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From time to time various websites come to my attention which seem to me to deserve extended consideration. For your contemplation, this time around, I offer four:


Corruption County is an Ozarks topical commentary on the politics of rural community life, offering diagnostic witticisms in the form of letters written by a fictional Auntie Cora "in order to let people hear the B.S. being thrown around by the politicians and law enforcement personnel... to prove just how corrupt it really is around here and how high up the ladder it goes." Note: the above link goes to the homepage of the website where this commentary is posted. You'll have to click the Corruption County link thereon to read Auntie Cora's candid remarks.


Ways To Increase Masspower, authored by Joost van Steenis, proposes that "masspeople withdraw from the political games that are played by leading people that never will try to make one world for all people." As Joost affirms, "That can only change when masspeople develop their own creative, individual and autonomous way of acting."

MAP OnAir lists scheduled events addressing national, state and local drug policy issues, such as public meetings, phone-in media discussions, and virtual networking on a variety of drug policy related topics.

Fuel Cell Summit -- being billed as "Two Conferences in One" -- engages manufacturing engineers and alternative energy proponents in an exploration of viable options for energy efficiency and self-sustainability. If you can't attend the conference but are engaged by the subject of clean, cost-effective, readily available, on-site produced electricity, visit

And about this above referenced website, I must express a personal opinion... which is not about the website actually, but addressed to the fuel cell products available thereon. This is to assert my civic-minded common sense outrage over the fact that all peoples everywhere do not have, right now, in the privacy of their own backyard, this type of energy generating device.

In support of this notion, I bring to your attention the fact that systems on the Space Shuttle have been fuel cell driven for decades. Thus the technology has been "workability tested" and proven effective in a most demanding circumstance.

I also assert that if the "powers that be" (aka: our federal, state, and local government officials) had even an ounce of foresight (with a mind to "proactive preventions" rather then "pre-emptive retaliations), our government agencies would have, for at least the last 10 years, been focused hell-bent-to-leather on the task of implementing this energy-generating technology "on site" at every level of social development (ie: private families to corporate structures) throughout our nation and around the world.

Consider, for a moment, what it would do for the quality of every human life to have such a source of power in the back yard of their own home, apartment building, office complex, hospital, police station, county courthouse, etc., etc., and so on.

Consider this in context of the change to our visual landscapes (no more "wires" criss-crossing the countryside), in context of the change to the types of work people do (no more jobs stringing the wires, reading the meters, billing the customers...), and in context of the new jobs created by such a transformation such as manufacturing & servicing technological components thereof, etc.

Now factor in that, had we begun this transformation one short decade ago and invested to it the same amount of tenacity and resource that we have, just since 9.11, invested in "fighting terrorism," we would be now (no matter Katrina) in the position of "energy self-sufficiency" nation wide. That is, there would be no "energy crisis." Nearly all new vehicles would be electric, and we would "fill'er up" (very economically) from the spigot in our own backyard.

Think about the difference this would make in world economy. Think about the boon such an advent would be to environmental health and planetary well being. Think about what this would do To Increase Masspower.

NOTE: Today's guiding principle for life (from "My Book of Me")...
Passionately consider and vigorously exercise compassion.
[Click on individual words above to confirm that you really do know what I really mean -- note: if you don't, you will fail to comprehend the subtle complexity of the thought and therefore not have nary a clue as to what I am totally talking about, to which I can only say (as I would lovingly chide every one of my magnificently unschooled children): Shame On YOU!!!]

PS: If you've not visited my blogsite yet, consider this your personal invitation to take a look. You can get there two ways, either by clicking on the (flashing) "Read My Blog" icon near the upper left corner of most any Gozarks page (which will take you to my profile page where you will find links to my most recent blog entries) or by clicking here to go directly to my blog.

So here's the scoop, this weekend, starting Friday evening (September 23) and continuing on through Saturday afternoon (September 24) our Great Gozarkian team will be onsite at the 7th annual Holleyfest aviators  community open house, being held at the summit of Holley Mountain on the grounds of world renown Holley Mountain Airpark.


We are proud to note that our hands-on involvement and participation with this auspicious annual event dabbles beyond the parameters of promotion into the networking realm of coordination and we take this significant opportunity to publicly thank on behalf of the entire Holley Mountain Airpark team, all those vendors, exhibitors, and aviation safety experts who invest their time, talent and skill in the production of this event for YOU...!!!

