Where's the outrage?

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The following assortment of links came to me as something of a letter to the editor:

Recent developments in our perpetual war on evil:

Soldiers die as vital equipment money is stolen by Halliburton, where VP Cheney still draws a salary.

Halliburton charges millions to move empty trucks.

--and steals food money from soldiers

--and you will personally pay $4,000 for Halliburton's "services"

Rush Limbaugh's lies: POW treatment (a "good time") included "savage beatings", rape and murder

48 POW murders currently under investigation
[READ MORE...] and [

Colin Powell says "Bush was fully informed of abuse." Stories reported to Bush and Rumsfeld as far back as January of last year.

Pentagon says Rumsfeld personally approved harsh interrogation techniques Pentagon consultant: “You don’t keep prisoners naked (and handcuffed) in their cell and then let them get bitten by dogs. This is sick.”

DC is quietly reinstating the draft

Bush Cartel's Top man in Iraq was a spy for Iran

And before that, an embezzler

DOD insider says CIA attempted to plant WMD in Iraq and was caught

In his latest speech, Bush promised to bring further "freedom" to the "Ea-ra-keys" by -- wait for it -- building a new maximum security prison in place of the old one!!!

But contrary to White House spin, Iraqis aren't at all happy about their >cough!< "liberation"...

"They have destroyed everything....They are the terrorists!" "Even Saddam wasn't as cruel as the Americans." "The Americans must have no religion.... They worship force, not God." 

Where is the outrage?

Eric Smith