Hyper Tech
5th Anniversary
Open House

A pictorial journal, written and compiled as a Webpage by Shalom Weiss, shalom@hypertech.net, with photos by Christine Weiss, editor@gozarks.com 


My brothers, Adam & Josh, and my sister, Shawna, started out on Thursday early, helping out by preparing all the food. While we were busy at home, over at Hyper Tech the folks from Party Time were setting up the tents, chairs and tables.


Even Joe was helping....

And before you know it... the whole party came to life!!!

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On Friday, June 1 -- the day of the Open House (well, duh!!!) -- there were snacks and drinks in the conference room. 

There were two excellent bands playing outside under the two tents. In one tent was the Big John Miller band.

Face painting was enjoyed by everyone.


And Sonshine the clown  put lots of smiles on lots of kids.

Cryout Reggae played in the other tent. (The bands played one at a time.) And there were also lots of exhibitors in both tents. (To see the exhibitors list, click here.)

There was also a Firetruck and a Fireman to tour all the kids through it.

And to talk with everyone about Fire Safety.

Tonia, Joey and Justin were presented with a cake and congratulated for their 5th Anniversary.

And Joey's mom made a wonderful speech and presented Justin and Joe a plaque from their parents.