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March 29

I am so glad I remembered this. I thought of it before, after chatting with a friend, in the epiphany of a reflective moment (or perhaps just a 3rd cup of coffee buzz) and intended then to come write it here but was interrupted (several times over, by children, by clients, and by other friends) and now, the idea having flown completely from my head, I was off to do a bit of graphic work for Holley Mountain (yes, Jim, I really, really, really am going to add that button on the left real soon...) but then suddenly I remembered what I'd wanted to journal here, and it is this...

That masculine energy "resonates" and feminine energy "reflects."

Interestingly, this thought seemed to answer a lot of (neo-cosmic) questions for me.

March 27 -- Easter Sunday

For all keepers of the faith, there is only this to do: Be patient and wait. Keep the commandments, abiding love as the overseer of every action. Surrender wholeheartedly to the Spirit of Truth and, as the old mountain hymn instructs, Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life.

March 24 -- God bless you, Terri Schiavo.

I cannot imagine what life is like for you, dear woman. Doubtless, no one can. And that is the problem, isn't it? That we -- for all of our technological wonderment -- seem to be so inept at intuiting the wishes of another; blind, it would sometimes seem, to the rainbows of love and compassion that flood our lives with meaning and purpose when we submit our will to the earnest activity of doing "what somebody else wants..."

Would but that you could tell us, Terri. And even then, knowing, would we do what you asked? I wonder. Reality is stacked against it, obviously, but then who besides you to better know that.

I cannot imagine what life is like for you partly because I did not know you personally. All I know of you is what I have read and gleaned from sound-bites on the evening news. Still what I do know of you makes me ponder the more personal side of the question: What would I want had I suffered such a fate...???

And again, of course, there is no way to know this. We can think what we'll think, and believe what we'll believe about how or what we could or would do if faced with circumstances such as Terri's. But still I wonder and I bet that many (if not most) who are reading this have wondered this, too.

For myself, if I force myself to pretend that I am a healthy intellectual and emotional being (a pretext some folks would challenge as a delusional stretch, but I digress) constrained to a relatively fixed position, fundamentally unable to communicate with the others around me, incapable to feed or otherwise care for myself... I feel my heart crunch with longing to be freed from the dependency of others upon me to remain alive.

I hear myself praying for them to "let me go...." and stop prolonging the mechanically induced torture of my physical life. But of course, I do not know that this is how I would think or feel because I am NOT constrained in my physical movements and therefore it is, essentially, impossible for me to have any genuine idea as to what a life like Terri's is all about.

Still I cannot believe it is something I would want, nor is it something I think any of us would choose. Which brings me back again to the whole idea of "doing unto others as we would have it done unto self..."

Like I said, if we knew for a fact what Terri wanted, would we have the guts to do what she might ask...???

Anyway, God bless you Terri. May your will be done.

March 22 -- A few words from my eldest daughter:

I would like to know if any one else can see what I see?

I am a little confused some days, a little angry some days, and others days very happy. But part of the problem is that the days that I am happy are the days I don’t leave my home.

I want to know, why everyone is so into them selves? Why are people so selfish? What happened to common courtesy and manners? What happened to “treat people the way you would like to be treated”?

Is it human nature to be disrespectful, or to disrupt someone's life these days?

I have pondered over this “problem” for a while now. When I got upset at situations I thought for a while that maybe it’s me that has the “problem,” maybe it’s me that needs to change.

I have lots of examples. Every time I leave the house I encounter a selfish, stupid person. By the way when I say “stupid” I don’t mean ignorant. I know the difference. If I thought these people were ignorant I think I could understand and more easily tolerate their rank behavior. But they are not blissfully ignorant, they are stupid. They know what they are doing and they don’t care.

I started schooling for a career in Criminal Justice back in Jan. of 2005. The first day of school both of my teachers went through a syllabus, (a kind of schedule for the class through the term). One thing that is printed on each syllabus for both classes, “lateness will affect your overall grade.”

Since then in both classes, every time class is held, at least 5 (five), yes 5 or more students are late.

One day at the end of my criminal justice class, the teacher even mentioned something about it. He said, “There were more students late than came on time” (and there are at least 35 students in this class). He has also said “If you can’t keep your head off your desk, then you need to stay home and get more sleep, don’t come to my class and lay your head down on your desk.”

