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Welcome back !!!

The news is out -- the team is back from attending the National Association of Broadcasters world renown media and communications technology conference and exhibition, held recently in Las Vegas. Click here for the full story!

For more good stuff, and as Mother's Day is nearly upon us, we thought you might like to have fun with a playful family-style project. Something to amaze everyone, in a wholesome, entertaining, and happy kind-of way. So, here it is!!!

Click here to be whisked away to a story-board Webpage that will lovingly guide you through the steps for making a scale model geodesic dome. Honest and truly, our family of six greatly enjoyed this project  -- and the fact that our children picked-up a few math words and skills in the process didn't hurt a bit!

If you take a look at the page now and make a couple of quick mental notes about the supplies you'll need... well, heck! By the time Mother's Day actually gets here, you'll have found everything you need!!!

Now, in honor of a just recently transpired very special occasion, we must in all humility say....

Happy Birthday To Us!!!

Yup! It's a matter of fact! This little e-zine has officially come one year since birth!!! 

In honor of the occasion, we've given you some new colors to look at and have somewhat reorganized the lay-out of our front page. Hopefully, this will give you a stunning new point of view!!! (And you'll find it in your heart to love us even more!!!)

Adding to our merriment, we'll be having our official birthday celebration in conjunction with the upcoming 5th Anniversary of Hyper Tech Inc. (You know them, right? They provide all the technical wiz-bang  that makes it possible for you to read this little e-zine.)

We couldn't be more thrilled and proud to be part of this great  party -- which will  headline the foot-stomping hand-jiving music of the Big John Miller Band. Plus a host of great organizations will be exhibiting with us during Hyper Tech's Bringing the Internet to Life community information fair.

It's all part and parcel of the great big party headed your way in just a few short weeks.  To read more of the other wonderful details and find out how your business or non-profit group can join the fun, just give a click here

Anyway,  now that we've drummed this good news as a headline feature story, we've got to return to our somewhat predictable but always sublime routine. There are scads of updates waiting to be posted to these pages, and the only way to get them tended is one at a time. 

In the interim, please do remember to visit our What's New page to get the heads-up on the most recent updates and changes to our site. And also as usual, if you're looking to find something that was on the front page of any previous edition, just visit our Archives and follow the links.  

Finally, as is our continuing practice, it's time to say thanks again to you all -- our readers,  columnists, advertisers and every member of the Hyper Tech team. Thank you all for making this past year a bountiful pleasure of accomplishment.  

Thank you for reading and for writing all the stuff that fills our pages. Thank you for sending your event announcements to our community calendar.  And thank you  especially for all the kind words you've said to us about the quality of what we do. 

As you continue to let us know what's cookin' with you, your club and in your Ozark community, odds are that in a virtual heartbeat you'll be reading all about it right here next time you take a look around!

Christine Louise Weiss, Editor

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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