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For those of you not "in the know," Nightflying Magazine is the entertainment publication in Arkansas. Loaded with news about concerts, clubs, music festivals and musicians, publisher Peter Read (caricatured at right) and his team put together a fantabulous array of feature stories, interviews, venue reviews and stacks of photos to create a celebration of, well, celebrations...!!!

In fact since 1980, Nightflying Magazine with Peter at the controls, keeps soaring along as  Arkansas’ ONLY statewide publication devoted entirely to the music-lover scene.

Another thing you may not know, in May of 2003 Peter suffered an aneurysm and, several days later, an ensuing stroke. Big time heavy duty stuff. Thankfully, he recovered from this life-quaking experience. However, like many of us self-employed entrepreneurial folks he ended up with a mountain of medical bills totaling up to a whopping quarter of a million dollars...!!!

In October that year, professionals representing every aspect of the state’s music business joined forces to offset Peter's health care expenses with a benefit concert at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock. The event was a huge success, featuring 13 bands on 2 stages, a silent auction, commemorative T-shirts and a fundraiser CD titled "Peterpalooza."

So now here we are a couple of years later and, though the owing $250,000 has been diminished, Peter still has one hell of a debt to pay. Thus I'm encouraging all of you Great Gozarkians to  purchase a T-shirt or CD to help make Peter's medical bills go completely away. Maybe think "Christmas in July" and buy a few. They make wonderfully unique gifts for both enemies <wink> and friends <grin>....

Local Celeb....
Kristen Hansen, 16 year old daughter of Bruce and Shannon Deckard of Clinton and Robby and Cindy Hansen of El Dorado, was recently crowned 2005 Miss Clinton.  Kristen is the grand-daughter of Ford Ward and the great grand-daughter of Travis Ward and the late Mabel Ward, all of Hope. She is also the granddaughter of Beth Barnhardt and great granddaughter of Louise Sanders and the late Radie Sanders, all of Norphlet. Kristen will be a junior at Clinton High School, where she is a member of the Jackettes Dance Team, Fastpitch Softball Team and Tennis Team.  She is involved in FFA and is a gold card holder.... Congrats Kristen!!!!

Makes me wonder…
Researched and written collaboratively by Michael C. Kelley and Christine L. Weiss
Michael Kelley, editor/publisher ArmchairHoodlum.comSPECIAL REPORT: Back in February, the editor/publisher of ACH, Michael C. Kelley (pictured at right), came to us at Gozarks with a laptop computer tendered to him by a client in resolution of a debt. He asked if we could check it for encrypted files or other evidence of its allegedly prior military ownership.

In the hands of our highly trained technical staff it soon became evident that, yes, there were some files that certainly seemed to be encrypted and also there was a rather remarkable animated graphic presentation depicting two sci-fi prototype vehicles that looked like they belonged on Mars.

One, a tank-like contraption called the V-Works Magnasuper, had 20” bulletproof wheels, a reinforced Kevlar body, infrared stalker surveillance and an “attack mines” launch system. The other, a “rapid launch” helicopter type aircraft identified as Dragonwing, boasted of 30mm front-mounted armaments and a “Double B.A.T.S. Bay” (whatever that is).

Interestingly, the engines driving these beasts, apparently the dream-child of NISSAN, were Turbine Matrix Fission Hybrid (aka: “nuclear”). Also interestingly, the government, according to its own reports, after starting development of a nuclear-powered rocket engine in the 1960’s, supposedly terminated all work on developing nuclear technology for space in 1973, an edict that was reaffirmed by Congress when the infamous "Star Wars" technology was voted down some time ago.

Being apprised of the possibly classified nature of the data on the laptop, Mr. Kelley did the “right thing” and shipped the computer to the Pentagon, and I know he did this because I witnessed it. He included a note explaining the circumstances under which he had come into possession of the laptop. After all, this stuff seemed somewhat significant and although the security of the data had previously been compromised, it seemed most proper and appropriate to turn the unit over to the authorities.

To date (June 29, 2005), Mr. Kelley has had NO response from anyone at the Pentagon (or any other branch of the government) regarding the surrender of this laptop. Not even a simple “thank you.” Nor has he been reimbursed his expense for recovering and turning-in apparently pilfered U.S. Government property (counting postage and the value of the debt, this amount approaches $200), but I digress.

On March 13, 2005, after a lengthy absence of governmental commentary on the "nuke-tech in space" subject (and within two weeks after the Pentagon would have been in receipt of the noted laptop), the NASA Center for AeroSpace Information (CASI) issued a news release elaborating on how nuclear technology is “an important enabler of the new national Vision for Space Exploration” and the “ability to rapidly and efficiently develop optimized concepts for the manifold future space missions…”

Now if you care to spend a few hours researching this subject online, you will discover that this promulgated avoid-speak (akin to “preemptive retaliatory response” in lieu of “unprovoked first strike” and “collateral damage” as a substitute for “dead women and children”) translates to “we’ve gotta be ready to nuke those bastard aliens in outer space if/when they pull a sneak attack.” Hold that thought.

Just a two days ago (June 27, 2005) an odd report titled “Nuke-lab rockets to reach for stars,” made the front page of the Business section of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. It seemed out of context somehow, authored by Anne Miller of the Albany Times Union, of Albany, NY, and not being credited to a wire service source like AP.

Ever more interestingly, the article details how NASA has now joined with the National Nuclear Security Administration in contracting with Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory – a secretive facility in Niskayuna, NY, that designs and tests nuclear-powered engine systems for Naval submarines -- to study nuclear-powered applications for energy production for a moon base and space exploration, using nuclear reactors to produce thrust and electricity for a human-crewed mission to the Moon and Mars possibly as soon as 2011.

Miller's report also notes that the release of this information by NASA et al "dribbled a few rare details" about "changed priorities" that have been ongoing "over the past few weeks" under the program's "new chief" who, again oddly, is not identified.

In light of all this, doesn’t it kinda make you wonder… If the aforementioned laptop had not been recovered and the compromised data therein posted for public perusal by ACH back in February, would NASA ever have fessed up to its (secretive) plans to set up (military) bases in outer space using (forbidden) nuclear technology?

And before you scoff, let me reiterate: To date, Mr. Kelley has not heard word one from any agency governmental regarding his surrender of the laptop… yet if our illustrious officials deemed the unit and data therein to be useless, you would think that at the very least they would send it back…

Doesn’t it make you wonder…???

Wishing for each of us only and exactly what we have earned and deserve, and hoping this proves to be something we richly enjoy.

Christine Weiss

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Photo: Exterior of the Van Buren County Child Care Center building.

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