I don’t understand why students behave like this. It is stupidity and rudeness, pure and simple.

Like when I was waiting to pull out of a gas station parking lot, located on the southwest corner of a very busy intersection. 163rd Street is a six lane with a median in-between; there are three lanes on each side of the median. This street travels east/west. 8th Ave. is a three lane, one lane for north, one lane for south, and a left turn lane at the light.

My plan was to turn left pulling out of the gas station onto 8th then go through the light and proceed north. Well, as usual there were a lot of cars already stopped at the 8th Ave. light and I could not pull out right away. I knew, just from looking at reality, that I would have to wait until the light turned green. Then I could go after the all the cars already waiting for the light moved.

This was fine, I knew I couldn’t go anywhere until then. Mind you I had been waiting there for two or three minutes when I noticed a mini-van pull up behind me. Well after about 20 sec. I hear a horn. (20 SECONDS!!!!)

So I roll down my window and ask him “Where do you want me to go?” He yells, “Just go!” So I kindly yelled back (without any profanity), “I am going north on 8th Ave., do you want me to ram them, and push them out of the way?” He grunted and rolled his window back up. The light turned green and I went on my way.

This next example is of disrespect. It’s a situation I observe a lot, and I saw it yesterday. I was waiting in line at a Walgreen’s to pay for my stuff; a child was climbing on a cashier's counter that was closed at the time. But that’s not what I am concerned about; (the child does not know better, until he is taught) the “FATHER” was standing in line watching him. When he said something to the child, the child showed aggression and acted like he was going to damage the plastic bag holder. The father said some thing else to him, and the child proceeded to scream and hit the bag holder again.

Then the “FATHER” screamed at the child, and grabbed him off the counter. The child continued to scream only loader, so did the father. That’s not respecting the child that is bullying the child.

How can parents expect their children to respect other people when they don’t even respect their own children? I know someone is thinking “Do you have children?” And my answer is no. But I do have younger brothers and sisters and I also have some things called “an upbringing” and “common sense” – so I know, you don’t teach kids by being a bully to them.

And these are just a couple of examples of stuff that happens almost every time I leave the house. That’s why I want to know if anyone else has seen this blatant and crass proliferation of selfish rudeness?

I also know what some of you are thinking, “You see what you want.” Well, I think this is true too. Because I see some nice and kind people also, and I know how I treat others. But what I’m talking about are these unprovoked, obtuse and cruel attacks.

I know some thing else you might be thinking. “There are bigger problems in this world.” Guess what? I agree with you. But think about this, I think almost every human problem in this world has to do with respecting one another. Treat others how you would like to be treated. That includes other countries; I think the WORLD would be a lot nicer place if everyone would take the time to respect and not disrespect.

Well I’ll shut up for now and let you think about what I have said. And if I am the only one that has seen this, then I guess it is me with the problem.

Very concerned,
World Citizen.

P.S. God bless this world.

Editor's Note: Amen, my darlin' daughter... Amen.

March 18 -- Email in response to a reader who wrote me in response to March 12:

Well you should never concern yourself about being candid and direct with me. Actually, that's the quality I value most in friendship. And I feel a kindredness with you, too, though I must say, knowing the regard held for you by the person who introduced us, that doesn't surprise me. That is, everyone I've encountered through him seems to be a kindred spirit somehow. Anyway...

Sounds like you have had an interesting matrimonial life, too. But I take it you're happy now, yes? So expectantly, things for me too will all work out. One way or another. And in all ways life is so very much (for me and the kids) better now than it has been in (more than) 10 years. We are happier. We communicate better. They are (finally) showing measurable respect for me -- which was the hugest part of the reason for the divorce, that their father (after the surgery) became blatantly and perpetually (yet covertly in the extreme) disrespectful of me. His life centered only and exclusively on him. And I waited, patiently, for years, expecting him to "get over it" and "get back to being the man I married" -- and it just never happened.

I remember saying to him at one point -- probably 3 or 4 years ago when it was slowly dawning on me that the way he was treating me sucked and that to save my own sanity something had to change -- "If I love you and you love you, where in the hell does that leave me?"

Still, this is all part of the past that I'm in the process of shit-canning. No point in carrying it around, I just wanna heave-ho and keep moving steadily along. Because this time -- right now -- is (supposed to be) the "good" part of my life, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let some selfish jerk ruin one moment of it for me... HA-HA and so there!!!

