Animal Chiropractic...?

Though I'm fairly conversant about the benefits of Chiropractic, I'd never heard anything about the principals being applied to non-humans -- like horses and dogs. So, when I received an email announcement about some upcoming seminars on the subject, I was fascinated. 

Thus, even though the seminars are happening outside our typical topical area (betcha can't sat that three times fast!), I've posted some info about them to our Community Calendar and encourage you, if you want to learn more, to visit Dr. Daniel Kamen's Website

Now, getting back to our homefront...

The Holiday Season is upon us, whether we like it or not. So, since the choice is ours to make, we choose to like it!!! (Pictured, L-R: Josh, Adam, Shawna, Shalom, Patty -- the ''junior associate executive crew of gozarks.")

And for your relaxed yet invigorated  reading pleasure, we are proud to offer an especially heartwarming  column by gozarks own Herschel Raney. Give a click here to read "Creatures More Closely Held" and be prepared for warm-fuzzy feelings to flood your soul. 

Also on the great reading list, our Roving Reporter, Stephen Binns, has graced us with new musings from Alaska. To read his latest column, just click here

And there's more on the ''special column'' list as  we welcome a brand new author to our pages. Well, ah.. that is, brand new to gozarks!!! But Barbara Massie is a seasoned and talented journalist, who also happens to be a highly skilled entrepreneur. She excels at helping home based workers develop marketing strategy and business savvy for the handcrafts and other products they'd like to sell.

She has published 5 craft guides and 2 books -- all business related -- and even teaches seminars on the subject. Now you can read her column right here on gozarks. Just give a click here and see for yourself!!!

On other exciting subjects, my eldest child, Patty by name, placed 4th in both of the Motocross races she ran Thacker MotoPark track near Smithville. (That's where the photo at the top of this page was taken.) And yes, we are incredibly proud!!! Visit her homepage in a few days and you'll see the photos we took!!! 

Now for another story with real heart, we offer a piece titled THE BOYS OF IWO JIMA. It makes a profound statement on the subject of war and heroes. It  came to us as an email pass-along and we offer it as a reflection on Veterans Day. To read it, please click here.

On a similar theme, One Million Prayers for Peace to reign supreme and prevail on Earth are being gathered for transcription to a scroll which will be respectfully presented to President Arafat and President Barak. 

According to the information we received, President Arafat allegedly made the statement that ''peace will not come to the Middle East without a million strong prayers.'' In response, Peace-activist James Twyman plans to gather a million prayers via the Internet, transcribe them to a scroll, and travel to Israel to deliver the inspired messages to the powers that be. 

If you'd like to see the list of prayers that has been contributed so far, click here. You'll also find a counter that tabulates  how many prayers have been gathered to date and a link to the page where you can contribute your own prayer if you wish. (Amen)

And speaking of tabulations, if you're still looking to find info on the VBC election results, just click here. And what an experience it was, gathering these numbers ''live.'' Our hat is off to everyone at the County Clerk's office for their tenacity. It was a long night, and I think we're all glad it's over.

Now that the elections are past  (though obviously the Fat Lady ain't sung yet), how about something lighter and brighter to cheer your mood!!! Give a look at Wild Goose Studio. It's a visit that's sure to make you smile.

And, though it's a bit late to cast your vote, you can still click here to check out the interesting "report card" given to the top 5 Presidential Candidates on one highly topical issue. 

Also, on one last political note, you may be interested to know that according to the results of the Poll we ran from June through October, 37% of you think the Civic Well Being of your community is ''In Danger'' and the other 63% of you think that everything is "Okay."

These results -- in light of the scores of email comments we've received complaining about or poking fun at  political stuff -- really surprised us.  Thankfully, however, ours is not to reason why but simply to report. 

Now, remember if you're looking to find information that appeared on October's Front Page or the front page of any of our previous editions, just visit our Archives and follow the links.  

So with these bases covered, it's now time for me to get on with doing  updates. But, while I'm tending all this behind the computer screen stuff, know that my and our warmest wishes are with you -- our readers, our columnists, our advertisers and the Hyper Tech team -- for everything you continue to do to make our publication an outstanding success. 

And, if'n you'd like to learn a bit more about who ''we'' are, just click the link in our names...

Christine Louise Weiss, Editor  

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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