"The Fair Is Coming...

...The Fair Is Coming!!!" That's the excited chant echoing from the hills and dales in this neck of the woods. Yep!! Along with apple cider and Autumn leaves,  it's now that ''county fair'' time of the year. And there's a doozie of a Fair brewed up for y'all to enjoy -- right here in Van Buren County!!! Just give a click to discover all the details!!!

As to other stuff, read about the big wind that blew through Shirley, downing trees and flattening at least one vehicle, about 2pm, Wednesday afternoon (August 23, 2000).  For a full report, click here

Now, continuing with the political and civic-activism theme we've been exploring for the last couple of weeks, take a gander at the Civil Liberties section of about.com

Then scoot on over to a site called Common Dreams and explore the on-line NewsCenter where you'll find an eclectic mix of articles gathered from a wide variety of acclaimed media sources that, as the site's title proposes, have a unified theme. What is that theme? Well, give a click to see the list of  ''over 120 groups on the frontlines of change - representing tens of millions of progressive-thinking Americans'' who are ''organizing for America's future.'' Then, come back to our ''letters to the editor page'' and let us know what you think!!

On a related ''Whadaya think?'' question... Should the Presidential Debates be open to all duly nominated candidates? Click here to read more and express your view! 

There's a lot to contemplate as the end of August rapidly approaches, and if you've yet to read this month's ''Way cool'' edition of gozarks, you better get busy (or be prepared to browse our Archives for what you missed!!! 

We've got some awesome stuff this August (and I do mean ''august!) edition. For starters, click here to learn all about our very first contest !!! (Which, I might add, no one has yet to win!!!)

The other big news on the small town front this month has to do with the fantastic time that was had by all at the Formosa Ice Cream Social. And a lot of folks will be happy to know that we finally got those photos from the Shirley Homecoming ready to view. 

Then surf on over to learn all the news from the Clinton Choir (they have their very own page now!) And, if you're of a mind to invest in a bit of community service, how about being a ''Learn to Read'' volunteer?

Next up, give a look-see to the ways and means of sustainable forest management in part two of The Ozark Forest.  

Also this month we welcome a brand new sponsor. The Ozark Business Weekly, featuring the Ozark Singles Connection, may already be familiar to many of you. But, if'n you've not had the pleasure of reading a copy yet, they are available FREE at many area merchants. Give it a look and we know you'll be hooked!!! 

Now, if all that's not enough to keep you busy for a while, give our freshly updated feature columns a read. Go for a nature walk with Mary Alice Beer, stroll through the random ramblings of Ozark Wolf, see what our Roving Reporter has to say about his school days in Clinton, take a cross-country ride in a big-rig with Truckin' Paulette (and you'll notice she even has her own photo page now!), or -- if you find yourself in the mood for something crafty, check-out a new project in the Pack Rat Gazette!!

Then, keep that clicker-finger moving up and down our left column and you'll find that we've updated more pages than you can shake a stick at. Jokes, Politics, Sell & Trade and Lost & Found all have new entries, and are ready to receive additions from you!

And don't forget about Op-Ed, Polls and Surveys, and our Letters to the Editor page. 

Remember, too, to peruse our Community Calendar, the Fairfield Bay News, and the poetry of Mary Harper Sowell. Plus, our  Archives page holds a clickable link to  every front page feature story we've ever run. And  finally, before this chit-chat starts sounding any more like a commercial than it actually is, when it's time to go shopping, be sure to check our Merchant Directory first! Remember that our advertisers are the folks who make gozarks available to you, free. 

Finally for this time around let me tell you once again just how great it is to have y'all for readers. Gozarks.com is growing...  exponentially!!!  We love it when a plan comes together, and we're sure that you do too!!!

With all that said and with the intention of being redundant, we again offer sincere thanks to everyone in the community who has contributed information for publication in this edition, and we extend a special thanks to the Hyper Tech Computers Team for their phenomenal involvement with and support of this publication by hosting this Website and providing all the technical skill necessary to post this e-zine on the Internet.

To our readers, as always, we continue to wish you happy Web-surfing, now and for evermore!!!


Christine Louise Weiss, Editor

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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