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Amsterdam, September 30 2008
Joost van Steenis, downwithelite@gmail.com

Dear reader,
I have decided to insert a new chapter two in my new book, Why shouldn't WE change Our World, the Beginning of a New Era.
The European Trade Union Congress just said that the capitalism is on the brink of collapse.
Maybe but do they have any idea what to do after the collapse? I don't think so, they are just an integrated part of our society and will only propose something that fits the framework of the present dominating ideas (the elitist paradigm) that regulate our society. More control, more regulation of the financial sector, thus less freedom.

They have no idea that society only can change on the basis of new ideas, new paradigms. Without new ideas people continue to grope around in the dark and the old elite will come back, just as happened after WWI, 1929 and WWII. The "democratic" opposition does not have an alternative that gives masspeople a say in society.

Therefore I started in the first chapter of my book with some horrendous facts and in this second chapter I emphasize the importance of paradigms, the necessity to replace the elitist paradigm that turns around Money, Power and Elitepeople by a new paradigm that emphasizes that all people have equal status.
Only with a new paradigm WE can Change Our World!

Chapter 2New. The Power of the Paradigm
                        Humans have brains.
I do not want to change political systems, I want another paradigm, a guideline with which we can built a better future!

You cannot get change by only criticizing what is wrong in the world. You have to give an idea of a new paradigm that opens the way to a world with different relations that are based on the assumption that all people have the same status.
There is no solution for the present financial crisis within the realm of the elitist paradigm. The proposed solutions are more of the same, you only have to wait for the next crisis.

Most money will still be channelled to the top and what happens with masspeople is not important.

The people at the top of the (financial) world still get huge salaries, big bonuses (also when they are removed from their positions) and a life in 5-star hotels, with expensive diners and other meetings, very luxurious work places, the benefit of huge amounts of money that are thrown away in sponsoring sports or arts, the possibility to spend billions of dollars on charity for the poor that cannot escape from their wretched life just because of the politics of the top of the world, the excessive money spent on safety (maybe someone indeed will attack them for their anti-human policies)  etceteras. They continue to live in their separate and prosperous eliteworld.

Everything continues to turn around money, in the first place spent on the already privileged life of the Happy Few. The tax money that will be used to bail out incapable leaders is just another proof that the top keeps what it wants, more money than anyone else. 
The elite is driven by the dominating elitist paradigm that the elite was, is and shall be the leading force in the world. The Holy Trinity of Elitepersons, Power and Money in which elitepersons have the power to get more money than anyone else is the dominating idea in our society.

I will later illustrate in many examples the effect of this paradigm which makes living common people inferior to dead money.
In the course of time the elitist paradigm has taken over the minds of all people and it is now hardly under discussion. Change has become difficult because of the paradigm paralysis, the inability or refusal to see beyond the current models of thinking. To change the world it is imperative that the elitist paradigm is replaced by a human paradigm that puts humans central, it is imperative that the pivotal function of money is replaced by a central place for people who should all be considered as having equal status. But in our time all is dominated by the elitist paradigm. Products are made because you can earn money with them, not because they are needed for the people. All what is written in the media turns around money and not around people. Do realise that and you will get an aversion against what is happening and maybe the need for change will also grow in your brain.
The old and the new paradigm are not compatible, you cannot have some of the one and some of the other. Solutions for problems will be fundamentally different, so do not throw away your precious time by concentrating on criticising proposed solutions. Maybe you can change something, maybe not 800 billion but 600 billion of your money is spent to correct the greedy wrongdoings of the top but the next greedy people are already coming forward. Just as J. Pierpont Morgan profited from the crisis in 1929 other Morgans will now profit from the present crisis – and how masspeople live is not important in their circles.

 Humans are not mechanical entities, they are not machines or robots, they are very special animals that can use their brains to find new ways to live. The life of other animals is to a great height regulated by instinct, by biological rhythms, by the necessity to care for shelter, food and families. These items are also important for humans but the human brain makes it possible to act independently of the Forces of Nature.
By using their brains humans can achieve change. All activities to change society must therefore be concentrated in the first place on the way how people are thinking, how brains are used.
What happens in our brain is in our society indissolubly connected with what happens in our world, practice and theory are two sides of the same thing.

