We Are Waking Up!

Are the terrorist of the middle east going to accomplish against aviation what others in the past have tried? The Plaintiff Trial Lawyers have tried to do this for many many years now ?     NO...... and the landscape for the second set of Bastards will also be changing.

People in the country are now realizing the priorities that actually mean something to us as a nation.  They want to team together with their family Americans not to sue them or harm them but to assist them. This could be one of the true blessing that will come out of this ?  I would hate to be in shoes of a Plaintiff Attorney with the current feelings in this nation right now.  They could be in a position to become true hard working productive citizen not just leaches to our fine country and it's citizens, as they have been prior to last week. Until now this has been the only country in the world that has turned a blind eye to the internal destruction that has been taking place.  Until Now !

Keep America Bonded Together!
Name withheld at author's request.