Why haven't I posted a request sooner...? Anyway I'm looking for a vehicle... Any sellers???
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Yes, I Shalom would like a ride of my own, I would be this>>> happy if I could get a great deal on a decent car, I have looked somewhat around here in VBC, online and everything... I was just putting a request to all people out there that I am in need!!! Tired of using my moms car...
So let me know!!! THANX! :)

Regional Fire Safety Seminar Held In Van Buren County...

"It takes a lot to be a Fire Chief," Charles Gangluff, Manager of RC&D’s Rural Fire Protection Program, addressed about 80 individuals representing 28 volunteer fire departments from Van Buren, Stone, Sebastian, Searcy, Faulkner, Conway, Cleburne, Boone and Baxter Counties, who participated in a one-day training seminar held Saturday, March 10, 2007, at the Dan Davison Emergency Center, home of the Holley Mountain Airpark Fire Department, near Clinton, Arkansas.

The seminar, provided by the Arkansas Association of Resource Conservation & Development Councils (RC&D), focused on enabling fire departments to improve their ISO rating. By improving the ISO rating of a fire department the homeowners and commercial businesses in the community realize substantial savings on their fire insurance rates.

Most of the departments attending the seminar have a current ISO rating of 9 or 10 in at least a portion of their respective district. This means that home and business owners in that area pay the highest premium for fire insurance. By improving a fire department’s ISO rating to Class 7 or better, property owners can realize a 30% or greater reduction in insurance premium costs. Those fire department districts represented at the meeting included:

<> Baxter County: Rodney
<> Boone County: Valley Springs
<> Cleburne County: Concord, Cove Creek Pearson, Hopewell, Prim, Wilburn
<> Conway County: #6, #7
<> Faulkner County: East Cypress, Enola, Highway 286 East, Saltillo
<> Searcy County: HA-RO-CO, Leslie, PG&S
<> Sebastian County: Bonanza
<> Stone County: Dodd Mountain, Melrose
<> Van Buren County: Bee Branch, Burnt Ridge, Chimes, Choctaw, Culpepper, Dennard, Highway 110, Holley Mountain, Shirley

The Van Buren County 911 Center and OEM Emergency Services were also represented.

To obtain the improved rating, each fire department must maintain compliance with certain ‘fire safety’ standards, including such things as having specific types of properly equipped fire fighting vehicles and having all firefighters trained and certified. According to Gangluff, who has managed the RC&D Fire Safety program for 11 years and has been the Chief of Conway County Fire Department District #4 / St. Vincent (CCFD #4) since 1998, most if not all of our region’s volunteer fire departments already meet the standards required to improve their ISO rating but simply have not completed the documentation process necessary to receive credit.

"Lives and property hinge on how well these conditions are met," Gangluff elaborated. "In Arkansas, over 91% of the fire departments are totally volunteer, and just over 6% have some volunteers along with paid staff." Consequently, he explained, the record-keeping required to claim an improved ISO rating sometimes falls through the cracks. To help fill this gap, the 8am to 4pm agenda of Saturday’s seminar closely examined the ISO application, documentation and formal review process in the hopes of making it easier for every fire department to receive credit due and set goals for further improvement. "There are as many ways to do this as there are people in this room," Gangluff encouraged.

Under Gangluff's tutelage, seminar participants worked their way through a comprehensive manual addressing ISO requirements for everything from the types of buildings that qualify as fire stations to the amount of hose a fire truck must carry. "Availability of water supply is 35% of the total ISO score," Gangluff explained. "And setting up dry hydrants goes a long way to any district meeting that criteria." But, he said, it takes cooperation from the whole community to implement a low-cost/high-benefit system like this. Also he noted that good record-keeping about VFD response to structure fires is critical.

All participants were treated by RC&D to a delicious home-style Bar-B-Q luncheon hosted by HMAFD. Joey Weaver, Van Buren County Emergency Services Coordinator, was instrumental in making arrangements for the program, special invitations to which were extended to all Van Buren County Quorum Court members in the hopes of increasing community action in support of local VFDs. However none of the elected Justices of the Peace chose to attend. Also, it was announced that the March 22 meeting of local Fire Chiefs will be held in Chimes. Anyone wishing more information or willing to volunteer their time to assist with their local VFD should contact Joey Weaver, 501-745-3777, or Charles Gangluff, 501-868-8483. ~~~~

On an interesting subject these are my favorite statistics to look at!!!