What happens in the mind dominates any action.

Most of what we are doing is guided by what happens in our brain and all change must start in the thought world, must start with what occurs in the brain. You must first wonder why people in leading positions do what they are doing. Then you will arrive at the conclusion that most if not all of their activities are inspired and directed by the dominating paradigm that influences all processes in the brain.
People are driven by what they think. There it happens, all practical activities are a reflection of the processes in the brain.  All actions should be directed on influencing the mind. When there is no change in the mind (of leaders) all efforts to change the world will be in vain.
A new paradigm is needed for change, a paradigm shift has to occur. The new paradigm will provide new ideas and guidelines for the practical behaviour of people.

Because any paradigm is always linked to practical results of human activities based on this paradigm it is for change needed that the new paradigm gives new and promising results and that the results of actions built on the old paradigm are dwindling.

In other words it is needed that the elite will find it more and more difficult to continue to live in its separated, prosperous and privileged eliteworld and that masspeople realise that the new paradigm gives them more possibilities in governing their own life. They must become conscious of the fact that the new paradigm is better for them than the old paradigm.
It is not so important how society is organised. The system (be it anarchism, capitalism, communism, fascism, free market, fundamentalism, socialism etceteras) is inferior to the leading ideas behind the system. The organisation of the present society is only vulnerable to ideas that go beyond the ideas that regulate the organisation of our society. In all past and present systems power is concentrated in the Happy Few and the majority of people plays a secondary role. There have been and there still are some experiments in which other ideas are tried out but these experiments only attract a few good-willing people. Such experiments cannot cause a world-wide change because the leading paradigm is not challenged.  
An experiment with a cooperative association in Holland (in the beginning of the twentieth century), started by the writer Frederick van Eeden, lasted for about ten years.

The commune was called Walden after the famous book of Henry David Thoreau. It failed because the influence of the outside world (the elitist paradigm that puts money central) penetrated into the colony and the idealistic paradigm of Van Eeden based on the idea that people should work as they could and take what they needed could not be realised. In the end the colony went down because the debts to outside parties became too big – money was indeed the ultimate reason that the colony could not continue to exist.
It is senseless to discuss if Indian capitalism is better or worse than Chinese communism (regarding masspeople) because then you discuss slightly different paradigms that are both part of the elitist idea that the top must have more than the basis. Our sympathy should go to that system that is most compatible with the idea that all people should have equal status, compatible with a paradigm in which people stand central. But although China is giving masspeople more changes to be educated than India both systems are in the first place deeply influenced by the long-existing elitist paradigm that puts a special part of the population in first place. .
In the present situation many masspeople attack the effects of the elitist paradigm. They try with a few dollars to diminish hunger, unnecessary deaths and curable illnesses but they still work under the influence of money. Such actions help some very poor people and make the effects of the elitist paradigm more visible. It gives some arguments that something is very wrong. But society will not change by charity, it will at the most make the life of some poor people a little less horrendous.

And though some other people attack the lucrative effects of the elitist paradigm for elitepeople this will at the best only make differences in income slightly smaller.
These activities hardly penetrate into the brains of elitepeople. The cause of the effects is never attacked, only when the cause is attacked real change is possible. It is imperative that in any action of masspeople the leading paradigm is undermined and the new paradigm emphasized.
When we conclude that paradigms are living in the brains of people and that the dominating paradigm gives power to elitepeople than the power of elitepeople can be undermined by influencing the brain of elitepeople.
In other words, masspeople have to take care that elitepeople are prevented to profit from the for masspeople disadvantageous ideas in their heads. They must be prevented to live their exclusive life that is built on the elitist paradigm, they must be prevented to profit anymore from the existence of the for them favourable paradigm.

At the same time a new paradigm must gain ground that offers masspeople hope on an equal status. Otherwise we remain in the quagmire in which masspeople suddenly can go down and never can reach great heights. ~~~