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Shaundel Shoxx


My Youngest Daughter

These pics are all about my sweet-darling girl, youngest of the brood, now heading rapidly toward high school graduation and making masterful headway having a life of her own...!!!

Let's start with the car she's buying from her brother Josh (he's the one in the Navy), now sporting new rims and tires....

Next, let's get a better look at the lovely young woman and take a gander at her art. Can you guess which of the masterpieces displayed behind her below are her work...?

She titled this one "The Beach":

And this papier mache, she called Manchester...

She's also pretty good with a camera, as illustrated by the two pics below, which she took the day she volunteered to help with the "Have A Heart for Advocacy" meet and greet held February 16, 2012 in the Rotunda of the Arkansas State Capitol...

Lastly for this batch is a great shot that was taken by a kind passer-by, showing our ATAT group at the close of our day as exhibitors in the Rotunda. Pictured are (left to right, back row) Lynn Gilmore, Robert Kim Combs, (front row) Carla Swanson, Miriam Graham, Christine Beems (aka: me), and Shaundel Shoxx, aka: my youngest daughter, sometimes known as Shawna Weiss...

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That you may be filled with strength and power, rooted and grounded in love that surpasses all knowledge: Be kind to one another; live with compassion, producing every kind of goodness; stand firm and hold your ground in truth, righteousness and peace; be courageous; embrace faith which is perfect trust in justice. ~Ephesians 3-6 (condensed)