So now I must get on with work as I have a stack of it waiting. Business is good. As always, thanks for writing. :-)

March 14

Inertia & Impetus: "The tendency of a body in motion to stay in motion, the tendency of a body at rest to stay at rest; the force of energy associated with moving a body from motion to rest or rest to motion."

We are each the creative empowerment of these two forces of nature, but do we see ourselves that way?

Power unknown or under-appreciated is at best lost and at worst convoluted to disfavorably rebound against us.

March 12

Wish I knew the proper way to refer to the guy I used to be married to. I mean I really don't like bashing anyone, especially someone I professed to (and did in fact, and in many ways continue to) love. We were together for a long time, he and I. But this present scenario is such a precise example of why it is better for both of us to be doing our own thing.

When he does stuff that just to my mind isn't right; when his actions compound with (what seem to me to be) wanton self-absorption and utter disregard for his personal accountability to the well-being of the family he left behind, and when he does these things under the banner of fair play, catcalling me as the spoiler, in complete denial that he is in any way culpable to blame for the dissolution of the relationship we once had -- I want to scream profanity.

Thankfully, however, when he phoned this morning, I did not. Instead, I calmly and gently put him on notice that unless he and I come to a mutually agreed plan for his payment of the $5000+ due me in accord of our property settlement, I will be taking legal action to convert the decree to a judgment which will then be enforceable in the legal sense....

But shit... Why should I have to do that? I mean, how can he consider himself to be an honorable person and fail to see the immorality of his own actions? 

And I'm spelling this out here because I want to in some way make these facts a matter of public record since the reality is that though I endeavored at great length and very patiently to explain all of this to my ex-husband, and in spite of the fact that during our conversation he agreed that there is indeed money (above and beyond child support) due me from him, still he offered no plan or proposal for how this debt is to be resolved even though he knows that I am now paying off debts we mutually incurred that are the foundation of this claim.

Additionally, he disputed the dollar amount due me though it is a documented matter of record, and he flatly rejected the terms I had proposed for resolution, ie: pay the amount in full or pay it off monthly over the course of one year.

On top of all this, he was emphatic to tell me that he had been told by legal council that he was under no obligation to pay me a dime beyond child support, and that until told in some official capacity that he must do otherwise, that was his plan.

I mean geeze, gimmie a break... are there any good hearted legal eagles who would like to pro bono a bit? Because really, how many times does a working-girl-slash-single-mom have to pay to get what she is already due...???

Anyway, I am now headed to prepare dinner to share with friends. We're having baked pasta (with homemade sauce), some sort of a salad and garlic bread. Care to join us?

March 8

Item #1 -- New photos posted to

Item #2 -- Sheila Watt-Cloutier serves as chair of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference which represents some 155,000 Inuit in Canada, The USA, Russia and Greenland.

Hello Sheila:

First, please allow me to say that we sympathize with your plight. The wide spread changes resultant from fossil fuels, etc, are having far reaching effects on all of us, making us essentially our own worst enemies -- as I'm certain you would agree.

May I ask what in particular is occurring in your environment that is threatening the your traditional way of life as a result of global warming..? Do you consider your people's way of life to be doomed? Do you see yourself as future environmental refugees?

Also, do you see that the energy consumption habits adopted by your people have in any way added to this global problem?

And finally, what do you see as a solution to this problem?

We are devastated by the reality of this phenomenon and are working here in Arkansas to develop policies that address energy sustainability and self-sufficiency. Presently, we are working for the enactment of re-cycling legislation, beginning with a bill to mandate the recycling of beverage containers through a refundable deposit system.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject and will carry your response to our legislators and fellow Arkansans.

Thanks for all you do...

Ruth Reynolds (870) 257-4596
Christine Weiss (501) 723-4322

March 7 - Guest Editorial

Throw off those chains! What makes me hot under the collar is that we do not have an American Universal Health Plan for citizens of this country. Equal health care.... [read more]

March 6 - notes to friends...

