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Once again we see our brilliant leaders pissing away (Fairfield Bay Community Club property owners') dues money brilliantly. After the so called drug epidemic is on the wane, these yo-yo's actually spend ten grand on a mutt to sniff out roaches in the ashtrays of our elderly residents.

And doesn't officer Phillip look tough and no nonsense. Just aching to kick in a door or beat some old woman into submission for having two many psudofeds in her purse. This is what the cognoscenti call a big fat waste of f*cking money. Was this a Gery Leason idea? ~mike kelley

Red Barn...
Ain't Arkansas a splendiferous state...

"Red Barn" in Cove, Arkansas

beatification, part 2...
If you didn't read my previous entry on 'beatification,' you might wanna start here and then scroll back, because the gist of what I'm about to say addresses the "how to" of doing that.

For starters, on Saturday night (February 19), there is this little hootenanny happening at the White Water Tavern, 7th and Thayer Streets in Little Rock, for a stellar performance of the Amy Garland Band. Amy is lead singer and also plays acoustic/rhythm guitar. Her husband Bart Angel is on drums, Mike Nelson on bass and Nick Devlin (a WIZARD!!) on lead & pedal or lap steel guitar, and they all lend in on vocals. They are DEFINITELY country-fied, in the good, non-Nashville way, but also play some bluesy folk-type ballads all great for LOTS of dancing.

In terms of beatification, this happening offers a triple dip. For one, just the joy of being out in the community, among friends, listening to some marvelous musicians play vibrant tunes with a local aura, well that's gotta count for some kind of grace.

On top of that, however, Amy and her group are among the headliners featured at this year's ArcheyFest (June 25 in Clinton), so you'll be getting a preview of the fantastic program lined up for that upcoming (beatification) event, thus enabling you to start looking forward to some summertime (beatification) plans!!!

The third magical ingredient of the evening is that those who care to share the celebration shall have the distinguished pleasure of hobnobbing with some of Gozarks celebrated chums...!!!

Heading this list are Larry Williams of Bee Branch and radio celeb of KABF fame along with his darling bride Carolyn. Also rumored to be attending are a couple of City of Clinton dignitaries whom we've heard are pretty good at letting their hair down <grin>. But at the top of our Great Gozarkians list is a lady (and I use that term in its most correct fashion) by the name of Carol Corning who happens to be the executive director of the Main Street Clinton program, and if you have a hankerin' to start-up a few community beatification events of your own, Carol is definitely a person you want to meet. 

Then Sunday evening, a special showing of "The End of Suburbia" will be held at The Courtyard at Mountebanq Place,
1107 Oak Street, downtown Conway. Though this event is of a whole different tenor than Saturday night's gathering, the educational "community planning" benefit it offers definitely comes with a civic beatification attitude.

Ostensibly, "The End of Suburbia" is an examination of the potential effects of the oil supply depletion on "real life" communities. And the facts of "public opinion" (as gathered by this reporter) are that Conway and other small to midlin' communities in the Ozarks region are right now in "major  development" mode with seemingly NO ONE thinking about the redundantly-proven "negative" effects of clear-cut building, never mind infrastructure demands like public transportation.

The meet-and-greet event starts at 5:30pm, with the movie followed by Conway Mayor Townsell's "Vision for Conway" and a panel discussion about transportation and urban planning, featuring some experts from UA. Maryalice Hurst, owner of That Bookstore, will be moderating.

So now, go forth and get busy with....

For those of us who grew-up with some semblance of Judeo-Christian learning, the word beatification has almost exclusively been associated with pronouncements of sainthood and/or in divine association with prophets, sages, enlightenment, seekers of wisdom and/or in reverence to Jesus Christ.

This morning I was proofing and tweaking some copy I'd written for a client last night, describing the "features, advantages, and benefits" of their organization. In one of the lines of text I came upon the phrase: Focus on community beatification...

Well at first, my mind clicked on "typo" and my fingers started clicking keys to correct the error. But then, on a whim really, I decided to go and look the word up. I mean, I was pretty certain that I knew what it meant, but still I wanted to confirm. What I discovered, however, came as an interesting surprise.

