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My buddy Justin Bonds at HyperTech has recently reactivated Gozarks forum/message board and to all you groupie folks who've been shopping around at various virtual meeting spaces, be advised that there is NO COST for anyone (who meets with my approval) to have their very own forum with their very own moderator here at Gozarks.

Do note, however, that Gozarks does not host "private" forums of any nature. Everything posted must be accessible to the
general public... However folks who want to post must register (which is really quick and easy -- and we do NOT "harvest" personal data) and members who violate whatever the standards are (that are set by each individual forum moderator) may be deleted and banned by the forum administrator.

Other features of this forum include an emailing list utility -- so that the forum moderator may send "group" email to a targeted list of forum members. There is also a simple way to post a "poll question" on any topic and there are other forum management utilities that I've just not yet taken the time to check out.

To explore this excellent group communication option, just go to www.gozarks.com/forum and dig in. Do note, as previously stated, that this "meeting space" has just recently been reactivated after an extended hiatus and thus most
of the posts now on it date back to late-2003. Anyway...

If you decide you would like to have your own special forum on Gozarks collective message board, send me a note!!! editor@gozarks.com

Consider the gift of a book...Especially one that provokes new ideas about the cosmic mysteries of life. Lord knows (see: This 'n' that..., below) we could all sure use a few.... Order here through Amazon and we at  Gozarks (aka: my kids and me) actually earn a few cents...!!!! Thanks!!!

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This 'n' that...
First, of those of you following hemp and med-mj issues and the War on Drugs, have a look here for a an update...

Second, it's story time. Earlier today, when I was updating some stuff on a client's website, I had the thought to find some kind of an illustrative  photo to post with a particular article. As the point of the article is "Hey, look who's sending your kids to war...." I thought it might be appropriate to post a war photo. So...

I went to google and searched for "photo iraq war" and the first photo that came up (posted below) was brutal... horrific most especially to a mother's heart -- I was overcome with anguish.

As I struggled to regain my journalist's sense of objectivity, pondering whether this might be too potent an image to post, it seemed that more correctly it is exactly right in context of "telling the story" that (imho) must be told. The story we all must see and hear.

So I emailed my client, asking his opinion and permission to post the photo to his site. He emailed me back, and I quote, "The photo is truly awful. No doubt, it captures the horror. You go ahead and post it. People should know what war really looks like. That could be their little child."

So now, before you look closely at the photo below, steel yourself for a gut-wrenching shock. Then take a look here (at the article that started this thread of thought) and for all our sakes resolve to do something proactive about it.

Then as I was sorting through my Inbox, I got another email from the guy who had passed along the "military service record of various political leaders" published at the link referenced above. His email name is "Anon." His given name is Tom and he is the husband of my friend, Sandie.

They own a boutique specializing in hempen products in Norfork (about 40 miles from where I live, to the north). The shop is called For Mother Earth. He is a Vietnam Vet. The email he sent that I reference contained only this one link to GiveMeTheMasterKey.com along with his endorsement to get involved with this particular project.

If you're on dial-up, I forewarn you that it will take a few minutes for this Master Key flash movie to load, however the content of it is quite an incredible juxtaposition to the image above and, for me at least, provided a thin lifeline of hope which enabled me to pull myself back from the abysmal pit that the above photo had tumulted my sensibilities into...

FYI: Calling for an end to the War in Iraq is simply not enough. We must come together and stand together for an end to ALL war. And as a step of doing this, I agree with my client (referenced above), that it is time to take drastic action to end -- once and for all -- the insanity of venture capitalism.

Christine Weiss [read my blog]

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Photo: Exterior of the Van Buren County Child Care Center building.

Drug Policy Education Group, Inc.

Alliance for Reform
of Drug Policy
in Arkansas

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