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I glanced thru emails this morning, extolling the virtues of soldierings past. Quite frankly, in light of the sorry state of affairs now passing for 'law & order' in the (alleged) 'home of the brave & land of the free', I was so sickened by the lip-service stench as to need to retrench. But I stifled the urge... Almost.

The handwriting on the wall we read today has been there waiting for our comprehension of it since Eisenhower... nay... since Christ.

Since Gaia entered the scene as a Universal Being and our Jungian (electro-magnetic) collective aspired to (self)consciousness in the material realm, we have had but one duty to serve: The preservation of our community, the well-being of our human uniqueness and the dignity of our (independent) self.

And those who have fought in all past wars have served this 'self preservation instinct' with the bounty of their lives. But now it is ours to call a stop to this madness and, as Andy Rooney said on 60-Minutes last night, give the meaning of Memorial Day a new rendition, letting it commemorate the end of war.

  All forms of brutality done unto others in our name is brutality done unto ourselves, no matter how astutely we rationalize or justify any blatantly abhorrent action. Yet such atrocities are being committed every day in every nation by virtue the collective actions done in our name.

And frankly, if you are at all like me, you feel helpless to do much of anything about it beyond bemoaning the atrocity and, perhaps, raising the flag on national holidays, and then pretty much 'not caring' about justice or civic duty beyond the point of stuffing a hot dog into a bun or bouncing a baby on your knee.

Yet if we claim to truly serve the dignity of those legion of patriots who have been maimed and died 'as we have instructed them to' in the service of of our (self-proclaimed) sacrosanct liberty, then we have the responsibility and the duty to do 'something' to ensure honest law enforcement in our own backyard... because when the cops break the law and nobody does anything about it, the fact is that we are living in a police state where hierarchical anarchy rules and that every true patriot has been sacrificed in vain.


Prepare to PARTY Memorial Day Weekend....

Click here or on the poster (above) to visit the MySpace site of the Culpepper Mountain Band!!!

And remember to vote on Tuesday, May 20, in the Arkansas Primary.


As self-evident by the photo at right, lots of water has (literally) gone over the bridge here in the Arkansas Ozarks since last these humble pages were updated with items of news. 

Aside from dear friends losing homes to tornados and floods, and in addition to the routine traumas inflicted by being the parent of 'teens' <smile>, life for us in the here and now continues to ebb and flow along a semi-charted course of discovery.

For those who keep tabs on such things, my new job (which I've been at for nearly 3 months) is a joy. The folks I work with are wonderful and I just today remarked to my employer what a unique experience it is to work in a place where 'yes' is the chronic answer.

I mean really, what a tasty delight!!!

On matters pertinent to local politics I wish I could say all bodes well in the Ozarks but instead point you to the updates just made on The Committee pages.

I am increasingly heartbroken over this sorry state of affairs... never could I have believed such gross incompetence and blatant chicanery could take place in plain view of so many (supposedly) decent citizens without there being some sort of uproar. Had I not stood witness to so much dastardly stuff going on with my own eyes I would be inclined to doubt the veracity of the dismal facts.

In this interest I encourage and entreat each and every one of you to get involved. It is truly tragic, the farce being perpetrated as 'law and order' upon our body politic. Yet we ourselves are fundamentally to blame as this is OUR 'system of self-governance' and we have, it seems to me, for too long abdicated our rightful throne.

Anyway, it is late now (11:03pm) and I must retire so as to get a good night's sleep and not deprive my employer of my keen brilliance <smile> when the morrow dawns...

Until next time, keep well. Keep honest. Be a person of integrity and insist that those around you abide The Constitution. Respectfully this is the least that any of us who truly care about our children's destiny can do.... (((hugs))) ~Christine

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