So... how was truckin'? Bet the two of you had a great time. Stuff like that really "freshens one's memories" <ha-ha>!!! Anyway, if you get a chance will you please pass the word that G&P arrived yesterday, around noontime and got settled-in. Josh and his friend went over to help them unpack and probably we will all visit later today, after they come home from church.
I hear that y'all are coming for a visit in May...!!! Yea!!!! I'll be looking forward to it, as I am to your kin's arrival in the near future. Nudge them, if you can, to get their act together and hustle their can. We're all looking forward to a campfire bar-b-q!!! Anyway...

I have worked very hard for a very long time to change social policy on a lot of things, with mj being merely one of the multitude... because pretty much, as far as I'm concerned, the whole system is screwed up...!!!
The last couple of years however it has sort of slowly dawned on me that the activism tactics I have been using (ie: volunteering time with civic groups, stumping for political candidates, "fighting the good fight" and "working diligently for the cause") just ain't working. Thus I have of late been taking a new approach. I call this the "if you can't beat 'em, infiltrate 'em" action plan <ha-ha>!!!
Seriously though, it seems self-evident to me "who" is in power today... "commercial enterprise." I mean, Sweet Christ! $750 for 31 capsules of synthetic THC for a dieing man... un-f*cking-believable. In and of itself, just that tells you who is in control and, more importantly, what their "family values" really are.
And though there may not be anything that I can do at the multi-national level of this playing field, I can apply this principle to "being the difference" (I wish to see in the world) in my own hometown by being a "commercial success" (and thus infiltrating the marketplace with family-spirited values). Which is (selfishly and at base line, because I want a "better world" for me!!!) a primary impetus of my "Holy Ghost Building" plan.

What you'll see when you visit that (work-in-progress) website is a conceptual outline, subject to what I expect will be an ongoing evolution of ideas that will ultimately arrive at something that resembles what is sketched-out, but has taken on a uniquely synergistic identity of its own.

For example, as I've discussed the proposal with various folks one rather interesting idea has emerged, being that perhaps we should think about developing this as our very own "old folks home" -- kind of like a condominium approach, with each bungalow privately owned and the entire facility owned by the bungalow owners, thus giving us (the stake holders) more control over the quality of our own environment, appointing things as we like, creating a special place to share the riches of our own "extended family" as we explore our "golden years" -- independently yet collaboratively, together <grin>.

And of course we could (and probably would?) still do the dinner theatre, juice & deli bar, Internet cafe, gift shop -- as these seem to be the kinds of things that we (being the folks I have discussed this with so far) are all interested in doing. With the Internet cafe, for example, everyone I've shared this co-op idea with finds that element marvelously intriguing as it would give them personal access to (professionally maintained) computer systems without the hassles of having one of the beasts on desk in their bedroom.
And if we (aka: the stake holders) didn't what to hands-on operate these on-site service businesses ourselves, the floor space could be leased, including (perhaps) a couple of commercial office suites (ie: including one for Gozarks!!!) and all of this together would be the source of income for paying the general overhead and maintenance of the building and grounds, thus we -- the stake holders -- would all essentially be "living free" yet "earning our keep" by investment of our collaborative (administrative & creative) energies.

(NOTE: I think we oughta have a "hot tub garden" basement.... <grin>)


And of course there would be headaches to this.... but there are headaches to everything <ha-ha> (though not so funny...). It just seems to me, however, that no matter what we choose to do (about this or anything else), since we know that no matter what we do there are going to be a few headaches, that we are better off to accord our goals with the most altruistic, egalitarian, and loving ideals, and refuse to pander to objectives that cater to anything else.
Anyway... onward and upward and (((hugs))) to all...
PS -- A PERSONAL OPINION -- if you want an Orwellian look at what America could become under a perpetuation of present neo-conservative administrative policy, take look at Dr. Bob Jones Institute -- be advised, however, that this site is not for the faint of heart and that some people find it most disturbing.

March 5

"Holy Ghost Building" -- (ie: "What I did today.) Whadaya think?

March 4 -- Three emails:

To a Gozarks reader: No need to thank me, really. I love "showing off" the talents of friends and neighbors. I also understand about "hiding out." I have many (many) local friends (some of whom are also clients) who see things quite differently than you and I do, and because I have never mustered the strength to keep my opinions to myself I have, in many ways, been ostracized.

In other ways though, as alone as this has left me at times, it is
remarkably freeing and there is a comfort in it. That is, I have learned absolutely who my true friends are and, more specifically, what true friendship is.

