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What I LOVE about the USA...

The Arkansas Cannabis Hemp Amendment


In honor of our nation's birthday, I thought I would share what I value most about our great American heritage by way of an entertaining pass-along that came lately to my Inbox from a fellow wanderer about 'retirement'... a subject which is (as you know) dear and relevant to my heart:

The above image came with admonishment:

"It's very important to keep a sharp mind in retirement!! As we slowly move through retirement, we need to keep ourselves occupied with small projects......... Like this guy in the picture above.

"I know, I saw it right away too.... No safety glasses or hearing protection.

"And I caught something else that is really important: He has no gloves on.

"I might be up in age but I am still sharp as a tack...!!!"

When I read the note and saw the pic -- which completely ignores the fact that this guy is holding the chainsaw blade in his crotch while pulling on the starter cord -- I laughed so hard I nearly cried... thinking to myself (based in my own observations of my waxing maturity) how easy it is to overlook the obvious -- which may pose great danger -- while in the same moment *believing* that we are doing 'everything right'.

And, in context of our great American ways... how falling prey to this kind of obtuse stupidity is, de facto, my 'right'...

That is, our Constitution and the nation it fosters does not 'guarantee' us safety and security... and believing that it is our government's job to 'give' these life-qualities to us is a dangerous fallacy that thwarts everyone's sacrosanct birthright to 'do as we please' so long as our actions pose no purposeful harm to anyone other than 'self'...

aka: We have the (Creator ordained) liberty to do dumb things and no one -- be it our next door neighbor or (alleged) governmental authority -- has the right to take this right away.

In fact, we have the absolute birthright to choose our own actions and experience the consequences, ramifications, benefits and woes therego... sans intervention from mom, dad or any governmental agency.

We have the right to 'screw up' and suffer our comeuppance... and no one has the right to intervene nor any obligation to 'save us' from the fate we meet.

Yet our regulatory policies seem increasingly bent on denying the overarching authority of this personal decision-making liberty in the namesake of 'public good'... which, quite frankly, is a sad testimony to how immature, irresponsible and 'needy' we (as a society) have become.

Thus I wonder, what can I do about this? And, truth be told, I realize that there is nothing that I or any one of us can do alone to vitalize and regenerate the true principles of liberty and justice -- except to continue to be a role model of the way things ought to be and hope that those who rally for more and more 'restrictive laws' to (allegedly) keep us safe from ourselves wake up.

In the interim, I will continue to busy myself with useful projects that do actually make at least my small nook of this world a happy, beautiful and comforting place... such as building a 'refuse locker' (see: The Good Life, June 2014) with my youngest daughter.

And doing other 'good' stuff, like this recent travel contest I entered, that bodes warm-fuzzines for all.

And no, if you're wondering, I didn't win <smile>... Though it would have been nice, I am just as happy doing what I"m doing right here at home for now. And still, some soon day at just the right time, I will head out on another Great Gozarkian adventure...

Retorical thinking: The folks we've put in prison deserve a whole lot more than what we're giving them... And not 'more', really... Just 'better'...

It is up to us --- yes, this means you --- to do something about this... which is as simple as making a phone call to your elected representative(s) and telling them you endorse the practice of Restorative Justice.

For more info on this (critical to the healthy well-being of our WHOLE community) topic, have a look at this (excellent) Think Progress article.

To get your thinking more involved as action here in Arkansas, connect with Arkansans Organizing for Justice and End Mass Incarceration Now.

Until next time, may all of your days be meaningful, productive, comfortable, relaxed, joyous and filled with good cheer... now and forevermore... (((hugs))) ~ christine@gozarks.com

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The Declaration of Independence as codified for enactment by our 'we the people' government in the Constitution of the U.S.A. created a geographic bastion of sanity exempt from the obtuse regulation of 'peaceful assembly' or 'pursuit of happiness'...

In accordance with the covenants, liberties and duties vested in 'we the people' by the founders of our nation in their signing of these great documents:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident," that we are each "endowed with certain  unalienable Rights" which no man, agency, legislated policy or judicial due process has the authority to interdict or revoke and which, in fact, it is the 'duty' of the 'majority' to safeguard, preserve, secure and defend on behalf of ALL the PEOPLE...

Aka: NOT just the ones we 'like'...

Being a 'true American...'  Taking a stand for Liberty & Justice... Fighting the good fight... Rising to the cause...

All of it, in terms of the standards that 'we the people' are to hold ourselves accountable to, boils down to this one point:

As the standard-bearers of  the 'justice for all' banner, it is our duty to 'defend' the rights of each individual to be whoever they choose to be, so long as their conduct is peaceful and does no harm.

And we have s profound duty to discriminate between what constitutes legitimate harm -and- and what we (personally) may find morally abhorrent because to secure the blessing of liberty for all, Lady Justice *must* be 'blind' to all such prejudicial belief, respectful of those 'imbued rights' of each individual to peacefully assemble with whosoever they wish and pursue any sort of conduct that leaves others free from harm and makes them happy.

Yes, it's true... there is now a vigorous petition drive to legalize and regulate cannabis in Arkansas... and you can get the full scoop on it  here.

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I WON...!!!

As announced in March. I entered (and won) an essay contest sponsored by The Change Companies.

By popular demand <smile>,  the news release announcing my big win inclusive of my winning "What If-ing" essay remains for your reading pleasure.

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Willie Nelson

The Willie Nelson Act did NOT win the approval of the  Arkansas Attorney General, although as the only proposed legislation with completely decriminalize cannabis, ends the incarceration of those previously convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses, and regulate pot like aspirin or beer, we still support it 100%.

