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There are people who seem to think that good websites are built primarily with technological components, formatting options, plug-ins, graphic elements, domain names, host server space, search engine placement and URLs.

And then there are people who know that all the above are meaningless unless you have “something worthwhile” to communicate… and then purposefully choose to cohesively use every iota of the aforementioned technology to effectively and efficiently mold your website to make your point.

In other words, website development is both art and science and our  professional aim is to employ and enliven both these vital qualities, mixing them at the molecular level of thinking, to accomplish synergistic quality in the services and products we deliver to our customers, to wit:

Hello Christine!  We're coming to Holley Mountain in a couple of weeks to look at property and we're so excited! We've been spending lots and lots of time on We just wanted to take a minute to tell you what an incredible job you've done with the website... We have been to many, many airpark websites in the past few days and yours is not only the best, but the others are not even in the same league. Not only does the Holley Mountain site look fantastic and manage to convey the strong positive spirit of the airpark, but it also has really good functionality. It's logically laid out and easy to navigate... Great job!! ~~~

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Click the links below to visit some of the sites designed, built, and maintained by Gozarks. Find the right size and type of Web presence for your business, then give us a call at 501-745-4153 or fill-out our simple request form and we'll contact you. 

Your very own Website
starting at $350 plus domain registration & hosting

Arkansas Airframe




Booneville Municipal Airport

Choctaw Special School

Conway Municipal Airport

Don Richardson

Holley Mountain Airpark

Protocad Manufacturing

Quilt In Time



Insert Website
starting at $150 per year
includes 1 year sub-web hosting, annual update & unique URL

Aircraft Maintenance Center

Ann's Pet Resort

Fairfield Bay Marina

FSBO (real estate brochure page example)

Good Karma Domes

Jacobs Printery


Van Buren County Child Care Center

Wishing Well for Paws Inc.

Once you have an Internet presence you can publish your Web address (URL) on your business cards and in your radio, TV and newspaper ads, effectively maximizing your advertising investment by sending customers to visit your online office or store 24-hours a day. 

TERMS: Prices include all basic Web design and layout work with customer providing all text, graphics and photos in "ready to post" format 

Non-compliant formats and/or creation of custom graphics/logos and or the enhancing and optimizing of digital photos will incur additional charges. Click here for more info on these fees.

Prices for full-scale Websites do NOT include annual domain registration fee or monthly hosting fees (scroll down for an explanation of these costs).

Prices for insert-Websites DO include sub-web domain name (aka: "unique URL") and 12 months hosting.

Revisions made at customer request after 15 days from date of email notification of first publication to the Internet are subject to standard website maintenance and updating fees (scroll down for details).


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Start-up costs come in three categories:

  • Website development, including: creative design (aka: graphics & layout), creation and editing of written content, and technical engineering.

  • Hosting.

  • Domain name.

Website development may be estimated at $100 to construct a basic “template page” that has the color scheme, layout, and key features you want on every page of your site. Your template page is also conformed for “cross browser compatibility” and is set-up to maximize the ability of search engines to locate your site, thus every new page added to your site meets these same criteria. 
Once your template page is designed, estimate minimum costs at roughly $60 per page. Thus a very basic 5-page Website could cost as little as $400 ($60x5+$100), given that the client has all photos, graphics, logos, images and text available in “ready to post” format.
This material is assembled as a “concept site,” the purpose of which is to give you, the client, something to think about and say yes or no to as we develop the elements, style and functionality you desire. And, as we work our way through this creative process, your template page is creatively refined and technically finalized.
Building on this, if you desire highly specialized enhancements like Flash animation, an e-commerce engine (ie: shopping carts and online catalogs), custom-rollover navigation, and/or if copy needs to be written, photographs need to be taken, and graphic artwork must be done, etc., etc., and so on, the cost per page goes up proportionately to the required amount of work and skill.
For your consideration, Gozarks offers a comprehensive range of technical and creative services, including all those listed above. We do not, however, provide hosting or domain registration services, but I highly recommend and prefer to work with Hyper Tech, Inc.
To be accessible 24/7 to Internet surfers, your Website must “reside on a host server.” Simply put, this means that you must “rent” a kind of “virtual storage locker” on a commercial computer system that is hooked into the Internet.
Rates for hosting services vary widely, ranging from “free” to hundreds of dollars per month. To meet your start-up needs, I recommend HyperTech where hosting averages less than $20 per month. This package offers plenty of storage space, an unlimited number of email accounts, a statistical tracking utility, and also features MS FrontPage access which is vital if you desire to eventually have someone on your staff do routine updates to your site and is a required hosting feature should you choose to have Gozarks do your website development and/or maintenance work.
As with hosting services, there are many “domain name registrars” and their fees vary from $3.50 to $35 per year. A registrar enters specific information about you and your chosen domain name (aka: URL) into the computer systems that make it possible for individuals to surf the Internet and connect to your site. HyperTech charges less than $20 per year for this service.
Regarding hosting and registrar services, there are specific reasons why I recommend HyperTech beyond the fact that they are a well-established, independently owned and operated Van Buren County business. And there are many more reasons why I am confident that Gozarks is best qualified to develop and maintain a Website for you. Call us (501-745-4153) and we'll be happy to discuss this with you.
Costs for updating and maintaining your site once it is built, as with initial development work, are entirely dependent upon what you determine to be a “real need” and whether you elect to contract for this service or train in-house staff members to tend routine tasks.
It is important, however, to consider these options at the time your site is designed because it is easier and more economical in the long run to set-up certain portions of your site to accommodate in-house updating than it would be to install these features after the fact.

  • $25 per hour for routine website development, updating & maintenance services.

  • $40 per hour for image optimization (formatting your photos and artwork to display properly on the Internet) and animation (Flash, Java, etc.).

  • $60 per hour (and up) for the installation and administration of specialized technical functions such as e-commerce engines, database design, PHP pages, do-it-yourself updating features and on-site training.

  • $100 per hour for strategic promotional/marketing campaign development, ie: event/promotional timeline development, writing and distribution of news releases, design of promotional materials including custom artwork and layout for newsletters, flyers and brochures.

For detailed information about custom graphics services, please click here to open a new window.

Sincerely, I look forward to answering your questions. Phone 501-745-4153 and ask to speak with Shalom or Christine, or fill-out our simple form and we'll contact you!