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Cosmic Convergence

An Ozark E-Zine

Many folks take astrological happenings very seriously. The ancients discovered spiritual road-maps in the skies and since then every Age, including our own of GPS technology, has found useful ways for using the stars (and other celestial bodies such as satellites) for the advancement of exploration.

Thus when I read about events that are organized around galactic entertainments, such as the "Global Oneness Celebration & Meditation" coming up Tuesday, June 8, 2004, which commemorates the cyclical passing of Venus "across the face of the Sun, my attention piques.

A rare occurrence in terms of human lifespan, the June 8 date marks the inception of an 8-year period of celestial significance which stretches through June 6, 2012 when Venus again momentarily, in cosmic terms, resides ever so briefly in "the heart of the Sun," not to return for another 130 years.

During this recurring 8-year window, according to various ancient prophecies, the odds for the peoples of the world to come together in a lasting celebration of "love, beauty, light and unity" are heightened, somewhat setting the stage for the next several (unto the 7th) generations of worldly life.

The legends encourage us to pay special attention to the "quality" of the "energy" that we (choose to) invest in whatever it is we are doing, paying particular attention to our work in "the arts," most especially including the way we address "economics,  politics, education, ecology and cultural diversity" and to "continue
building the momentum of global oneness" every day for the next eight years.

Interesting to note is that the last time this double-ended entendre occurred was 1874 through 1882. This was the same timeframe when the Telegraph was invented, making it factually the dawn of our present telecommunications age. Also noteworthy, the various states of the United States had been, according to President Ulysses S. Grant, "happily rehabilitated" from Civil War.

Still our country was reeling from, as President Rutherford B. Hayes described it a couple of years later, "the advance of 4,000,000 people from a condition of servitude to that of citizenship" which he asserted could only be "remedied" by "united and harmonious efforts" and called for "a union depending not upon the constraint of force, but upon the loving devotion of a free people."

By 1881, newly elected President James A. Garfield addressed a nation that "overlooks a hundred years of national life--a century crowded with perils, but crowned with the triumphs of liberty and law" and proposed "let us pause on this height for a moment to strengthen our faith and renew our hope by a glance at the pathway along which our people have traveled."

At the same time, segregation, discrimination and poverty were commonplace, yet "the great experiment of self-government" seemed to be slowly but steadily winning the egalitarian race. And by 1885, President Grover Cleveland extolled the virtues of our collaborative "policy of independence, favored by our position and defended by our known love of justice and by our power."

Cleveland further defined our national policy at that time as a policy of "peace and neutrality" which rejected "any share in foreign broils and ambitions upon other continents." Cleveland called it "the policy of Monroe and of Washington and Jefferson -- 'Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliance with none.' "

So that was where we were as a nation on the path to this somewhat universally prophesied "eventual end product" of "global peace and harmony" one hundred and thirty years ago, the last time this "significant cosmic alignment" came around. And if we look at all of this critically, the case could be made that nothing much has changed since then.

In some ways, things are "better." In others, they are "worse." And in too many ways it seems like we play a one-step-forward and two-steps-back kind of game. What, one might ask, is it going to take for us to get off this up-down merry-go-round?

For those who have long studied such things religiously (no pun intended), there is an awareness that there is this funny little twist attached to this particular window of opportunity that coincides with many various "end of the world as we know it" predictions. Most notable among these is the Mayan Calendar which, along with other prognostications, seems to indicate that something "major" is going to occur right around this June 6, 2012 timeframe.

Thus some might say that this is, perhaps, humanity's last chance to get its act together. Eight years (minus two days) for us -- working together in the co-creation of our collective well-being, to actualize our highest hopes and dreams.

"T-minus 8 years and counting," mission control echoes in my mind. And I wonder, if this proved to be true... If there does happen to be some sort of galactic clock ticking and it is set to run out a scant eight years from now... and if we really came together in a massive conscious realization of this quickly encroaching reality... would we be doing anything differently than we did today?

That is -- and I pose this question specifically to all the folks who invest scads of energy in demonstrating, campaigning, letter-writing, protesting and legislating "against" something -- Is what you are doing right now in your everyday personal and professional life making you happy and producing a product or providing a service that will be useful to society after "the ideal" is achieved?

And I humbly suggest to all of us that the ONLY way we (as a world society) will ever have the global peace and prosperity we desire and deserve is by and through the activity of each and every one of us living perpetually and concordantly with this theme.

Every nano-second at the molecular level, all the time.

Starting now.

No excuses. No holds barred.

As the prophecies explain it, for global peace and prosperity to "become real" this energy must "manifest in human beings." This and ONLY this is what "will set the road to wholeness" and CAUSE (remember the scientific law of cause and effect?) all action to the contrary (ie: anything done with an intention of "againstness") to simply (quickly and quietly) fade away. 



That you may be filled with strength and power, rooted and grounded in love that surpasses all knowledge: Be kind to one another; live with compassion, producing every kind of goodness; stand firm and hold your ground in truth, righteousness and peace; be courageous; embrace faith which is perfect trust in justice. ~Ephesians 3-6 (condensed)