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We had a great time Saturday, at Archey Fest in Clinton. That's the Gozarks hospitality tent set up next to the Holley Mountain Airpark firetruck in the photo, below.

Yummy treats like cotton candy, abounded.

Neat things to do, such as a petting zoo, kept the little kids entertained.

And of course the place was prolific with teenagers, some of whom (such as the young lady, below, whose name is Shalom) happened to be mine!!!

We've come up with two possible names for the following photo, starring my daughter Shalom and my son Adam. The obvious, "Don't try this at home" (yeah, right... I mean who has a crane sitting in their back yard)!!! And the less obvious, "Hey sis, would you tie my shoe?"

The photo at left of Johnny Appleby (proprietor of Moment of Light Photography and  photo-journalist with the Van Buren County Democrat) is kind-of a tribute to all of us who wear several hats and often work long hours simply because we love our community and take great pride in seeing it shine.

Getting our ducks in order...
So, the Cosmic Convergence thing came and went, and I bet that some of you are saying "See, nothing's any different. The war rages on in Iraq, the moon did not fall from the sky, and my neighbor's dog is still killing my shrubs with every trip to the potty."

And of course, to the naked eye, there is no tangible evidence that anything whatsoever has factually "happened." Yet think about this:

There are, right now, literally millions of people who "believe" that some kind of significant turning point occurred last week. These people "believe" that a "new and better" world is on the horizon, within our grasp, and that this "change" is being made manifest slowly but steadily, over the course of millions upon millions of individual human interactions that are happening now, right this minute, and will continue to happen over the course of the next 7 years 356 days.

And that essentially what these folks are saying is, hey guys, it's up to us!!! We -- as in ALL of us -- have got to lead the way with the collaborative co-creation of this new and improved version of reality. And to do this, two things have got to happen:

#1 -- We've got to STOP doing things that are the antithesis of what we "say" we want.

#2 -- We've got to seek out and redress the "root causes" of what we believe is "wrong," determined to "make things right" from the inside >> out.  

And I know that many folks today "say" that they subscribe to these principles. Yet as I look around at what the world presently  offers, it is self-evident that we've got a ways to go. And I sincerely believe that a huge part of redressing this overall issue -- that is, a huge part of "having a world that works for everyone" -- is our own simple liberation to the idea that we have the potency and potential to "make it so."

I further believe that we are dealing with this present (and highly destructive) spectrum of reality primarily because far too many of us seem to be so "distanced" from the idea of "self-accountability."

That is, it seems to me that we have been "role modeled" into inadvertently adopting the irresponsible attitudes that were  inculcated to us by the rigidly authoritarian systems of our public schools and by the fashionably self-serving "anything for a dollar" marketplace predisposition of today's economy. And that, in light of this, we are in many ways as incapable to see the forest for the trees as is a truly drowning person incapable to swim.

And that this all relates, somehow, to a pervasive cultural "syndrome" which has given us far too many "socially civilized" human beings who have never been permitted (let alone encouraged) to "think" a thing through, from beginning to end, having done extensive research while rationally (with no "ego attachment") evaluating all various perspectives and coming to their own personal conclusion about what is fair, honest, just, appropriate and right -- in any given situation -- to ALL involved.

That is, these folks have (it seems to me) been "taught" by nearly every dimension of the world they've grown up in to "believe" that "only (medical, religious, political, etc.) experts" have the "right and authority" to do certain "really important things." And that this errantly extrapolated conclusion has started doing all of us -- as a whole society -- a great deal of harm.

I have witnessed this -- what I would call an abysmal lack of character -- with one specific item in particular, which has to do with the (apparently) far reaching ignorance about (and thus lack of accountability to) what could be rightly called "a citizen's duty to honor and uphold the The Constitution of the United States of America," aka: The Greatest Law of the Land.

Yet we "say" that we are a people who assert democratic self-governance throughout our republic.

Obviously, both things cannot be true. And when all else fails as a measure of accountability, simply check the (good/bad) dimensions of (physical) reality that presently exist in your (day-to-day) homeland.

