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Last December 30, a young man who is very near and dear to our hearts and several of his teenage friends took some prescription medication that belonged to one of their parents. Of course they did not have permission from any adult to do this. Well...(click here for the rest of the story.)

In a completely unrelated (yet totally connected) sense, what does our government's brain look like on drugs? (click here to find out).

And keeping with the theme but changing the subject, we believe this Website would make Jesus (and every other son & daughter of God) justifiably proud.

Uncertified Unofficial Totals
Reported by the VBC Clerk's Office
11:30 pm, June 11




Richardson Bramlett Bradley Pridgen Pack Graham
1864 2242 2123 1975 1897 2180

Click it or.... Stick it!!!
NOTE: The following editorial has evidently touched a nerve. See: Letters to the Editor

Of course "Click it or Stick it" is not the name of the highly hyped “public safety campaign” that’s been flooding our sensory receptors since just before Memorial Day. The savory slogan of the moment is actually “Click it or Ticket.”

Kinda cute, isn’t it -- in a demeaning “talking down to a misbehaving two-year-old” sort of way. And wow, does that feel depressing.

That is, in my heart and soul I believe that I’m just like all of you reading this. I believe that I am a good, honest, hardworking, loving, caring, and respectful person. And, though you may call me crazy, I believe that 99.44% of everybody is pretty much this same way.

And yeah, I know there are a lot of dastardly deeds done in this world. I know that greed and lust and self-centered egotism play a huge role in far too much of what goes on every day. I know that crimes against humankind seem to be ceaseless across the face of the globe, and I am aware that on the scale of importance of all things great and small, the wearing or not of seatbelts really doesn’t even make it to the list.

But I also know that this same superficial diagnosis can be applied to most every issue we face as a self-governing people, whether we happen to be at a ballot box or driving to the mall to buy our kids new shoes. And when I peer through my microscope at this subject, what I see is that my dear government has taken it upon itself to forward yet another mass marketing campaign (funded with OUR tax dollars) aimed at manipulating the public mindset on a subject which should, at base line, be entirely a matter of free choice.

Because whether or not to wear seatbelts is more than a life saving issue, it is a “liberty ensuring” issue and a matter in which I firmly believe our government should have NO voice. And before you holler at me about being against something that seems to make good sense, allow me to say two simple things:

First, to restate what I’ve already said in a slightly different way, I’m NOT against anybody wearing seatbelts, but I am totally against any legislation that diminishes the value of the lives already risked and given to the cause of safeguarding our liberty and keeping our nation free -- and seatbelt legislation is definitely one of these laws.

Second, if you are really determined to use statistical data as an element of your decision making prowess, please calculate in this fact…

Percentages and numbers can be and are willfully manipulated to express whatever “version of realty” is endorsed by their proponent. (And don’t take my word for this. See Albert Einstein’s formula: E=MC2)

There are many, many ways to look at data and since our leaders have chosen to present one very narrow interpretation of their demographic findings, I beg your indulgence to give equal consideration to another, more mathematically accurate point of view:

Since there absolutely have been accidents in which the passenger or operator of a vehicle would have been killed or seriously injured IF THEY WERE WEARING A SEATBELT… Then the odds for or against any single person’s injury by virtue of wearing or not wearing a seatbelt in any yet-to-be accident are  50/50.

That’s right. 50/50. Ask any mathematician. Or better still, ask a schoolchild. Because this is really simple math and very basic logic, the ilk of which all of us should have learned by 6th or 7th grade in PS-103.

So why do we allow such errant math and illogical thinking to dominate the main stream of our lives? I dunno. I can’t understand it. It confuses me and boggles my mind.

I feel lost in a sea of wondering just how our great nation has ended up with “leaders” (and I use that term very loosely) whom cannot seem to see through this forest and find the trees.  I am convinced that this has happened because we have ALL become apathetic. We have slipped into the pseudo-comfort of “not thinking about it” because either it doesn’t seem that important or because (at the opposite end of the spectrum) it seems totally beyond our control.

Well, I am here to tell you that if you feel this way, I believe absolutely that you are wrong, because I KNOW it is in our power to change things. We do it everyday. I know we have authority and control because these responsibilities are our birthright. And I know that when we choose to shirk this duty, well… we get exactly what we “pay” for.

