Where does the time go...

Seems like just yesterday when we were celebrating New Years, and now here we are basking in April's sunshine and warm breeze; counting down the days until the big party!!!

Yep, you read that right. It's party time and you are invited! The occasion for the celebration is the 5th Anniversary of Hyper Tech Inc

Entertainment for this glorious event will be provided by the Big John Miller Band and to read all the other wonderful details (and find out how your business or non-profit group can exhibit or do some fundraising that day), just give a click here

As to more local news, we offer two items for your edification. First up, read all about Congressman Vic Snyder's visit to Holley Mountain Airpark.

Then, give some attention to a newly founded and dearly needed local cause. Read the news release we wrote about this happening or visit the Wishing Well for Paws Inc. Website (designed and hosted by you-know-who) to learn more. 

Finally for this moment in time, we have a newsy note to share with you...

Michael King here, editor of the  Fairfield Bay Senior Center Newsletter, with news from the Happy Feet Dance Club. We meet every Friday night, 7 To 10pm, at the Senior Center located on Dave Creek Parkway in Fairfield Bay. Sonny Parker's Western Swing Band kicked off our April dances on Friday, April 6. The rest of this month's bands are: Don Nunley's Goodtimers, April 13, Opal Gilchrist and the Westernaires, April 20, and on April 27 we’re having a special Jitterbug Contest with Don Nunley's Band.

Thank you Christine. You are doing a great job, Say 'Hi' To Justin. And, if you will, could you please publish this entire letter? 

The Senior Center now has a salaried Director/Coordinator. Her name Is Bettye Crawford. She used to own and operate the dry cleaners on Hwy.16 near Fairfield Bay. She has been doing a great job. She has good organization skills and she also prints out the posters for events concerning the Senior Center. I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank her.

Thanks again,  Michael

(And thanks back atcha, Michael. Keep up the great work!!!)

Now, to return to our somewhat predictable but always sublime routine, please do remember to visit our What's New page to get the heads-up on the most recent updates and changes to our little e-zine. 

Also as usual, if you're looking to find something that was on our March front page (or the front page of any  previous edition of our publication), just visit our Archives and follow the links.  

Finally, as is our continuing practice, it's time once again to say thanks to you -- our  readers,  columnists, advertisers and every member of the Hyper Tech team. Let us know what's cookin' with you, your club and in your Ozark community and odds are that in a virtual heartbeat you'll be reading all about it right here next time you take a look around!

Christine Louise Weiss, Editor

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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