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Welcome to the Holy Ghost Building!!!

How did you hear about us?

A reader  writes:

God himself told me on the telephone. I believe the Holy Ghost Building is where the Holy Ghost Himself was born. This should make the place a national historic treasure, right here in the Ozark Mtns.   ~MK

Sister Christine responds:

It is my happy duty to inform you that the Holy Ghost (aka: the Spirit of Truth) is of the feminine persuasion. Prior to the adulteration of Holy Scripture by (dare I say it) men in general and Constantine's Council of Nicaea specifically, Her Holy Name -- Sophia -- was known far and wide as the saving grace of reason and wisdom. In this light we --- the keepers of the True Truth -- assure you that the Holy Ghost Building here in the pristine Ozark Mountains (popularly called "Heaven's Waiting Room), while it may or may not be the location of Her divine birth, is presently one of Her many divine berths in the material realm.

With warmest affection for a fellow traveler on the path ~~~~~~~