Pie & Ice Cream Social

(c) 2000, by Lula Holeman, arearep@artelco.com,  Formosa, Arkansas

If you missed the Pie and Ice-cream social sponsored by the Formosa Community Organization last Saturday night, then I have some news for you, both good and bad.

The good news is that you don’t have to live on lettuce and water for a week to get back into your "fitted" clothes. The bad news is that you missed out on some of the best homemade ice-cream and baked deserts in the state.

The social was held on Saturday, July 22, in the former community center. Guests were served from 5PM until about 7:30 PM. Along with homemade ice-cream, they were offered a choice of baked good which included pies, cakes, and cobbler, The crowd was smaller than hoped for but it seemed to be a congenial group, and rather than come and go, they sat and chatted while eating second and third helpings. Actually the whole affair was more like a community party than a fund raising event.

The half of the building belonging to the Formosa Community Organization, and formerly known as the community center, has been purchased by Chris and Johnny Peters, who already owned the other half of the building and all the property adjacent to the building..

The Peters have made many repairs and changes in the building, including joining the two halves with a connecting door. Their purposed use for the facility is a Friday night community auction. However, they have already made it available to a church group for a benefit supper, as well as allowing the Formosa Community Organization continued use for meetings and fund raisers until a new community center can be built.

Formosa Community Organization is now searching for a plot of land - about one acre- in the Formosa area which would be suitable for building a new center. They are also in the process of making application for a grant to help with the construction costs. Any one having suitable property to sell or donate to the organization, or wishing to pledge either time or materials to aide in the construction may contact Ken or Lu Holeman at 745-8526, Geral Payne at 745-6933 or Pappy Crowl at 745-4808. Both time and materials can be counted as our part of the matching funds needed in order to get the grant.

At this time Formosa Community Organization is sponsoring a fund raising social about every two months. The next one will probably be a spaghetti supper or a fish fry in October. Watch this spot for details and plan to come and bring your appetite. So far, no one has ever gone away hungry. Since members of the organization supply the food, all proceeds from these fund raisers go into the building fund. So, watch for details of the next event, and "yaw’ll come and bring your kin."

*  *  *