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Folk Dancing at the Homeschool Ball

We homeschool our children for many reasons. (Three of our four darlings -- Joshua, age 10, Adam, age 15, and Shawna, age 8 -- are pictured at right.) And one of the most enjoyable and rewarding portions of the loosely structured and interest-directed educational curriculum we've adopted is Folk Dancing, which we've been doing for the last three years.

This year, another family hosted a Graduation Ball for all the Folk Dancing homeschoolers in our group. It was a great evening, made even more special because we all got to see our kids dressed in something besides blue jeans and t-shirts!!!


Many of the beautiful young ladies dressed in period costumes, circa 1880.







All of these handcrafted dresses were awe inspiring. Note the skillful attention to details on the sleeves, below.


But by far the most exciting thing about this gala event was the actual doing of the folk dances, which put smiles on all our faces and brought the joy of music and laughter to everyone's hearts.





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