So... COME JOIN US!!! Sponsored by the Holley Mountain Property Owners Association, Holleyfest activities, including musical entertainment by the LOST CREEK BAND and camping Friday night, parking, event admission, pilot education programs, aviation exhibits & artisan vendor market, and the children's "popsicle stick drop" on Saturday are FREE and OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC!!! Onsite food services catered "cash-bar" style by KD Bar-B-Q begin with Friday dinner and continue through Saturday breakfast & lunch.

All in all, this is one of the finest family-style events we've ever attended... and we'd say that even if we didn't help put it together!!! Sincerely, we're looking forward to seeing you THERE...!!!

Three faces of Katrina...
No adjective or noun known to my (some would say "extensive") vocabulary serves to communicate the overwhelm we are all feeling about the Katrina tragedy. I feel pummeled by the news, reeling to grasp some semblance of understanding about all that has transpired during this past week.

Emails on the subject, many from sources I did not previously know to exist, have labored my Inbox... not that I'm complaining. Quite the contrary. I am complimented -- as a journalist and as a human being -- that such an outpouring of information has been trusted to my stewardship.

It is my job, if only by my own election to purpose, to deliver to Gozarks readers as accurate a picture as possible of what is going on in our shared world, most especially regarding events that hold some bearing on the quality of life here in our Ozark Mountain community. And the ramifications of Katrina, more I believe than any other singular event of American history since the War Between the States, shall have far reaching and humongous consequences for us all.

Rather than opinionate, however, I have culled from literally hundreds of emails the three that seem most successful to me in articulating perspectives most representative of all the emails I've received on the circumstances surrounding various Katrina-related events. For your consideration, I have posted these emails, verbatim as I received them, here: Three Faces of Katrina.

I trust that, all of us being thinking human beings, we are each capable to assimilate this information and reason our way through the implications for ourselves.

a little cheer....
After all the recent madness and sorrow from Katrina and Iraq, we need a little cheer. Thus the  background tune on this page is dedicated to all of us who are struggling through some of life's harshest realities and, for those of us who have a moment to think on such things, a little visit with this fellow Dave promises to be a goldmine of fun...

Special note to Gozarks readers: Dave Burgess and his website, referenced below, is not a book to be judged by its cover. Thus before visiting any of the links in the following editorial, readers are strongly encouraged to engage their brains. Also (she boasts), be apprised that what follows constitutes only the second interview Dave has granted the media during his 3-decades-long career...

Nephew to Joe Conforte, founder of the renown Nevada brothel, Mustang Ranch, Dave has worked in Nevada's Legal Brothel industry for the past 30 years.

Visit Dave's personal website and, given you've got your speakers on, you'll be greeted by "Cartoon Heroes," a 2004ish bubble gum song by a group called Aqua. "Thought the lyrics were perfect for my site," Dave said.

Now the owner of Mustang Ranch, you'll find a lot of legal stuff on regarding Dave's ongoing adventures in the civil courts. "I have been in court every day -- not me personally, but represented in various cases -- since 1992 and have spent close to one million dollars fighting for everyone's rights," Dave said.

"I've won a 1983 case on 1st Amendment issues, among others," Dave elaborated. "At this time I have two active cases in court. Type my name (David Burgess) along with brothel and/or Hells Angels into any search engine and you won't be bored."

<<< Dave Burgess, President of HELLS ANGELS Nomads Nevada, owner of Mustang Ranch.

"I have a lot to say lately," Dave summarized. "Which is odd for me because for twenty years I had nothing to say. Actually I've had more fun than 10 people should have, so it seems almost like a crime not to share it with a world that has taken care of me for so long."

In addition to his duties as brothel-keeper, Dave serves as President of HELLS ANGELS Nomads Nevada. "I actually started the first HAMC charter in Nevada. There is now also a charter in Vegas. I am also the World Corporate President of HAMC corp."

Learn more about Dave at:

About this last link, Dave is the Nevada Legal Brothel Association's historian and the above link goes to his news page. His screen name is reno811.
"By the way Michael," Dave addressed ACH editor/publisher Michael C. Kelley, "you crack me up with that oli[e]ander thing. I remember it from the anarchist's cookbook. Anyway, there is a lot more but I've got a meeting with the IRS tomorrow -- like what else is new -- so I'm going to get some sleep..." Email Dave:

Until next time, wishing (and taking action) for a world wherein long-term strategic planning for human and planetary health, well being and dignity reigns supreme.

Christine Weiss

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Photo: Exterior of the Van Buren County Child Care Center building.

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