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February 11, 2011

phased short/long-range planning, professional product representation, blog postings, affiliate links, cohesive promotional networking

news release, promotional copy, professional bio, company white papers, newsletter production, brochure, ad-slick and logo design, photo enhancement, website development & updating

document archival, email list development

conference coordination, specialized in-house training programs, promotional timeline development, entertainment booking

program planning, agenda development, retreat facilitation, professional growth & development seminars, workshops and learning programs

He who has a thing to sell and goes and whispers in a well is not so apt to get the dollars as he who climbs a tree and hollers." ~author unknown

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Gozarks is proud to announce our comprehensive STRATEGIC CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING Service Plans, bundled full of performance-based marketing tools to create a professional representation of your business, product, service, project or event.

Our Basic Marketing Plan includes:

One full year of website hosting (including domain-based email set-up and administration), initial one-year domain name registration or renewal and 12 monthly website updates.

Review, refinement and/or new design of key marketing materials, including logo, letterhead, showcard, business cards and website, resulting in the development of a comprehensive and graphically coordinated set of promotional marketing materials.

A comprehensive, well-engineered, regularly updated and visually attractive and complete 3-page Brochure Website that is SEO-compliant, conforms to the 'three click' rule of promotional functionality and accurately represents your business, organization or project.

Compliance with industry technical standards for website 'backend' set-up (ie: coding, folder organization, size of site, status of domain name ownership & expiration); integration of logo and other client-approved content elements (ie: photos, product/project descriptions, etc.) with website layout and ancillary materials formatting to maximize marketing functionality.

One complete news release announcing the new or updated website or the product, service or project you most desire to promote, distributed to local media and posted to your website.

1500 professionally printed ShowCards (one color ink on white cardstock, printed both sides, finished size 8.5x3.6) delivered to you ready for distribution.

Set-up and configuration of your very own WordPress blog.

Individually, these services total over $2170, not including ancillary charges for photo optimizing and enhancement or overall marketing and promotional strategy development, all of which are included in our Basic Marketing Plan at only $595 to initiate service plus $100 per month on a 12-month maintenance contract.

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OPEN SOURCE / OPEN STANDARDS / ODF What does it mean and why should you care?

According to Marino Marcich, Managing Director of the Open Document Format (ODF) Alliance, a group of more than 420 organizations, governments and companies working for the  adoption of the ISO Standard OpenDocument Format worldwide, the transition has grown significantly in the past year.

In terms of professional savvy, this means that more and more offices around the world are embracing the idea that Information Communication Technology (ICT) -- specifically business productivity applications such as text editors and spreadsheets -- should conform to some sort of 'international standard' which, as cited by Rich Green, Executive Vice President, Software, Sun Microsystems, "ensures documents will still be readable long into the future."

So important is this transition to 'open standards' that the Obama administration recently issued a directive that "Each agency shall publish its annual Freedom of Information Act Report in an open format on its Open Government Webpage..." (emphasis added).

OpenOffice.org (OOo) is among a handful of ODF application developers who offer stable 'open source' programs which conform to these new standards. 

The OOo Community is a global network of volunteer and sponsored contributors who seek to make state-of-the-art desktop productivity software available to install and use for any purpose in virtually every computer anywhere at absolutely no cost.

Their OpenOffice.org open-source productivity suite bundles word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, and database software applications comparable (and some would say superior) to Microsoft's Office product.

With no up-front license to purchase, no annual renewal fee to pay, no having to buy an 'upgrade' every time a new version comes out, OOo (virus resistant) software is easily installed (even by the technophobe), conveniently downloadable and seamlessly ready to run; able to read and write to Microsoft Word and Excel files even if those applications are not installed, and backed by a world-wide network of top-notch technical support... all at no cost. Click here to learn more...



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