The party's over... 
But the pictures aren't!!! 

Just click here for a stroll along the memory lane of our recent event, and also, please accept our most appreciative... 


Above, L-R: Tonia & Joe Hurley and Justin Bonds, proprietors of HyperTech., Inc.

The Hyper Tech 5th Anniversary Open House & Community Information Fair was a huge success!!! Thanks to all the great exhibitors!!! 

And now, back to our regular news....

Grand Opening!!!

On Thursday, May 31, at 8:00 am, John Clark Jr., Mayor of Shirley, snipped the ribbon (above) and the new Dollar General Store on Hwy. 16,  in Noacon's new  Hillcrest Plaza, officially opened. Located between the eastern and central entrances to Fairfield Bay, the store .is open Monday through Saturday, 8am until 7pm and Sunday, 10am to 6pm.

Also of special interest, especially to children, the Little Rock Zoo will present a live animal program on June 26 in Fairfield Bay, at the Little Red River Audubon Society meeting.  The program is free and open to the public. Check our Community Calendar for details!!! 

And now I'm going to spend some quality time recuperating from the Hyper Tech party and getting some great new feature  stories and photos ready to post for you. So, next time you come visit, be sure to check our What's New page to get the skinny on the latest and greatest updates to our little e-zine. And remember, if you're looking to find something that was on the front page of any previous edition, just visit our Archives and follow the links.  

But before I scoot outa here please allow me once again to say thanks to all of our readers,  columnists, random contributors, advertisers and every member of the Hyper Tech team. Life is sweet because of you. We'll be chatting again, soon.

Christine Louise Weiss, Editor  

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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