Still, the The Arkansas Cannabis Hemp Amendment is YOUR grand opportunity to take legislative action. YOUR opportunity to help end the insane drug-war in Arkansas. YOUR opportunity to ensure that the Arkansas budget funds policies and programs that actually make things better for everyone as envisioned by Arkansas Act 1190 of 2013.

Be The Solution...
Take Action NOW....!!!!!

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Why was Marjorie arrested?

click image above to read more


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Think these things always: that it is our duty as thinking beings with the ever-present capacity to choose to abide the 'highest law of reality' -- doing unto others as we would have them do unto us -- with the unified  purpose of making things good for everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

(((hugs))) ~Christine

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MEET THE PRESS: Essentials of Effective Communication with Media

RE-THINKING REALITY... from the inside >>> out.

No matter what else life is or isn't about, the single connecting thread of all experience and action is 'thinking'.

Like the elephant in the middle of the room that nobody ever talks about, what we think (and what we think about what we think) is our point of power in guiding the ongoing dynamics of our own unique and individually independent experience of life.

This great gozarkian guide to 'how thinking works' gives you techniques and approaches to exponentialize your thinking with simple cognitive tools to optimize your own where-with-all.

Discover this innovative 'thinking technology'. Get more of the results you want and need, utilize resources most efficiently, compound beneficial outcomes, enhance OTJ performance and enjoy more quality time for leisure.

No gimmicks... no fees <smile>... just straight-forward scientific info, widely known and understood throughout the  behavior-sciences, lovingly shared (in plain language sans psycho-babble) to empower your clarity and amplify your happiness with your own quality of life.

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If you want more of what you've already got, do more of what you're already doing...

A gift for you... and you... and YOU... (click image to enlarge):

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

USO Operation Enduring Care


May 2014: Not much is new... work moves along in preparation for participation in operational exercises coming up 'soon'... the exact dates of which are not released for public (or family) consumption with respect to maintaining security. Resultant of this, our plans for a 'family reunion' this summer are 'on hold'... pending some clue as to our sailor-man's availability...

February 2014: My son reports that the Navy has been keeping him and all of his crew-mates busy since the mid-November incident (see below), and that everything is going well. He did manage to get a few days leave and visited with his sisters in Florida, where they had a blast skydiving. What a hoot...!!!

November 2013: Yes, my sailor-lad is part of the crew on the ship that made international news mid-November when it was broadsided by a 'rogue drone'. Thankfully, he was not one of the injured crewmen... And my heart goes out to the young men who were injured and their families. Though I am told that everyone is now okay, to be brutally honest I'm not.

August 2013: Text messages (which are my Navy son's preferred means of communication) apprise that he is recovering from (minor, planned) surgery and is doing just fine. Yea...!!! Also that Navy life goes well and that the new truck he got is great. Things are ever changing yet always the same <smile>. He is happy... and that is what  really counts.

Mom's Day 2013: What a joy to hear his voice. Things have been busy, schedules intense, duties demanding... and he is doing just fine, on his way to the beach with buddies... "Will you go swimming?" I ask. "M0OOOM..." he wails in disbelief of my ignorance... "The water is only 50 degrees... it's waaaaay too cold for swimming....!!!"

March 2013: Another sweet-surprise visit from my sailor-son. Yummy... and bitter-sweet. Makes me miss him all the more.

January 2013: Yes, my sailor-man made it home to celebrate the New Year... and his visit (though common knowledge amongst his siblings) was a total surprise to me... Wow, did we have a good time. And now that he has returned to base, well... I started missing him before we left the airport.

December 2012: Long days and way too much to do, says my Navy son. Eat, sleep and work is the total routine. What keeps you so busy, I ask. Everything electrical, he says...

August 2012: Phone chats reveal that all is well with my Navy son, though the days are long, often exhausting, and life is sometimes 'boring'. In the main, he is enjoying what he is doing, actually now getting a sense of 'doing' moreso than 'learning how to do'...

He spoke with excitement and dignity about having resolved an issue with some type of amplified shipboard broadcast device. I could tell that he was proud of this accomplishment, which made me even more proud of him.

May 2012: A marksmanship test score of 228 to 240 = "Expert" status in the Navy.  My IC3 writes:

"I got a 231 with the 9mm."

January 2012: "I have an update for you, I was frocked today. The Commanding Officer and Command Master Chief of my ship pinned on my E-4 insignia so I am officially a 3rd class petty officer instead of ICFN. I am addressed as IC3 which is a lot easier to say every time I have to answer the phone (lol). I will send you a pic of what the insignia looks like. It is will be displayed on all of my uniforms after I have them all updated when we get back to land. Any way it's hard to believe how long Iíve been in, the time has really flown by."

He enlisted over 3 years ago on the delayed entry program, spent months in training to prepare for bootcamp from which he graduated late in October 2010 and is now stationed aboard the USS Chancellorsville with the homeport of San Diego, California.

Official Navy USSCV Website
USS Chancellorsville (CG 62)
Deployment Log
Cruiser Photo Archive

My son is one heck of a great kid and I love him with all of my heart, just like I love all my children, be they near or be they far...

The Ticonderoga Class Guided Missile Cruiser USS Chancellorsville (CG-62)
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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off your bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore, Dream, Discover.
~Mark Twain~

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The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him... The unreasonable man adapts surrounding conditions to himself... Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. ~George Bernard Shaw

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Peace abounds when fighting ends...

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~Buckminster Fuller

~ celebrating professionalism in service ~



That you may be filled with strength and power, rooted and grounded in love that surpasses all knowledge: Be kind to one another; live with compassion, producing every kind of goodness; stand firm and hold your ground in truth, righteousness and peace; be courageous; embrace faith which is perfect trust in justice. ~Ephesians 3-6 (condensed)