will they know who the leaders are, they likely are them.

One continuing challenge: having enough potable water to drink, cook, and clean up. [Hey: did you hear? A multi-national corporation bought-up all the water rights in a neighboring country and then started assessing a 'use fee' on the rain water the citizens were catching in buckets. These 'kids' know stuff like that... and you wonder why they are pissed?]

Think about it: The CEO of Exxon makes $400 million a year. How many gallons of fuel is that for you and me? And what stretch of 'do unto others' logic makes it possible for a  person to believe that their time and energy is worth that much more than anyone else's? Is it simple greed? Is it arrogance? Is it bullying? Or is it just simple stupidity? Or maybe, just maybe, it's what we taught them in college about how to succeed...???

By the end of the day, even my car started thinking it was one with the 99%

Are you ready to go camping yet???

RALLY FOR JUSTICE: youtube, OCT 22, 2011, held at the Arkansas State Capital in LIttle Rock, Arkansas.

PROMO- FLYER to print and share.





What the Occupy folks are 'angry' about: An education about the economy in charts.

PICS FROM November 5, 2011, by Shawna Shoxx, gozarks staff photographer (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Coming into Little Rock on I-30, heading south, just as you cross the bridge over the Arkansas River, watch for the camp on the right.

Yes, that's me (at right) in the photo above, chatting with a small group of occupiers, all of us doing our best to figure out how to solve the world's problems.

The above penny, sliced and curled with deft precision, somehow symbolizes what these young people have come to see as the state of the general economy... all messed up with a lot of sharp edges.

MORE PHOTOS OF 11/5/11 COMING... Check back soon!

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