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My neighbor learned in the barber shop at Clinton a couple of days ago, never eat a persimmon after or during the drinking of whisky. The thing about persimmons and whisky: The two combined apparently results in a gelatinous mass that can seal off the intestines. One of the barber's clients evidently didn't know about this (not surprising) and in the course of a hunting excursion he imbibed some whiskey and discovered a persimmon tree in the woods. A few days later he was in the hospital having an intestinal blockage surgically removed.

So now we that have heard about this we are just aching to find some persimmons so that we can put one in some whiskey and observe what happens. It just may be that you could get even with someone big time by serving them a toddy and a slice of some kind of persimmon bread or cake.

Anyway, this sounds like something that everybody ought to be warned against, somehow. The barber didn't say whether any kind of alcoholic beverage would do it, or whether it had to be whiskey.

P.S. I just learned that either "whisky" or "whiskey" is correct spelling. Never too old to learn.


[Editors Note: "wisky" is of course the correct Southern spelling -- gotta learn to swallow as many phonetics as possible while still uttering a quasi-intelligible word if you wanna speak Southernese. Thus, only a Northerner would use the "whiskey" spelling <grin>]

Happy Thanksgiving...

Ode to my bathroom...
I love my bathroom,
It is a joy to languish there, showering in my own indulgence.
Things like my shampoo stay exactly where I put them,
Nevermore to stray or be found empty though, when last I looked, were filled.
I love my bathroom,
Two doors twixt me and the outside world.
The toilet seat is always down, vacant except to snuggle my butt.
Foreverafter clean, shiny and inviting, with the toilet paper roll ever full.
I love my bathroom,
Spangled curtains and crystal parfumes make rainbows from the window.
Boutique cosmetics in a (cute!) basket sit pleasantly on a (tidy) shelf.
The towels are always fresh and dry, it's an amazing view.
And that is why, 
I love my bathroom... 
Hope you love your bathroom, too...

Almost Thanksgiving
Where does the time go??? Much is afoot here at the new homestead as you can see in the photo (below) of a social gathering amongst some of the future leaders of America (and the world)...!!! 

Among other special visitors to our new dwelling, this tiny treefrog somehow found his (or is that her?) way to the rubber tree plant in our atrium. 

On other (and definitely less appealing) fronts, this video (which takes a l-o-n-g time to download even on DSL) depicts a vantage point on the War in Iraq that is both disturbing and courageous. In addition, the music -- titled Furious Angels -- is compelling. Watch, listen, hear, see... and think. 

Also as we entertain the season dedicated to thankfulness, it is good to remember that the rebuilding in Louisiana and other hurricane ravaged areas goes on... and on... and on. In this light, an update from our Rainbow friends follows:

Subject : Rainbow Rescue Update and Wishlist
So now there are two Rainbow rescue camps happening. One in Waveland Mississippi and one in New Orleans. Here's a link to a collection of media articles on the efforts. And here's a simple thing you can do to help real people in the gulf coast! Just package up a small care box and ship it down. Also, tell all your friends...

Medical Stuff:
Nebulizers (and spare tubing-LOTS!)
ER thermometers

Winter gear!!!
Rain gear!
new underwear (in pkg)

Leathermen x2!
Longneck Lighters
Immersion Heaters
Pots and Pans and Utensils
Sleeping bags, tents, tarps, cots
Blankets, towels, clean rags
rope, duct tape, sharpies
55 gallon 3mil trash bags
surge protectors, 12 gauge extension cords
cyalume nightsticks

lemon pepper
ginger root
cinnamon sticks
any type of yummy sauce

Snacks & Foodstuffs:
Homemade cookies!!!
Granola bars
candy bars
pancake mix

For the Heart & Soul:
CDs and DVDs
Stamped envelopes
Yarn, Crochet-knitting needles
reading glasses

Please ship via Fed Ex or UPS (we don't have postal service):

New Waveland Cafe at Fred's
790 Hwy 90
Across Police Dept and Watertower
Waveland, MS 39576-2410


Welcome Home Cafe
PO Box 330
828 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70116-3199

In other news, watch for the return of Gozarks Forum soon -- and we're really excited about this! Until then, here's hoping that when your chickens come home to roost it's for a lovely dinner with friends.

Christine Weiss [read my blog]

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