Live... From Jasper, Arkansas !!!

"Elk In The Yard" by dafarmer

The 4th Annual Buffalo River Elk Festival, sponsored by the Jasper/Newton County Chamber of Commerce, is happening live... today!! (Saturday, June 30).  

This award winning festival celebrates the successful reintroduction of elk to Newton County and features an arts and crafts fair, demonstrations of handcrafting  skills, live music, lots of food and a long list of great family activities.

But wait.... what's that? You say you can't go to Jasper today because you've already made plans to go to the Archey Fork Summer Festival in Clinton? Well.... onward from 10am,  Jasper.Yournet ISP is doing a LIVE WEB-CAM directly from the Buffalo River Elk Festival. So even if you can't be there you can still savor the flavor of fun. 

Meanwhile, back in VBC...

Funny, isn't it??? How you'll do something for one of your children that you'd never agree to do for anyone else??? I'm sure I'm not the only parent in the Universe that has unwittingly fallen into such a trap. To read my latest adventure down this fun-filled road of shame and humiliation, click here.



Another Perfect Day in the Ozarks!!!

Saturday, June 16, was one of those precious and glorious days that make life rich and rewarding. (At least it was in our little neck of the woods... and whether you're a mother or  father, daughter or son, we hope the same was true with you!) 

Imagine (as a backdrop to the photo, above) the singing of a capricious creek, tumbling merrily along, dancing with boulders, racing across flats, as it musically charms your soul. 

Harmonize this with a mottled melody of little children, laughing and splashing, giggling and frolicking, celebrating life for all it is worth. 

Flavor this sensory image with flame kissed hot dogs, cold roast chicken, junk food munchies and the satisfaction of  daydreams shared and savored among the dearest of friends.

Paint the sky that sun-dazzled spectrum of blue, so luminescent it defies capture by  man-made words. Feel the breeze caress your cheek like long lost kin. 

Watch the campfire waltz, pirouette, and collapse to a bed of embers. Swirl these sensations through your consciousness 'til they engulf you and top the whole thing off with an icy-cold bottle of beer.  

This, in a very short version, was the Ozark  perfection shared by the Brogna and Weiss families. Maybe next Father's Day weekend you'll want to join us too???

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Christine Louise Weiss, Editor  

Justin Bonds, Webmaster

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