You are right though, it is hard to stay sane in a paranoid world. The culture of fear, hate and distrust that permeates the mainstream (from both sides of the fence) is like a vile sludge that sucks the promise from life, tainting our thoughts -- seemingly against our own will -- with doubts, despair and worry. Still as the saying goes, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, and this is a battle that can only be won alone.

Of course, having companionship as we mosey along that path is essential. At least it is to me. Sharing space, time and energy with like-minded others is, as I see it, what makes life worth living and I don't think that I am that different from anyone else, which is part of the reason I started my Gozarks ezine 5 years ago. I wanted a forum/publication where people of like mind could discover that there are many of us (over 500 readers a day), and that we could thus claim and establish a sort of "sacred ground" to meet and greet each other and, at the same time, introduce "our" thoughts and ideals to others around the world.

As to people's ages, they've never mattered much to me. Both of the men I married (and then divorced) were 10-years my seniors. My dearest friends now range in age from 11 to "older than dirt" <ha>!!! And I've always been "out of step" with EVERY generation <double-ha>!!!

Must be why I feel such an affinity for folks like you and all of Gozarks readers... <grin>!!!

So, I gotta get on with my work. Hope you have a nice day. The sun is out and shining brightly here...!!!

To a fellow civic activist: Hey... I just wanted you to know that I am NOT ignoring your questions and I am finding the time to respond more in-depth. The quick answer, however, is yes to all... and as a long-time civic/social activist who is also a professional media/marketing person I am absolutely convinced (as it seems to me are you) that the key to win/win/winning the policy-change success we seek is in our own "promotional" hands. And, that there is both a science and an art to this... at which (I humbly assert) I am an authority.

In this regard, I welcome the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with you and will respond more liberally <snicker-grin> when I get my current task-list tended -- which, realistically speaking, will probably not be until the first part of next week.

In the interim, if you have questions or particular interests you see as most critical at this moment in time, please feel free to send these thoughts along so that I may factor them into my forthcoming response and make it more topical to your specific needs.

My one question to you, under your "health care" topic, what is your position on MedMJ and/or the decriminalization of simple possession and/or private and personal use or cultivation of the herb?

Anyway, more to come. And thanks for asking!!!!

To a group of civic activists: Hey everyone... I have read and reflected on all the comments shared regarding the board's organizational retreat, prospects for a decrim-bill and/or med-mj reform, lobbying, congresscritters, and the various implications of the present situation. In light of all this, I must first say that I agree wholeheartedly, that the best thing to do right now is to "take a breath and step back."

I also totally agree that "the process" (we have been using) is the problem. The Process we have been using is what has been thwarting our efforts. And, we are free to change the process WE use any way we want.

Under this heading, I totally, absolutely and emphatically agree that we MUST "take a breath and step back," reflect on lessons
learned, establish a "big picture" of "where we want to be 5 years from now" and then strategize "backwards" from that point to discover the progressive steps which seem most likely to accomplish that goal.

I also affirm that we must stop living, as was so eloquently said, the bureaucratic creed that "if x fails, then we'll do (more, and more, and more) of x." Which essentially means that if we've done it before (ie: lobbying, petition drives, canvassing, etc., etc., and so on), and it has failed to achieve our objectives and goals, then we have (as Edison would affirm) discovered yet another way to NOT invent a light bulb... and the next step is to think up
"something different" and do it, so we can see how that works.

As to meetings, this is a niggler with every group. All I can say about it is that for me, it is easier to uphold a commitment to do something when I know about it well in advance. Thus I would propose that some sort of routine meeting schedule be established or that at the very least the time and place of meetings (including virtual chats) be agreed to at least two
weeks in advance.

In addition, as agenda items for an upcoming meeting, I would like to see us respond to the points raised, re: having "a specific strategy in place" based on what we see as "the big picture of our work in Arkansas" with everyone's role in the implementation of it line-itemed out.

I also suggest that a top priority under this heading is, as has already been stated, the "need to get more people involved" and that "grassroots education" is the most cost-effective, compounding and dynamic means of doing this.

In light of these two key pieces of information, plus factoring in the fact that all organizations must, at base line, be economically viable unto their own means (or else they shall surely die), that perhaps we should think in terms of taking the coming year
and a half to put together a (hugely successful) "drug policy reform expo" for the autumn of 2006. Perhaps we could even hold it at the State Capitol...???

