Whew... What a week!

Is there, I wonder, a Guinness Book of World Records mark of achievement for e-zine editors? Something like "worst eyestrain from staring at a computer screen" or "greatest number of consecutive days worked on six or less hours sleep." If yes, I think I'm in the running. But hey, that's what's life's all about... right?

Speaking which, I have two new items for you. One is serious, the other fun. Should I tell you which is which, or just let you guess? Aw, heck... let's play "The Lady or The Tiger." Take your pick. Click a link:

My Vacation

Dear Time Magazine

Now since I'm not actually the mind-reading wizard I'm rumored to be, I'm really at kind of at loss about what to say next. The two items above pretty much tell it all, at least for this moment in time. Except that I did want to mention that if you have written me recently and have not received a personal reply... please forgive me. Thanks for your patience. I'm tending my vacation accumulation of email as quickly as I'm able... So maybe that's just the out I need to get on with doing the rest of my list!!! 

To my regular readers, I'll catch you later. To the rest of my newest best friends, please read on. And to everyone.... enjoy!!!

I'm Back!!!

Wow, what a great vacation. Six glorious and unadulterated mornings of being awakened at dawn by the indescribable reverberation of high-pitched, high-powered, racing bikes whining, squealing, and pawing the dirt. 

Seven wondrous days of dodging torrential downpours, lightening strikes, exploding campfires, and horrifically bratty tykes on super-powered wheels of all sorts. 

Two hundred and seventy three (or so) individual meals trucked-in and unloaded to coolers as raw provisions to be cooked on a Coleman stove or in a crock pot (plugged into a series of extension cords that would make Thomas Edison spin in his grave) under the cover of a canopy awning, to be ravenously consumed by our extended family of (sometimes 8 and occasionally 10 to 13) campers.

All of this, and so-o-o-o-o much more, expended, endured, and as gleefully as possible "enjoyed," just in the interest of me and my Arkansas family sharing some quality time with my grown-up Florida daughter, Patty. And, as soon as I get all of my regular gozarks updates tended, I'll be posting a little pictorial of my "vacation" for you to view.

Until then, I have some newsy notes from my Inbox to share. For starters, check out this tongue-in-cheek "public service announcement," passed along to us by none other than Mary Alice.

Next up, from Carol in Clinton, comes  concern about the Bush administration's "dangerous energy policies" as related to global warming and climate change. Click here to learn more about it.

And from Nelson comes info about the potential for the U.S. Government to create a "Department Of Peace," which sounds like a totally invigorating idea and has my wholehearted support!  To read more about it, click here.

Now, I've gotta get on with tending the rest of this wonderful Website. If you're a first time visitor, I invite you to keep on reading down this page for another dose of the kind of stuff you just read. To the rest of you, we'll chat again real soon!!!

According to MSBookshelf, August is the eighth month of year in the Gregorian calendar. (I knew that.) And, when used as an adjective, the term means "inspiring awe." (Heck, I knew that too!)

The list of definitions doesn't stop there. It goes on to attribute such things as admiration and majesty as venerable qualities of augustness. And it hints that such qualities are, generally, attained with age. 

Being someone "with age," this got me thinking (definitely a dangerous thing to do).  And I sat down here, wanting to share some of my supposed augustness with you... 

Immediately, my mind went blank. 

While I was waiting patiently for some towering wisdom to trip lightly from the tip of my tongue, I decided to check my email. Fitting to August, I found a wry bit about "summer camp" 21st Century style. It gave me one heck of an august laugh... but still I found no great inner-personal claim to fame.

Back to the Inbox, I read the most recent digest of a list I subscribe to. It's about education... "unschooling" specifically.  On it I've found many interesting thoughts. 

The conversation covers a really wide variety of topics, everything from digital photography techniques and pending federal education legislation to dog bites, scrapbooking, scientific findings about gravity, and unscrupulous kinfolk. 

But perhaps the most intriguing part of being involved with a list like this is the surfing one does as a result of it. Clicking the links in the signature cards of various folks can be highly enlightening. One such click took me to the home page of Bill Masters -- Sheriff for 20 years of San Miguel County, Telluride, Colorado. He's lovingly known as "LibertyBill." Give a look for yourself at a speech he wrote

By the time I got done with all this (some would say) piddling around, well... the family was home from the summer arts program and it was time to move on... and my lazy muse has said nary a word as yet.

So, rather than some bright dew drop of august enlightenment, I'll leave you for now with this little thought:

My children, four of them, and a whole bunch of others are appearing in a stage production of Cinderella this coming Saturday evening, August 4, 6pm at the Ozark Heritage Arts Center in Leslie, Arkansas. It promises to be a truly august occasion and I sure hope to see y'all there!!!. 

Until next time, continued thanks to everyone for all the wonderfulness you bring into my life. (Send all checks, cash, money orders, stocks, bonds, gemstones and other items of significant value to.....)

Christine Weiss

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