I learned that the primary definition of the word beatification has no religious/spiritual connotation whatsoever. Mainly, beatification means simply a "state of supreme happiness" and "well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy."

As I though about this, I realized that I have achieved this measure of gratification with my work; as a homemaker, as a journalist, as a marketing professional, as a graphic designer, as a business owner, and even to some degree as a civic activist.

I have celebrated this bliss in family relationships; as a mom, as a daughter, as a parent who has essentially given my life over to seeding, cultivating and nurturing the enjoyment of beatification (I really like that word) in, of, by and for my children.

And I have enjoyed the sweet flavor of this precious gift, bestowed upon me for no reason that I can ever imagine myself being worthy of, as the humble beneficiary of enduring friends and loyal clients.

Considering this, I thought long and hard about my apparent typo, and what I decided was that maybe it wasn't an error at all. Maybe it was a Freudian slip of the virtual tongue. Because maybe, I decided, just maybe... 'community beatification' is what we all should be focusing on.

I mean really, it just seems like such a finer occupation than...

A Duty To Win:
The propaganda of war.

Feb. 11, 2005: More about fakery in propaganda journalism.

Gozarks readers are advised that, as reported in the ADG today (Feb. 5, 2005), the US Govt. (in addition to their usual diet of lies, deceit and non-accountability) would seem to be in the business of FAKE web pages with "news articles" from "journalists" on the Pentagon's propaganda payroll.

The news account (see clip) refers to the Balkan arena, but there are more sinister examples. Take a look in your Inbox.

One insidious type of roman a clef fakery comes disguised as an email from a legitimate military trooper or Chaplin, assuring us how all our soldiers "support the war" and asking all religious people to "pray for our troops to win" because "God wants democracy to win."

What can one say about a government that would stoop to such a low level of moral corruption?

Propagandizing pass-along emails usually start with a couple of tacked-on greetings, something like:

I received the following from my prayer list and am passing it along to you...
This prayer request comes from a friend and is extremely important. Please read through it and share it with your praying friends.
This message is from my friend's husband who is stationed in Iraq. I receive email like this everyday and this one really touched my heart. Some of you may know my friend and her husband. Please carefully read this and forward this email to all of your friends, business acquaintances and clergymen.

And then comes the message:

Subject: FW: Urgent prayer request from a chaplain in Iraq

This is an Urgent Prayer Request from Iraq! Please pass it on to anyone Who will pray...

Straightforward enough, but a bit further on comes the boilerplate routine:

Democracy will not be realized... freedom will not have an opportunity to ring... this is a political battle that needs spiritual intervention... if we do not pray then our enemy will prevail... David and his warriors were victorious because of God's intervention... we must overcome those who would stand in the way of freedom... God's intervention are needed to give democracy a chance...

What makes this propaganda?

Good propaganda is exquisitely crafted to discretely bury a “silent (moral) majority” opinion in "good Christian" trappings. Sometimes embedded with scriptural quotes wrapped in (apparently) humble homespun words, the real message is communicated below the threshold of casual perception, precisely written in between emotionally potent lines.

In most instances, however, the (very real) person who dispatched the initial email was duped into endorsing these covertly divisive sentiments as his or her own. Encouraged (though never "ordered") by a superior who received a memo from a higher-up that got a directive which came (if we could trace it all the way back) from the propaganda teamwork of our very own (and highly covert) governmental underground.

Still, Like Hillary's allusions to right wing conspiracies, none of this can or will ever be proven. The  incendiary (tax-funded) marketing machine of social engineering has reached such Orwellian proportions that the prisoners of the mechanism think they are the keepers of the cage. Yet two things alert the reader to the propaganda poison of such a pass-along:

First, take a close look at how words are written and be on guard for prose lacking type-o's, without misspellings, perfectly punctuated with "Madison Avenue" flair.

Second, the conclusive giveaway comes when the author beseeches that "God is on our side" while insisting it is somehow our "duty to win."

Anyway, I'm turning over a new leaf this year, wishing for each of us only and exactly what we have earned and deserve, and hoping this proves to be something we richly enjoy.

Christine Weiss

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