The Citizens First Congress and the Arkansas Public Policy Panel are calling for  nominations for the 2001 Dragon Slayer Awards. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 28, 2001. The following guidelines will help you make your nominations:

  • A person who exhibits commitment to progressive values, through contributions of time, money, etc.

  • A person who went above and beyond against resistance to change.

  • A person who not only raised hell, but  organized a base of power to create a lasting change.

  • A person who volunteered their time to the Citizen First Congress and the Panel.

The above are guidelines, to help you think of a person to nominate. Your nominee does not have to meet each one. When placing your nomination please add 2-3 sentences on why you nominated this individual.  Please email nominations to  Eric Reece, Obrian_30@yahoo.com, or phone 501-376-7913 ext 11.

And, after you submit your nominee, give a moment's pause to thoughts about the functionality of governmental systems and have a look at this Letter to the Editor....

Hope you had a....

Click the turkey for a thoughtful and inspiring Thanksgiving note.

Be there or be square...

Do you really wanna "make a difference" (or are you just full of hot air)?  Join with others to "fight the good fight."  Let our legislators know what "we the people" really want. Attend the  Arkansas Citizens Caucus & Rally to shape our state's legislative agenda. Bring the whole family with you for a day packed full of political  enlightenment, activist education, and good ol' fashioned fun.


Just a couple quick newsy notes to add to the mix today. One item that caught my eye is this interesting dissertation on the history of the design of the U.S. Dollar Bill.

And, while we're talking $$$, one of our local "good works" organizations, Dove House Women's Shelter, could use some added sustenance. For details, please click here

Aurora Borealis

According to SpaceWeather.com, "a fast-moving coronal mass ejection that billowed away from the Sun on Nov. 4th swept past our planet at 0150 UT on Nov 6th (8:50 p.m. EST on Nov 5th). The impact triggered a severe geomagnetic storm -- now subsiding -- and widespread auroras reaching as far south as Alabama and Texas in the United States." 

In other words, a couple of days ago the sun flared, and hurled a huge cloud of invisible magnet dust in our direction. The other night, that "dust" started bumping into the molecules of our atmosphere, causing a spectacular interaction!!!


"When we, the people, are of one mind (like the Borg) and yet in that same breath we  embody, personify and celebrate our own full measure of uniquely creative individuality (like Jesus, Mohammed, Buda and Joan d'Arc), the wonders of the universe are made manifest unto and through us."
~ anonymous ~


For more science news and information about the Sun-Earth environment, visit SpaceWeather.com.

Water, Food and Energy...

Upon these three uniquely interconnected things, all life depends. And during this time of heightened awareness, it seems somehow appropriate to take an in depth look at a few intricately related details:

Ask yourself, for example, "What do I know about the Federal Farm Bill?" And if, like most of us, your answer comes back "Not much," then give a look at the Website of the the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture and find out why you maybe should care and might want to get involved.

Then, if you will, visit one of Gozarks sponsors:

Next up, for a new perspective on the state of mind of all us Arkansans, have a look at the Third Annual Arkansas Poll (conducted by the UA Survey Research Center) and find out what our brethren are thinking about women in office, health care reform, and the legalization of medical MJ. 

In a lighter vein, the Clinton Choir has announced their Fall Concert Festival and is sporting their very own homepage. To read all about it, click here.

Back in the trenches, have you heard about the move to "Axe the food tax in Arkansas." We're in favor of ideas like this one, 100%.

Heading north, to Alaska, visit the Alaska Wilderness League for an insightful comprehension of what the lobbyists would like our leaders to do with a bunch of our pristine American land.

Delving deep into the methodical process of discovery, this "eye witness" report of  U.S. Military strikes on Kabul and the plight of women in Afghanistan is a real eye opener.

Now if you're sincere about broadening your ever-expanding horizon of cultural understanding, take a contemplative look at this verse-by-verse comparative English translation of the Quran (Koran), contrasting the phrase-by-phrase interpretations of four different scholars.

And on my personal homefront, yesterday (November 7) I was the featured speaker at the Spring River Branch of the National League of American Pen Women in Cherokee Village... and Wow!!! Did we ever have a great time!!!

Now once again it's time to say thanks to everyone who in some special way makes the publication of Gozarks a reality. This time around, my most heartfelt appreciation goes foremost to my eldest daughter, Patty

Partly because she "really wanted to" and partly because I've been relentlessly begging on bended knee, she is now a resident member of our family with hopeful plans to make Arkansas her permanent home. It is a joy and a pleasure to be with her "under one roof" again. It's been far, far too long.  

Christine Weiss

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