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Many things have been transpiring in my personal life lately. For those of you who know some of this, thanks for your support. For those of you who don't know, well... suffice it to say that things are changing and that I'm getting caught up.

At the top of this list, please have a look at this pictorial report about Main Street Clinton to see what great work this volunteer group is doing in and around town.

Another item of interest (that I should have posted weeks ago), I've started collecting a page full of links related to the history of and cultural happenings in the Ozarks. Hope this puts a smile on the faces of those who've been asking for it...!!!

A-cup-a-la things...
The election encroaches, and if you are a resident of the fine City of Clinton and have not done so already, I sincerely encourage you to read the bio of Merl Eoff in the interest of her re-election as Recorder/Treasurer Clerk.

I know Merl. She's a good woman. Her heart is in the right place and having been privy to some of the stuff she's had to address over the course of the last four years, and having seen what has resulted from her administration of this elected post, I say that since she's willing to stand accountable to the responsibilities of this office for another term, God bless her. She deserves your votes.

The war in Iraq rages on... though I am doing my best to send calming vibrations and happy, peaceful thoughts that way. On the one hand -- in accord of all that we "civilized" folks have been taught to perceive about "real" reality, this seems such a pitiful contribution to make. People are dying. Being bodily brutalized and emotionally maimed. The suffering seems to ceaselessly escalate.

I watched the debates last night and wondered how our President could so boldly proclaim his personal dedication to liberty and justice for all whilst at the same time endorsing actions which seem to me to be so counterproductive of the (supposedly) desired result.

And I'll make no bones about the place my loyalty resides... Which is what I do my best to express every time I hold thoughts about all who are assailed by war, mentally casting a mother's loving arms around all who have had their innocence stripped from them by the battlefield. I pray for each and every one one of us to claim and co-create a vibrant global landscape which happily radiates with healthy well-being and abundantly propagates peace.

Still it seems to me that sometimes the greatest challenge is to know when it is right to "not" do anything. To just let things be. To allow life to flow along a seemingly predetermined course, being whatever it will be, even if the apparent outcome is something we desperately don't want, keeping the faith, trusting the Universe to make manifest the deepest desires of our heart  all the while keeping our minds fixed on envisioning the Utopia we crave.

PS: If you're seeking a meaningful, pleasant and productive way to enliven your life with significant actions and if you like to sew, stop by for a visit with Patti Allen at her shop, Quilt In Time.

If you weren't at Holleyfest on  Friday night, you missed a great party. The three lovely lead singers of Lost Creek Band,  pictured at right, are a shining example.

A cadre of local celebs, inclucing (L-R, below), Bill Collom, Office Manger of Holley Mountain Airpark, Jim Burnett, Past Chariman of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Jim Collom, Developer of Holley Mountain Airpark, Sid King, Owner of KGFL/KHPQ Radio, and Don Richardson, former Mayor of Clinton, Arkansas.

We all sat around, laughing, singing along, hand-clapping and applauding the beautiful music, catching up with old friends and celebrating new ones.

And if you're reading this on Saturday (October 9), you can catch up with a whole lot more fun as Holleyfest soars through a packed-full "rain or shine" agenda, featuring vendors, food, aviation education, games and enjoyment for everyone. Click here for the day's schedule of events.

To join us, follow the directions to Holley Mountain Airpark posted here, but when you get to Flag Hill, bare right.

Sincerely hope y'all join us!!!

It seems to me that we tend to think that "change" starts with a "Big Bang" campaign of "Shock & Awe."

Well, what if we are wrong...?

Would the world look any different...??

Could the sun cast any more brilliant a light..???

More likely, I believe, change starts in moments of silence as a subtle nudge begging the question...

"What do I do about this...?" With "this" of course being any imaginable situation of day-to-day living that comes under the heading of having a life.

To have and to hold. To love. To laugh. To bring forth joy. To create anew.

To endeavor. To envision, aspire and celebrate.

Is there some grander purpose to life?

"If/Then" is a mathematical (computer programming) concept which simply means that "if" a specific thing happens, "then" a specific thing will happen next. This "programmed action" is simply written into the code.

Psychology deals with if/then's too... "if" you comprehend certain things to be true, "then" you are sane. Yet still, each clinical diagnosis is prognosticated fundamentally upon a codified index of concluded facts, each of which stems from a compounding train of prior conclusions.

Well, what if the first conclusion was off-base...?

What would we do about that?

How, pray tell, would we even be able to recognize it, having been so deeply ingrained with the misperception as fact?

Even religion imbues itself with if/then ramifications... "if" you believe certain things to be true, "then" you are a consecrated member in good standing of (fill in the name of any religion -- including atheism -- here).

But what if we, being any and all of us who sincerely care to -- deliberated and concluded amongst ourselves to simply delete all these "Bang" and "Shock" consequences from every "if/then" conclusion...???

What if we said to ourselves, "Hey, I'm not a computer program...!!! I'm a living, breathing, vital, intelligent, gifted and magnificent human being, and I -- as do all people -- deserve to thrive!!!"

What would happen if we acted like we meant it...?

What would happen if we simply started behaving exactly that way?

Would the gates of heaven open and The Rapture be immediately forthcoming...??

I dunno. Could be. But likely, I expect not.

There would be no fireworks. No "Big Bang." No "campaign of shock and awe."

Although the sky might seem brightly bluer.

Yet a kernel of change would be planted. Seeded deeply in our heart. Quietly, silently, serenely beginning to grow.

Rooting down into our soul. Branching skyward to the heavens. Soaring our destiny, collectively and as individuals, to experience ever more vibrant and blissful dimensions of time and space.

Then, what would happen...???

What would we do about that...???

Every moment of life is a final decision. The "record" is official and permanent. There is no getting it back. Thus I propose that we all live like it is both our duty and our privilege to immediately and foreverafter wage a campaign of thoughtfulness, respect, and peace because the whole of creation hinges upon us living that way.

As always, I'm wishing all of us a life worth living, filled with all those things we prefer, desire, wholeheartedly celebrate and richly deserve to enjoy.

Christine Weiss

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Merl Eoff, City of Clinton
Recorder/Treasurer Clerk

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