A Tale of Two Authors

Two of Gozarks most popular columnists, Herschel Raney and Mary Alice Beer, got together last weekend to do what nature enthusiasts do best. To get the full scoop, just click here!

Up, up.. and AWAY!!!

St. Patrick's Day was a great day for flying kites, and it was put to good use by the folks who turned out for the 3rd Annual Kite Flying Contest in Shirley. To read the full story, click here

Spring has sprung!

Photo by Adam Weiss

Youthful fancies dally with romantic daydreams. Symptomatic signs of spring fever levitate our souls. Young men long to laze in the mottled shade of budding oaks and old crones like me are passionately driven to clean and categorize. 

In honor of this annual referendum, gozarks will be undergoing some changes. And, while we're sorting and reorganizing our pages, tweaking our content and reinventing our style, you -- our precious readers -- may perchance stumble upon a broken link or missing page here and there. 

Not to worry, please. These are signs that improvements are in the works  and before you know it everything will be smooth as silk and better than ever before!!!

In the interim, we'll continue to share great and exciting things with you. For two examples, click to read all about the upcoming North Central Arkansas Ancestor Fair being held Saturday, April 7, right here in Van Buren County. 

Then come back to click again and get the low-down on a new shopping plaza that's headed our way! 

And remember to visit our What's New page to get a heads-up on our most recent updates. Also, if you're looking to find something that was on February's  Front Page (or the front page of any  previous edition of our publication), just visit our Archives and follow the links.  

Now, as always, it's time again for us to say thanks to you -- our  readers,  columnists, advertisers and every member of the Hyper Tech team. Let us know what cookin' with you, your club and in your Ozark community and odds are that in a virtual heartbeat you'll be reading all about it right here next time you take a look around!

Christine Louise Weiss, Editor

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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