Voter Education
Candidate Forum
Held Saturday, March 13, 2010
Van Buren County Fairgrounds

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Meet & Greet the candidates for public office who will be in the upcoming May 2010 primary election or may be on the November ballot. Learn about the responsibilities of elected office. Get informed about national, state and local issues. Program begins with Presentation of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and singing of America the Beautiful, includes candidate introductions, Q&A, information tables, a 'fun-raising' Pie Supper and local entertainment.

Candidate Participation Check List

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UPDATED March 12, 2010; 11:31pm CST

Saturday, March 13, 2010
1:30pm to 7:00pm
VBC Fairgrounds
Hwy. 9/16, 2-miles east of U.S. 65

February 5, 2010: A Voter Education Candidate Forum, being hosted by the Clinton Area Rotary Club and coordinated by the local League of Women Voters (LWV), will be held Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds, according to a news release cooperatively issued by both groups.

Beginning at 1:30pm with the Presentation of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and singing of America the Beautiful, the program will introduce candidates eligible for the November ballot and May primary to the voting public, feature a 'fun-raising' Pie Supper and local entertainment.

Over the course of the afternoon and concluding at 7pm, candidates will be introduced and have the opportunity to respond to questions. Rotary will sell grilled hamburgers and drinks with proceeds to benefit various of Rotary's goodwill projects and service goals.

"The Clinton Area Rotary Club is very honored to host the Voter Education Candidate Forum, where you the voters will have an opportunity to meet and greet each candidate in an unbiased and informal setting," said Jewel Poole, President of the Clinton Area Rotary Club. "Anyone seeking information regarding candidates should attend this forum," she encouraged.

According to Christine Beems, local LWV forum coordinator, "Because the number of candidates who participate will influence the way the forum is conducted and how much time each candidate has to speak, we would very much appreciate all candidates getting in touch with us as quickly as possible to confirm their participation."

"We'll have a booth and table with our flags and hand out information flyers and brochures about Rotary," said Dixie Carter, Secretary of the Clinton Area Rotary Club. "And the building is large and should be sufficient for others who may want to have an information booth."

Each candidate is requested to prepare a brief introduction, typed or printed on a 3x5 card, to be submitted to Marjorie LeClair, local LWV president and forum moderator, on the day of the event. This introduction should include the candidate's full name and political affiliation. It may also include information about the candidate's professional credentials, family background, religious or social affiliations, a statement about why he or she is 'best qualified' to hold this public office and/or a summary of the duties of the position. After being introduced, each candidate will have the opportunity to respond to questions.

"We expect this will be a great event with lots of important information and some good fun for everyone," said LeClair. ~~~

February 26, 2010: The candidate appearance agenda for the Voter Education Candidate Forum, being hosted by the Clinton Area Rotary Club and coordinated by the local League of Women Voters (LWV), to be held Saturday, March 13, 2010 at the Van Buren County Fairgrounds, has been confirmed, according to Christine Beems, LWV coordinator of the event.

"We are asking everyone who wishes to join us for the opening ceremonies to arrive by 1:00pm, so voters can be seated and ready to begin right at 1:30pm," said Beems. "Also, we ask that those who plan to have information tables be set-up before the program begins."

Following the Presentation of Colors, Pledge of Allegiance and Singing of America the Beautiful, Federal and State Constitution Officers (U.S. House & Senate, Arkansas Gov., Lt. Gov., Sec. of State, etc.) will be featured.

At 3:30pm, State Legislators (Arkansas Congressional District 70 & Arkansas Senate District 18) will take the stage, followed by Judicial Candidates at 4:00pm and Municipal Candidates at 4:30pm.

At 5:00pm, candidates for Van Buren County offices (County Judge, JP's, Sheriff, Clerk, etc.) will have the podium until 7:00pm when the program concludes.

"This timing is tentative and may have to be adjusted as more candidates confirm participation," said Beems, noting that there are now 15 to 17 potential candidates to fill Vic Snyder's U.S. Congressional seat, and nearly an equal number seeking the U.S. Senate seat held by Blanche Lincoln.

"We have seven candidates just for County Judge," Beems advised, "but so far only two have contacted us to confirm that they will participate which makes it impossible at this point to plan exactly how much time to allow for each person in each group of candidates to speak."

Beems, who served several years as the coordinator of Holley Mountain Airpark's annual Holleyfest 'fly-in' event, also noted that this type of ongoing program refinement is typical to any sort of large gathering and that the overall agenda for the event is developing quite well. "Everyone has been great. Tremendously cooperative," she said. "And their enthusiasm is very much appreciated."

For information particular to the forum and/or to confirm candidate participation contact Christine Beems, LWV Forum Coordinator, 501-745-4153.  ~~~

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan multi-issue voter advocacy organization which encourages informed participation in government through civic education, candidate forums, study group projects and informational programs on current local, regional and national issues. Programs are open to the public free of charge.

Marjorie LeClair, local LWV President
Christine Beems, local LWV Forum Coordinator