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Why 'Czar'?
"I have never been able to understand why the word 'Czar' is used to describe the chief drug law enforcer. Maybe the US government looks at drug users and dealers as Bolsheviks? They would do well to remember that Vladimir Lenin won the October revolution..."

The foregoing comes from a comment posted to

Obama's Drug Czar Pick: Will We Ever Get Past Having a War on Drugs? which is a good read, makes plenty of sense, and I hope the incoming administration is listening.

The current War on Drugs amounts to nothing more than persecution. Someday, we will collectively grow up and see that this handwriting has been on the wall staring us in the face for a long, long time... and -- if we are truly humble of spirit -- we will feel humiliated by the arrogance of our ignorance and ashamed of the tragedy we have wrought in the supposed interest of benefiting humankind. 

Our drug laws are as draconian as were the 'laws' used to persecute the Pagans, the Christians, the Jews, the Native Americans, and the Blacks.

I am appalled that anyone has the audacity to think that they are doing the world a great service by locking up people who grow plants. Factually such people are bigoted, prejudicial power-mongers.

I endorse those sentiments about justice expressed by Judge Morris Arnold: Let the punishment fit the crime.

And I go the step further to assert that it is a crime -- aka: unconstitutional and in violation of our unanimous birthrights -- to 'make it a crime' to grow a plant.

And if you don't get this fact... if you fail to take it to heart or lack the awareness to comprehend the error of your logic, I respect your right to your opinion but in the same breath pronounce you wrong... as neither you nor anyone has the right -- legal, moral or otherwise -- to tell me or anyone else what we may (or may not) do unless our unprovoked actions cause you personal, willful and direct harm.

And quite frankly, if we locked-up everyone who is guilty of willfully causing harm, there would be a whole lot 'officials' behind bars.... ~Christine

Perfect 'edutainment' for Thanksgiving watching. Gather the kiddies 'round the screen and show them what this holiday is NOT (supposed to be) all about, but at baseline is a reality that must be openly addressed and abolished in order for the whole of our democratic society to prosper and thrive.... ~Christine
"Some people have asked Cele why he is coming foreword with his story. Castillo replies that a long time ago he took an oath to protect The Constitution of the United States and its citizens. He has thought about quitting but there was no time limit on that oath. In reality it has cost him so much to become a complete human being, that he lost his family and that there is a possibility that he might be incarcerated for telling the truth." ~Bio of Celerino "Cele" Castillo III

"They chose to ignore the issue, and when it threatened to burst into the limelight, they buried it."
~PowderBurns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War, by Celerino Castillo III and  Dave Harmon.


At right: What Mike Kelley was doing a year ago....


At Thanksgiving time and always, we pray for and demand the immediate release of all prisoners of the drug war.

Stop the Insanity NOW...!!!


From my personal view, our whole system is geared backwards. Now consider that any machine that is geared backwards will run, but inefficiently. Like driving a car in reverse all the time, and only using the forward gears to turn around.

Which to me is what needs to happen with the ‘systems dynamics’ (look it up if you don’t know the critical role this function of the mathematical universe plays in our ever-present well being… or lack thereof) of the (collective, collaborative, cooperative) ‘embodied energy’ (ditto) inherent to our educational system.

FYI: I attended a meeting of economic development and business revitalization experts today. The talk was enlightening. Made crystal clear during discussions was the fact that business today is going crying for competent workers. Kids coming out of highschool can’t read.

Let me say that again… Kids coming out of highshool have not been taught to decipher these funny little characters we call ‘text’, comprehend these symbols as 'information', process this raw data (aka: think) and take independent action based on the (new) awareness they were called upon to glean.

About a third --- if I recall the numbers correctly – of our kids come under this heading. Generally, they are called dropouts… but the fact is that these statistics apply as much to the graduating class.

A full third of our kids can’t read.

This is astounding. (cont. at top right)


(cont.) Yet I see it every day where I work, as job applicants stream through our door and I think to myself that these poor lads don't have a fundamental skill set sufficient to be trained in anything even so mildly sophisticated as operating a router with precision...

In systems dynamics, there is a ‘tipping point’ at which the system collapses. Implodes, if you will, because it has run so far amok from its own equilibrium.

You know, that 'balanced' place on the reality map where it feels like things are cruising along in 5th gear and humming fluidly.

And it seems to me that this is where we’ve gotten things backwards; kind-of like trying to drive Hwy. 9 from Melbourne to Mountain View in reverse. I could do that, mind you <grin>, and so I believe could anyone given the time, which is roughly ½ an hour going forward, but driving backwards could easily take a week and a half <grin>, which might make for an interesting road rally but totally sucks in context of education.

Respectfully, folks, we've gotta fix education now. ~Christine

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