Then contrast these alongside those of the known universe.

Does it look like everything is in perfect balance and harmony to you?  

Anyway, consider this a lead-in to the thoughts I'll be sharing more of over coming weeks, all of which are being offered as  something of a "countdown manual" for those of us who "choose to believe" that 7 years 356 days from now we will have, by virtue of working together, made Planet Earth a joyously marvelous mega-community of culturally micro-cosmic family-centric homes, thriving amidst a landscape of healthy-well being, all sprawled across the face of a peaceful and fruitful land.

Now, for the second half of today's installment, take a look at this little happy earth project that is bubbling up in Conway, Arkansas. Then consider, how would you like to get involved...???

T-minus 7 years 356 days, and counting....

Venus in Transit...
Tuesday, June 8, marks an auspicious occasion on the calendar of human events, at least in the "life is what we choose to make of it" category. Heralded as a "Breakthrough of Intuitive Awareness," this cyclical astronomical event is widely associated with great leaps of human consciousness throughout history. Thought of as a type of "Cosmic Convergence," the event is esoterically akin to the punctuated lub-dub of a cosmic heart and considered by many to be a recurring turning point of spiritual evolution.

Thus on June 8th at 11.00-11.15 am GMT-time (London) -- that is 6:00am Arkansas time (adjusted for Daylight Savings Time) -- a simultaneous prayer of "love for oneness" will be uttered by an uncountable number of people, representative of all conceivable  faiths and walks of life, all around the world.

Joining in this act of transcendental meditation is simple. Pause from whatever you may be doing and say a heartfelt  prayer. Then stand firm in the belief that the "perfect world" you envision will -- by the coupling act of divine grace and human magic -- be made manifest in the course of the coming eight years.

Given you take such things seriously -- or even if you don't, but figure, "heck, it's worth a shot" -- one question you might want to respectfully answer is "What, exactly, do I pray for?"


The truth is that this is something that only YOU can decide. And that the only true answer is the one you find in your heart. However...

If you're like most of us, you may wonder what other people will be praying about and, in response to this question, I offer the following (which came to me, and thus to you, via our dear friend Nelson, to who we extend a plethora of thanks).

Transmuting mass consciousness energies
From "Feeling Safe: How to Be Strong and Positive in a Changing World," by William Bloom (excerpted and edited).

As modern science recognizes, everything is made of energy, including you. And there are many different forms of energy. There is, for example, the energy of thought and emotion.

Every time you feel or think something, energy goes into the feeling and thought – and that energy continues to exist, following the natural laws of the universe. It continues as vibrational clouds of emotion, filled with the energy of influence.

It is filled with the vibrations of all humanity's history, including those of the six billion people who are alive now.

This vibrant energy resonates with care and love, creativity and generosity. There are also energetic auras connected to money, sex and power and morphogenetic fields of cruelty, anger, greed, manipulation, fear and all the rest.

Millions of people over thousands of years have been radiating emotions into this universal vibration and this energy does not simply disappear. In some form or another, it is still around. You live in the middle of it and it can influence you.

Understanding how these energies work requires the awareness that "like attracts like." That is, as any good scientist will confirm, when something vibrates at a particular frequency it attracts and make a connection with other objects of the same frequency. This is a basic law of physics.

Resonating with mass energies
It is best to face the fact like everyone else you carry some negative stuff – and therefore you feel affected by external vibrations similar to the stuff that is already in you. You will not only be affected by the energies of individual people, but will also be touched by the collective energies created by large groups.

For example, if you go into a mood of selfishness or fear, you may connect with the mass energies of selfishness and fear. This is like turning the dial on a radio. Change the frequency and catch the waves of the different transmitters.

It is important to realize just how easily you may be influenced and how these vibrations my affect what you desire. In these instances, people are not just carried along by the usual psychological factors of wanting to maintain a certain image and identity; they are also caught up in the mass energy currents of desire. The feeling is like being a piece of driftwood carried on the tide, having little power to resist.

