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The Battle for OUR Minds:
The War on Drugs

Whenever a war is fought certain battles, with hindsight, take on the illustrious fame of having been "the largest," "the longest," "the most devastating," etc. The Battle of the Bulge, Pearl Harbor, Custer's Last Stand and so many more, all are examples such sad glories. And today, under the heading "The War on Drugs," there is a massive battle being waged that shall, I predict, in the annuls of history, lay claim to similarly sad fame. 

This battle has been ongoing for over 30 years. Its cost, in terms of dollars, has been astronomical. In the billions. And it has, in the most real sense, wreaked devastation on more lives than the composite total of all previous battles ever waged on the face of the Earth.

In terms of jeopardizing life and liberty and laying waste to freedom and  justice, this battle has shut down scientific research, impaled medical practice, set brother against brother, corrupted Constitutionally guaranteed due process, and resulted in the incarceration of millions of individuals whose only crime was harboring a plant.

The plant, of course, is marijuana. A simple herb, scientifically called cannabis, which has grown in the wild, pretty much world wide, since before we civilized thinkers invented the concept of time.

And now this battle is, by our own dear U.S. government, being escalated,  accelerated and intensified with the objective of obliterating common sense and deriding good judgment with convoluted disinformation with the intention of taking hostage YOUR mind.

As reported by the Marijuana Policy Project (MMP), the White House drug czar's office is now running "misleading anti-marijuana ads" in 300 newspapers nationwide, spending $150 million of taxpayer money this
year with the intention to "scare the American people" by "playing on parents' fears" with the goal to garner unjustified support for the continuation of promulgated marijuana prohibition.

Ladies and gentlemen, as a citizen of the United States and taxpayer thereof, I must tell you that this governmentally sponsored coercion is, in my humble opinion, patently wrong.

The purpose of having elected officials is NOT to empower them to use OUR MONEY to "proselytize" us, no matter what the subject of discourse may be. Our elected officials are NOT our schoolmarms or Sunday-school teachers! And even if they were, then their responsibility would be to "educate" us with FACTUAL INFORMATION so that "We The People" are empowered to "do" what "we" know in our hearts and understand in our heads to be prudent and right.

"The drug czar's ads aren't about educating teens; they're about frightening parents into keeping marijuana illegal and avoiding the real issue. The real issue is that marijuana is bad for kids, but marijuana prohibition is worse," said MPP Executive Director Robert Kampia about "the misleading and dishonest nature of (drug czar) Walters' anti-marijuana advertising blitz."

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to take action. Read this INDEPENDENT REPORT commissioned by the U.S. government (and paid for with our tax dollars) about the ineffectiveness of the anti-drug strategy being pursued... then WRITE A LETTER to the editor of your local newspaper. (An excellent reference source to walk you through this process is here. Also, see our Arkansas and National news-links pages.) Call, write or email your state and federal legislators (In Arkansas, support for your efforts may be found at DPEG and ARDPArk.) Sponsor a LEGITIMATE debate in your community, perhaps with the support of the administrators (whose salaries you pay)  at your local high school. Speak your mind... but before you do, please... LEARN THE TRUTH.



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