But I also know that -- statistically speaking-- this road runs both directions.

So if we want to have governmental systems and promulgated legislations that factually uphold the sanctity of our Creator endowed rights, then we’ve gotta get real clear and totally serious about just exactly what those rights are. I mean we’re not really talking about seatbelts here, we’re addressing important issues that define our most fundamental liberties.

You know, those things folks have warred over and died to preserve.

And I, like my patriotic ancestors, do not need anybody looking over my shoulder telling me to stay between their superimposed, self-sanctimonious, illogically contrived and falsely derived lines.

And I’m betting, neither do you.

So I double-dog dare you to think about this. Talk about it with your kids. Tell them the TRUTH – statistically speaking and in all other ways. Pay attention to the details right here at home so as to enable all the peoples of our world to experience “the power of one.”

And, oh yeah… here’s another little thread of this overall issue: Did you know that as of the end of this month all us regular folks are going to be paying more to mail a letter, however commercial junk mail purveyors will get larger discounts!!! (click here to see for yourself)

“Of the people, by the people, for the people….

Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be all about????

Odds and Ends....

The Great State of Arkansas will host a visit from President George W. on Monday, June 3, in Little Rock. Reason being to promote the Administration's brand new "welfare reform" package which, according to local activist groups is "not adequate."

Thus a peaceful protest is planned in the hopes of inspiring our dear leaders to see life from a different perspective. Interested folks are asked to gather at ACORN house, 2101 S. Main St. in downtown Little Rock at 11:00am on Monday and "bring
an old pair of shoes that Bush can walk around in." For more info, phone (501) 376-7151.


Hear ye, hear ye!!!

Unofficial Election results on three key offices in Van Buren County, as reported by the VBC Clerk's Office, Wednesday, May 22, 2:45am
(blue denotes runoff candidates):

County Judge


























My house is
for sale!


Runoff Election






Another break with tradition...
Only once before in the past 2+ years have I thought that a virus alert was important enough to post front and center on Gozarks... But what's going around now is a terror wrecking havoc among Internet newbees and seasoned surfers alike. Thus it seems prudent to take some responsive action so please, before you open that next batch of email, click here.

Now on a much funner subject, have a look some pics from our local Homeschool Folk Dancing Ball!!!

To recap....
We covered a lot of ground in March and April, from economics to education. And, by the way, I'm still looking to get an answer to the "gross expenditure" question I posed a couple of months ago. Although one particular response to my "equitable economics" topic went like this:

A company has a choice of paying stock holders or employees. Just my take.    ~Paul

I agree with you, Paul. The people who head up companies make choices every day that directly effect our lives. And though even Moses failed at legislating social morality, the fundamental rights and wrongs have not changed since the dawn of time.

Now the political season is upon us, with this year's Preferential Primaries coming our way. Thus we have the opportunity to "do something," and (IMHO) the best place to begin this process is right in our own backyard.

That's why, for the first time in 30 years, I have decided to publicly support, endorse and campaign for a political candidate. His name is Don Richardson and he is one of several candidates running for the office of County Judge here in Van Buren County, Arkansas.

My reasons for supporting Don are many. For starters, he's just basically a good guy who cares deeply about stuff like having a healthy environment and recognizes that the real bottom line of every community is "quality of life."

Now if you're a VBC voter, you can cast your Preferential Primary ballot for Don (and any other candidates you choose) beginning Monday, May 6, at our County Courthouse.

Also, you may cast a vote in a "mock election" being sponsored by a local radio station, KHPQ: Just click here.

And I want to emphasize that real solutions to the problems we all complain about are abundant around us, yet the activation of these options require us to look at the "little things" we do day-to-day, think about the far-reaching consequences of same and -- ultimately -- change our behavior (and possibly even our point of view).

An excellent example of a superb way to have a direct influence on the quality of the food we eat and at the same time enable a better quality of life for the folks who produce this fare is by and through a process called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). To read more about this "solution," please click here.

Last but far, far from least for this installment, I have a real life story about the courage, determination and sheer force of will exampled by a junkyard dog who gives us all a shining role model of tenacity to look up to. Click here to read about Puppy.

Anyway, that's what's going on in my head at the moment. How about letting me in on what's going on in yours?

Christine Weiss

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