Perhaps we could fill every hotel in Little Rock...!!!!

Anyway, that is my thinking on the subject... and always remember, my advice along with $1 will get you a cup of coffee at any McDonald's, nationwide <ha-ha>!!! However, the application of my professional wisdom sold about $1million in products and services for my clients last year.... (Amen)

March 3
“You’ve been a river of give and an ocean of take.” ~Faith Hill, “What’s in it for me?”

Wow… does that hit home.

Ruminating shadows of the past, the mind searches for reason. Closure, completion, and meaning.

What if there is none?

What if love is all there is?

Magic floating in the air, sunlight dancing, thoughts on the breeze, the quiet lub-dub of a contented heart.

How is love supposed to be?

I was showered with love's precious glories yesterday. Handcrafted cards and my very own VHS machine started my day, gifts from my kids.

Warm-fuzzy birthday wishes lined my Inbox including this little ditty from a newly met friend of a friend. I had "Happy Birthday" sung to me on three separate occasions. But still I ask you, is this love?

Sure, it’s an expression of love. It’s a sign of caring. But is it love?

Too often, I think, we confuse the gift with the giving. They are not the same, you know. One is a “commodity.” A thing which can be bought and sold. The other is an “action."  A way of doing something that (hopefully) produces a (desirable) result.

Love is a means to an end wrapped up with warm emotions. The end that is unending. A dawn that fades to sunset, knowing it’s destiny is to awaken again, and again, and again.

Love… honest, genuine, and wise Forever. Eternally. Ad infinitum.

I have been both a failure and a success in doing this. Haven’t we all? But I have never been “an ocean of take…” At least not, it seems self-evident, by definition of the reflections of love that keep on immersing me.

“To feel the way I feel with your arms around me…” ~Faith Hill, “The Way You Love Me”

Love “reflects” in our eyes. We feel it (or the lack of it) in each other’s touch. Yet we are, I truly believe, blind, impervious and oblivious to it in ourselves. That is, it is impossible, really, to love ourselves; impossible to "see" the love within us absent our own action of giving love away and (hopefully) having that love reflected back.

Thus if we are not giving, we will never get.. which is why, it seems to me, so many people have (sadly) become “oceans of take.” Because THEY simply don't know how to give love away.

Love is only made manifest when we “let go” of everything, save courage, compassion, confidence, awareness and grace. And the giving of it, endlessly, sans the capacity to see the given essence within ourselves except when someone “reflects” it back to us so deeply and profoundly that we breathe it from the inside out, is the action of loving.

“Let’s make love, all night long, until all our strength is gone… Until the sun comes up, let’s make love.” ~Faith Hill / Tim McGraw, “Let’s Make Love”

Belief in the invisible. Confidence to hope, to ask, to take a quantum leap. “Love is a sweet thing… I can feel you breathe.”

PS: Just now I overheard my son Adam instructing his sister Shalom on the keyboard, saying to her… “This is the way Mike said to do it….” Isn’t it nice to have friends who inspire your children to do musical things?

March 2
"My whole day has been divvied up into 10 minute chunks. There's a plot to make sure I never get to deal with anything of substance." ~Director of White House Communications, "West Wing"

That sounds so reminiscent of my life sometimes that I had to laugh...!!!

In honor of my birthday (I'm 56 today), we went to Conway, out to dinner at Cici’s Pizza, to Hastings where I bought myself 3 (previously owned) CDs -- The soundtrack from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and two albums by Faith Hill -- to WalMart where I got some extra memory for the little video camera, and to Office Depot, for some floppy disks.

On the way home, I got stopped by a blue light special… Seems I was (obliviously) doing 60 in a 45. Thankfully, as it was my birthday and the officer was a gentleman, I didn’t get a ticket.

So now I’m watching West Wing, which I auto-recorded (while we were out to dinner) on my new VHS which the kids got for me, sipping some Frangelico, and starting this little journal.

And, as I noted last month, I've turned over a new leaf this year, wishing for each of us only and exactly what we have earned and deserve, and hoping this proves to be something we richly enjoy.

PS: Got our first child support check for a whopping $100… It’s a start. Total amount now due the children and I: $5201.67

Christine Weiss

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