The Gozarks Kids Crew went to Little Rock for the Cineposium 2006 weekend January, 28-29. And we would like to give a big thanks to these fine people and associations for making it all work.

Mothers of two of the students below Sonja Oliver who attended with her daughter and two friends and Sue Pico who is a part of the North Central Arkansas Foundation for the Arts and Education attended with her son and two friends. Sue Pico with her educational background an Christine Weiss mother of Gozarks Crew with her media background combined their knowledge and skills to achieve excelsior treatment for gathering up 10 students in the relative area of Van Buren County to go to Little Rock for a weekend of learning about the Film Industry which was the Cineposium 2006 2-day seminar event.

Everyone had the pleasure of staying in guest rooms at The Peabody Hotel which is so very conveniently connected to the Statehouse Convention Center where the seminar was held.

Please enjoy looking at these websites for more information about the associations that made this weekend happen for all of us!!! The NCAFA&E Bringing the arts to your community & schools and in this case bringing us to the Cineposium 2006 event in LR, for lots of information about Arkansas and the Film Industry in Arknasas, The Statehouse Convention Center holds lots of fun and interesting events like the one we all attended and The Peabody Little Rock Hotel a enormous and gorgeous Five Duck Hotel with a beautiful and interesting history making every visit or stay a memorable one. 

Thanks to all of these places for working together for making the Cineposium 2006 work wonderfully both 2-day seminars were free to everyone.

The other 6 kids in this picture came to go to the seminars also. We all got to stay in the Peabody Hotel for the weekend which is conveniently connected to the Statehouse Convention Center where the seminars were held.

Pictured above (l-r): Johnathan L., David H., Jonathan P., Adam W., Joshua W.,
Sarah O., Lani, Hannah, Shalom W., and Shawna W.

Please visit the Peabody Little Rock Website and consider making it your next Little Rock hotel stay.

We had an awesome room that was decorated beautifully..

There was twice as much soap set up right here before we started using it.

The bathroom had a really nice shower and towels.

The bathrooms were decorated really pretty and there was a nice big sink.

The room was really neat and clean before we got in there:)

Great sheets and blankets on the beds.

Mark Tillman instructor of the Acting Class, Shalom Weiss (Gozarks) student in the acting class and Joe Glass who is The Arkansas Department of Economic Development Film Unit Leader. For more information: ::

There was a large crowd for the Acting Class, both seminars were 2-day seminars from 9:00AM-6:00PM, they were both really great. About half of our group attended the Acting Class and the other half attended the Film Making Class.

Jeffery Seckendorf taught his One on One Individualized Filmmaking Education Class.

His classroom had at least twice as many more people than the Acting Class so imagine how many people were there all together!

In the acting class people got up on stage and performed short acts.

Everyone in the class got a chance to get up on stage and perform "cold readings" of lots of different scenes from different shows and movies. Teaching how to relate the scene to your own life to get real believable emotion into your act.

After each reading Mark would make comments and change the history or setting of the scene to teach about how the emotions of the scene would be dramatically different. It was a very informational and informative class where you got to speak with the teacher and get help on anything you needed to know.

Shawna and I (Shalom) explored the hotel in our spare time, among other things to find as many pretty things that we could to take pictures of.

This HUGE chandelier hung in front of that HUGE mirror with HUGH lights beside it, this was the setting for the bar area where Shawna and I sat to listen to beautiful live piano music which set the mood for a wonderful evening.

All throughout the hotel there were real vines, trees, flowers and all kinds of exotic looking plants beautifully placed such as hanging off each and every balcony of the 16 accessible floors of the hotel. The other floors were private access only.

There was an awesome custom Evan Williams Motorcycle on display.

Interesting and beautiful artwork and interior design was all throughout the Peabody Hotel and Statehouse Convention Center.

This 3D piece of artwork is huge as you can see, I though it was really neat.

This is looking down from the highest floor we could get to which was the 16th floor. A really awesome view you could see out the windows to the left.
Click here for the full story of the Peabody Ducks and their Legend...

The twice-daily March of The Peabody Ducks has continued in unbroken sequence at 11am and 5pm since the tradition began in Memphis almost 70 years ago, at The Peabody Memphis and at The Peabody Orlando, since November 1, 1986.

Now, The Peabody Little Rock Ducks are marching into history, and into the hearts and minds of the people of Little Rock and the State of Arkansas.

Each morning, promptly at 11am, the hotel's lobby is the scene of a remarkable ritual. The Peabody Little Rock Ducks leave their Royal Peabody Duck Palace, and arrive at a location in the lobby, where a crimson carpet has been laid out on the gleaming marble floor, leading to the marble fountain which was specially created for them. Carpeted steps are in place.

The ducks are accompanied by their Duck Master, who is clad in scarlet-and-gold trimmed jacket, and carries a brass head duck cane.

Then, John Philip Souza's King Cotton March fills the air, the The Peabody Little Rock Ducks march on their red carpet, climb three carpeted steps and dive into the fountain waters. They preen and play here all day, occasionally taking a little nap, and at precisely 5pm, the march is reversed back to the duck palace, where a dinner of hand-shredded Romaine lettuce, grated (not chopped) carrots, live worm meals and Peabody Duck Trail Mix, awaits them for an evening of quiet repose.
Click here for the full story of the Peabody Ducks and their Legend...

This time the Peabody Duck March Master has assistance from a guest Lauren who helped retrieve the ducks with the Duck Master and learned along with a large crowd including ourselves while the Duck Master told the very interesting story and legend of the Peabody Ducks.

All in all it was a educational exciting weekend for the Gozarks crew. Joshua 14 and Adam 19 attended the Filmmaking Class and Shawna 12 and Shalom 17 attended the Acting Class. and we all had a great time.