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May was a wonderful month, filled with flowers and smiles.

The fetching bouquet (at right) was a special treat in tandem with my youngest daughter's graduation.

Yes, that's her (above) and me (at right), happy as a mom can be when her youngest child 'officially' becomes an adult.

Just think, now we are both emancipated...!!!

Other blooms burst forth in my little garden. At left are some cukes.

At right are some beans. And below are the 'first fruits' (baby veggies, snipped from the vine, to 'encourage' the plant to produce a bumper crop <grin>.

These tiny veggies were amazingly flavorful and added great  zest to my salad!!!

Think on these things...

Think on the beauty and abundance of life... and let us all together celebrate 2012 in joy and with the unified purpose of making things good for everyone. everywhere, all of the time. (((hugs))) ~Christine

House Arrest
Michael C. "Mike" Kelley, editor/publisher of ArmchairHoodlum, professional diswasher, VietNam Vet and interdicted cannabis cultivator is back in town. If you don't remember (or never heard of) his saga, catch-up on background and stay tuned-in with the funfolding (no, that is NOT a type-o) story with a look here.

~ ~ ~

Yes, I know it is only June, but November will be here before we know it and with it comes (tah-dah!) ELECTION DAY 2012.

Will you be ready? Will you know with confidence who to vote for because you have researched the candidates and where they stand on the issues?

Or will you rely on the mass-media hog-wash, such at the glossy mailers pictured above, to 'inform' you about how to cast your vote...?

I sure hope not. 

My mail box was so stuffed with these (VERY expensive to design, print and mail) handbills which say NOTHING of substance and have absolutely no information pertinent to making an 'informed' decision about the qualifications of the person they represent that quite frankly I wanted to puke.

For the record, I voted for NONE of the above. It was a personal protest against the gargantuan waste these folks are clearly capable of just by the looks of how the waste money on meaningless, ego-aggrandizing crap.

~ ~ ~

Help infuse this historic WPA-built adobe structure, home to the London Frontier Theatre, with new life.  Check out this VIDEO, look in your heart, open your wallet...!!!

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In September this year, gozarks (aka: 'me') will be a presenter on the agenda of the 4th Annual RSOL National Conference in Albuquerque, NM. My presentation will be on media & marketing strategy. It will be an excellent program <smile>. Maybe YOU want to come... <grin>

As several among you already know, my youngest son is in the Navy. Here is the latest news from him:

May 2012: A marksmanship test score of 228 to 240 = "Expert" status in the Navy.  My IC3 writes:

"I got a 231 with the 9mm."

January 2012: "I have an update for you, I was frocked today. The Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief of my ship pinned on my E-4 insignia so I am officially a 3rd class petty officer instead of ICFN. I am addressed as IC3 which is a lot easier to say every time I have to answer the phone (lol). I will send you a pic of what the insignia looks like. It is will be displayed on all of my uniforms after I have them all updated when we get back to land. Any way it's hard to believe how long Iíve been in, the time has really flown by."

He enlisted over two years ago on the delayed entry program, spent months in training to prepare for bootcamp from which he graduated late in October 2010 and is now stationed aboard the USS Chancellorsville with the homeport of San Diego, California.

Official Navy USSCV Website
USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)
Deployment Log
Cruiser Photo Archive

My son is one heck of a great kid and I love him with all of my heart, just like I love all my children, be they near or be they far...

The Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG-62)


Your USO at Work


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~ celebrating professionalism in service ~



That you may be filled with strength and power, rooted and grounded in love that surpasses all knowledge: Be kind to one another; live with compassion, producing every kind of goodness; stand firm and hold your ground in truth, righteousness and peace; be courageous; embrace faith which is perfect trust in justice. ~Ephesians 3-6 (condensed)