Top 30 of 83 Total Countries
# Hits Files KBytes Country
1 55832 32.39% 46228 35.06% 919353 24.85% Network
2 49959 28.98% 29543 22.40% 1003337 27.12% US Commercial
3 37504 21.76% 31704 24.04% 1116663 30.19% Netherlands
4 17779 10.31% 15207 11.53% 376323 10.17% Unresolved/Unknown
5 1553 0.90% 1440 1.09% 46222 1.25% US Educational
6 1107 0.64% 900 0.68% 31689 0.86% Romania
7 909 0.53% 794 0.60% 27602 0.75% Colombia
8 832 0.48% 740 0.56% 21463 0.58% United Kingdom
9 751 0.44% 616 0.47% 21192 0.57% Denmark
10 715 0.41% 677 0.51% 16601 0.45% Canada
11 680 0.39% 620 0.47% 14239 0.38% Australia
12 675 0.39% 629 0.48% 13651 0.37% United States
13 670 0.39% 640 0.49% 12285 0.33% Non-Profit Organization
14 461 0.27% 391 0.30% 14387 0.39% France
15 278 0.16% 265 0.20% 4818 0.13% India
16 261 0.15% 240 0.18% 4152 0.11% US Government
17 207 0.12% 205 0.16% 3577 0.10% US Military
18 178 0.10% 170 0.13% 4188 0.11% Sweden
19 155 0.09% 136 0.10% 4057 0.11% Germany
20 155 0.09% 141 0.11% 2407 0.07% Mexico
21 142 0.08% 139 0.11% 4682 0.13% Brazil
22 120 0.07% 95 0.07% 1940 0.05% Belgium
23 99 0.06% 74 0.06% 2144 0.06% Japan
24 96 0.06% 92 0.07% 4385 0.12% China
25 94 0.05% 88 0.07% 2260 0.06% Argentina
26 81 0.05% 72 0.05% 1550 0.04% Malaysia
27 79 0.05% 75 0.06% 1232 0.03% Singapore
28 74 0.04% 73 0.06% 1349 0.04% Italy
29 72 0.04% 67 0.05% 1699 0.05% Norway
30 70 0.04% 69 0.05% 1514 0.04% New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Dower Rights...
I'm back... but only briefly <smile>. I turn 58 tomorrow and shall dive ever deeper into my 'retirement' starting then <grin>. At the moment, however, as editor emeritus of this stunning publication (did you know, Gozarks went over 1000 visitors a day for the very first time last month!) I am asserting my 'dower rights' and commandeering the front page to bring your lively attention to a couple of things, to wit:

There is much chatter about climate change, carbon dioxide emissions, and energy conservation in the news today and I, personally, herewith debunk this whole matter once and for all. Fact is, it doesn't matter whether you believe the science about global warming or not... it is simply self-evident that the ramifications of the creature-comfort-luxurious life style that most of us have aimed for and some of us have achieved is collectively killing us.

All one needs do is take a realistic look around the globe. HIV, flu pandemics, food shortages, contaminated water and food supplies, prescription drug poisons, medical mishaps (the third leading cause of death in the USA), needless wars, global warming, peak oil, an allegedly 'failing' public education system -- even peanut butter can no longer be trusted. And the looming question: What can we do...???

Some say no action is necessary. I personally imagine that these are the same folks who let momma clean up after them right up until the day she dies and then grieve with great anguish over the loss of her companionship... completely unawares that their habitual 'taking from her' resulted in her early demise...

Not a pretty picture, but no matter what language you read, the handwriting is on the wall that with our own dear Mother Earth we are doing exactly this... and in our own best interests we must choose to change the tide of our (immature) behavior now. In that interest, I humbly bring the following two items to your attention: 

<> On Saturday, April 14th, a diverse variety of individuals, groups and organizations are joining forces by networking real-time events into what could prove to be the largest 'virtual rally' ever held. The focus of Step It Up 2007 is energy/climate awareness and sending an emphatic public referendum to law-makers everywhere that 'we the people' want climate-change issues addressed now. Here in Arkansas, several conjoined events are planned including a Town Meeting in Hardy. To learn more, click here.

<> Right now, at this very moment, State Legislators in Arkansas are submitting the last draft bills that will be considered during this legislative session. Among the various new laws (there are many, take a look here), one in which we have particular interest is making the rounds, seeking a sponsor: THE ARKANSAS SUSTAINABLE ENERGY INDEPENDENCE ACT OF 2007 (PDF). This proposed legislation addresses Net Metering in Arkansas which, as you may be aware, is a viable means of diversifying our state-wide sources of electricity production, reducing our dependence on fossil fuel, reducing our generation of CO2 emissions and at the same time reducing the monthly cost of electricity for consumers. This is not 'pie in the sky' stuff, brothers & sisters... but a legitimate system for making this work 'better' for us all... Thus I entreat you... contact your Arkansas Senator or Representative and stump for the introduction and adoption of this proposed bill, remembering that 'we are all in this together' and that 'ignorance is not an option'...

(((hugs))) until the next time I get a bee in my bonnet and poke my nose out of 'retirement' <grin>.

~Christine (Weiss) Beems, Editor Emeritus, Gozarks.com

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