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April 2006
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Greetings to you gentle reader and welcome to Gozarks "new and improved" (don't laugh, we really mean this!) news release and newsletter digest. If you believe you have received this email in error, please see FYI near the close of this note. Following for your entertainment and education are a few paragraphs pertaining to various things which we hope and expect you will find enjoyable and useful.


We are exceedingly pleased to announce the official debut of this online "aviation magazine with a family twist." FlyArkansas is the outgrowth of Gozarks seven-year involvement with the multitude of folks in the aviation business. Designed expressly to cater the unique wants and needs of people who like to fly their own airplanes as business travelers or family adventurers, you'll find more about this, including select news releases which are freely available for reprint by any media source at www.flyarkansas.info

Ozarks Magazine

I was enchanted recently to discover this extraordinarily well done full-color glossy hardcopy publication, filled with useful travel tips and absorbing folklore about the people, places, customs, crafts and events colloquial to the Ozark Mountains -- a bio-region which, by the way, encompasses a big chunk of northern Arkansas, most of southern Missouri, a swath of Oklahoma and a teeny corner of Kansas.

From color pictorials of waterfalls, dandelions and artisan pottery to lively reviews of performance musicales, insider tours of 'living large' mansions, and secret peeks at 'off the beaten path' nooks and crannies, I am convinced that this publication will fascinate you. But please, don't take my word for how culturally delicious and chockfull of interest this magazine is...Visit online and see for yourself! www.ozarksmagazine.com

Pilots Association of Arkansas

One of the main objectives of the Pilot's Association of Arkansas (PAA) is to integrate children into the ranks of pilots. In this interest, the PAA is organizing a new Aviation Camp in central Arkansas at Russellville, during the first two weeks of August. This opportunity will be open to all kids from anywhere around Arkansas. To make this happen, volunteers are needed to teach, fly, and educate the kids. Classes will be from 9 am to noon. If you feel that you can teach aviation to 9 to 14 year old kids... or fly them... or corral them... visit www.arkansaspilots.org  to learn more.

Well Aware: Women & Birthing

Twice next month Gozarks will host a non-medical dialog among mothers and expectant mothers about the joys and concerns of the birthing experience with a special focus on homebirthing. For details see WellAware

The Tooth Fairy Legend

We came upon this enchanting book by virtue of a long-time friend from Michigan who now resides in Palm Springs, California. If you have children of Tooth Fairy age - or know someone who does - you'll want to take a moment to check this out Tooth Fairy  The story of how the book came to be is nearly as fascinating as is the book itself.

Homeschool Graduation

It is with unabashed joy and exceedingly great pleasure that I announce the Homeschool Graduation of my 'middelest' daughter, Shalom. Many of you reading this know Shalom from her Intern work with Gozarks these last several years, and thus equally know how this outstanding young woman has grown to become a true professional and pretty neat person to boot. In honor of this illustrious occasion, please consider yourself invited to attend Shalom's Graduation Luncheon, this coming Thursday, April 20, 2006, 12noon, at our homeoffice near Clinton, Arkansas. If you need directions, please call us anytime at 501-745-4153.

Petit Jean

Last on the list for this time around, and strictly in the 'just so you know' category, anyone who wishes to endorse a petition nominating me for election to serve on the Petit Jean Electric Cooperative Board of Directors, please see Gozarks April 2006 front page under the Petit Jean heading for details.


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