Throughout the world, you can see times when individuals and groups of people have been suddenly caught up in a mass movement and begin behaving in ways that they never thought possible. Cases, for example, where normally benevolent individuals have been overwhelmed by "herd instinct" and carried into psychotic behavior.

In light of this, it is useful to ask yourself, which frequencies are you tuned in to? Are you connected to the benevolent or the angry forces? These are important questions because you should be aware of what you are attracting to your life.

It is wise to assess how you are influenced by the stuff that you do not see; to be realistic about the fact that your own moods -- most especially the ones you keep tucked secretly away and may even deny -- are attracting and creating more of the same.

The first step in dealing with this is to be honest with yourself about your own private attitudes and feelings. Maintain a "kind mind" as you notice and look at your emotional characteristics so that the energy of your wise and compassionate thoughts take the lead and attract more of the same to you. 

Do not create negative thoughts
There is an obvious responsibility that goes hand in hand with understanding that people create atmospheres and fields of energy: The need to be careful with the energy of your thoughts and emotions. This creative energy radiates from you, feeds into similar fields of energy, affects other people and permeates the subliminal quality of every human life.

Sometimes, especially in situations of crisis, threat or tragedy, it is difficult not to worry, have anxious thoughts and feelings, or temporarily disappear into grief.

Energetically, however, the moment you start to do this, you magnetize the situation. The activity of worrying creates distressing atmospheres. Worry is depressing and provokes fear, and fear always makes things worse.

Thus as soon as you regain equilibrium, it advisable to confirm an aura of confidence and optimism. Consider the very real consequences of magnetizing depressive energy and choose to guide your thoughts in a more appealing direction – not just for your sake, but also for the sake of others.

Also, when you look at the world and see terrible things happening, ask yourself "What do these situations need?"

Certainly, they do not need vibrations of distress, pessimism, anguish and worry. Energetically that makes the situation worse. Crisis, conflict and distress need love, acceptance, warm humor, playfulness, support, empathy, compassion and creative positive solutions.

I know a sincere peacenik, desperately concerned about the state of the world, his face intense with earnest desires and thoughts of peace. But what is he actually radiating into the situation?

He has his own need for the situation to be resolved because that will make him feel better. He is, in fact, radiating neediness – a need for peace. And "neediness" is just another polarity that creates reaction and discomfort in everyone's life.

In times of crisis, focus on troubled regions and choose to envelop them with peaceful creative energy. Where there is conflict, for instance, hold an upbeat thought of the opposing leaders greeting and hugging each other with warm and genuine friendship. Send waves of peace loving energy, sans any trace of judgment or fear. Shun "evil" or "critical" thoughts. Choose to de-polarize negativity by generating a prosperously happy energy field.

Understand that hostility, like love, is energy and that people who carry hostility in their heart tend to think that these ideas are naive. Choose to keep a beneficial attitude anyway. Know that doing this magnetizes powerful invisible support.

Healing war
The sub-molecular fields of pain, injustice, resentment, aggression and warfare that humanity has created are immense and strong. They float around the planet as large, negative influences and channel through any situation that attracts them.

This is why conflict must be handled delicately. Remember, you are not dealing just with the individual person but also endeavoring to calm the wave fields of fury, prohibiting these from pouring into an already stressful situation.

The opportunity here is to be metaphysically realistic about the mass karma of humanity. What we have created we can re-create, but it takes time, focus, clarity and good will. That is why every energetic action of each individual is so important.

Thoughts and prayers for peace are good and useful. Equally powerful is your ability to put the brakes on your own anger with humor and goodwill. Transform hostility into loving kindness and redeem the mass energy of our communal psychic field, contributing to the healthy well-being of the whole... which of course includes you and me. 

As always, I'm wishing all of us a life worth living, filled with all those things we prefer, desire, wholeheartedly celebrate and richly deserve to enjoy.

Christine Weiss

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