"Whether one lights a candle at the shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows or at the shrine of an elephantine God, feminine spirituality will acknowledge that the impulse is the same… that contradictions seemingly irreconcilable can be resolved, as in an arabesque."

I wish I had written those words. I really like what they say. But the credit belongs to Richard Rodriguez and if you'd like to read the rest of what he wrote, just click here!!!

And when you find your appetite whetted for more commonsensical stuff, have a peruse of another little ditty: "World's People Say No To War."  

Then, say hello to our newest sponsor...

A Special Request... A reader from Kansas, with strong family ties to the Ozarks, writes: "I wondered if you could do a story about the people of Evening Shade, Cave City, Ash Flat area."  

Well dear lady, I'd just love to!!! And, from the looks of my calendar, I'll be meandering in that general direction November 7 (I've been invited to chat about the Internet with members and guests of the Spring River Branch of the National League of American Pen Women in Cherokee Village -- for more info, click here). And, I'm wondering...

Might there be somebody, reading this right now, who resides in the Evening Shade, Cave City, Ash Flat area and would be willing to share a few insights???

I'd like to visit the best swimmin' hole, neatest barn or pioneer cabin and oldest church, school, general/grocery store or restaurant. Whether or not they are currently in use, I'd like to take some photos of them and, if possible, I'd like to know when these were founded and by whom. 

So, if any of you dear Gozarkians have a bit of homegrown information to contribute to my pictorial stew, please give a post haste holler via email to  

Thanks a bushel and a peck!!!

Security measures taken in VBC Early on October 15, officials in Van Buren County received bomb threats against several public facilities, including the hospital, courthouse, and schools. According to authorities these buildings were evacuated and both Clinton and Shirley school sessions were suspended, but students were not released. At Shirley schools, the all clear was soon sounded and regular classes resumed. However, at 10:45am Clinton school classes remained on hold.

After instituting a number of precautionary  measures to ensure safety and searching each of the subject buildings, the official all clear was issued at approximately 3:30pm. For more information, contact the Clinton Police Department, 745-8110.

In Light of Current Events... It seems most apropos to devote some time to the celebration of family.  Your family, our family, my family... so much the same in so many ways, yet dynamically unique.

In the interest of getting to know each other better, and having a bit of fun at the same time, we invite y'all to come for a boat ride and share A Day With Uncle Pat.

Feeling good now? Wonderful.  Ready for some excitement? Swell. Have a gander at the this little MX Storybook about a dirt bike racer who is very near and dear to our hearts.

Finally for this virtual  moment, we offer some intellectual food for family thought, courtesy of an email pass-along that came to us via dear Mary Alice Beer.

Now, as usual, I've got other fish to fry. But not before I redundantly say again, thanks...

Thanks to all you -- the great family of Gozarkians -- for everything you say and do in support of this little e-zine. Thanks to all our readers, feature columnists and advertising supporters. You are all the life blood of this magazine. 

And thanks a bushel and a peck to my family for cooking dinners, doing dishes, raking, mowing and weeding the garden and yard, tending the laundry, mopping the floors, and  otherwise tending our homefront so that I can sit at these computer keys and share a little of the Ozarks with all y'all. 

Christine Weiss 

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