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Our government's brain... on drugs.

According to the powers that be in Washington DC, our government’s $1 billion anti-drug ad campaign may have actually increased teen drug use.

Drug czar John P. Walters was forced to admit that the five-year, $929 million ad campaign developed by the Partnership for a Drug Free America "isn't reducing drug use." His confession came after a study released recently by the Westat research firm and the University of Pennsylvania showed that after the ads were viewed by 12- to 18-year-olds there was no decline in the number of kids who said they intended to experiment with drugs.

In fact, some kids who saw the TV ads said they were slightly more likely to experiment with illegal substances after seeing the federally funded commercials ads which, Walters admitted, may "incite (kids') curiosity."

"This is your government's brain - on drugs," said Ron Crickenberger, Libertarian Party political director. “If Walters is correct, this failed ad campaign has turned the government into a de facto drug pusher. The television ads financed by this bumbling federal agency could be luring your child into using drugs. It's time to recognize the danger posed by cash-snorting bureaucrats who are addicted to your money, and abolish the drug czar's office."

Adding insult to injury is the fact that parents are actually paying for the TV ads with tax dollars. "If you're a parent who has trusted the government to keep your child from drugs, you have a right to be angry," Crickenberger said. "Politicians have squandered your money and left your children in more danger than before. We may never know how many children are enticed into using drugs as a direct result of these ads. But isn't one child one too many? This ad campaign should be ended immediately, before it does any more damage to American children."

But instead of canceling the ads, Walters has asked Congress for an additional $180 million to create a new, "more effective" advertising campaign next year. “Walters has responded to his agency's failures like any other addict, by promising to change, to reform, to 'do better next time' if only taxpayers will give him another chance - and more money," Crickenberger said. "But the truth is that Walters and his cohorts waging the drug war are hopelessly addicted to your tax money, and by funding them, Congress is acting as an enabler.

“The only solution is to cut off the tax money that is funding this failed ad campaign and force the drug warriors to quit cold turkey. Then abolish the Office of National Drug Control Policy, before these incompetent bureaucrats entice more American kids to use drugs," Crickenberger summarized.

Adding fuel to this fire, the Institute for Policy Studies recently published the lengthy findings of a four-month-long investigation conducted by freelance journalist Daniel Forbes. The full report (click here) details allegations of political malfeasance, misuse of public funds and illegal use of government resources in Ohio with the approval and involvement of Ohio Governor Bob Taft.

“The Taft administration is so fearful of the loss of control over money, jobs, sentencing policy and sheer bureaucratic heft,” the report alleges, that under the guise of a (legal) “fact finding mission,” a huge, costly and completely illegal “media campaign” was planned, orchestrated, funded with tax dollars and aided by highly placed federal officials with the objective to quash a legislative initiative intended to overturn outmoded drug laws by offering treatment rather than prison to defendants charged with a first or second instance of simple drug possession.

“Overall control of vast sums of money and vast numbers of jobs underlies the political struggle,” an Institute news release contends.

“It is very clear to anyone who takes the time to read the documents that this powerful gang is intent on halting (anti-drug war) initiative efforts in Michigan, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona and elsewhere,” concluded Richard Lake, editor, Drug Sense/Media Awareness Project.

Wanna read about yet another aspect of this burgeoning issue that is happening right now in Washington DC and will ultimately impact folks across the USA.... click here!!!



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