Arkansans for Medical Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis Educational Roundhouse:
Putting it in Perspective

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Event Purpose: To provide factual information and networking resources to legislators, law enforcement officials, health care providers, members of media and the general public about cannabis as a medicinal therapy. 

Putting it in Perspective: Medicinal Cannabis Educational Roundhouse, sponsored by Arkansans for Medical Cannabis, January 12 & 13, 2011, Arkansas State Capitol Rotunda, Little Rock

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Medicinal Cannabis Educational Roundhouse

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Arkansans For Medical Cannabis  Our MISSION is to Educate the public on the "Medical" benefits of Cannabis. Our goal is to ensure that the Citizens of Arkansas regain their right as defined by our Constitution to decide for themselves what an appropriate method of medication is WITHOUT government intervention.  

This Citizen-Activist Project is facilitated by The Committee
Community Ombudsman ~ Established 2007 ~ It's all about accountability.