Pictorial by Shalom Weiss

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You never know just what you'll find alongside an Ozark roadway on a Saturday night!!! On July 14, 2001, just outside of Leslie, Arkansas, we found this mounting invasion of wooden Indians, lead by a Wizard....

Below on left: The woodcarving artist (who goes by the moniker of "Oily Chainsaw") aims his spinning blade to etch the face and beard of a friendly Wizard. (Meet the finished Wizard at the bottom of this page.) Below on right: Now you tell us, does this look more like a Native American, or Jesus with a spiky halo?


Below: The leader and his pack.

Below, left to right: "Oily Chainsaw," The Wizard, and Walter Johnson. NOTE: For more info about the artist's work, contact Walter at 501-745-5903.

All photos on this page, (c) copyright 2001, Shalom Danielle Christine Weiss