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At right, left to right: Lynn Gilmore, CEO of Sex Offender Solutions and Education Network (SOSEN) and author of "Consensual Consequences: A true story of life with a registered sex offender," Russell Carpenter, KABF broadcast engineer, and Kim Combs, host of "It Could Be You," during the first live broadcast of the talk-radio show.





Stephanie Johnson (at left), interviewed November 30, 2011, is the director of Simone's Home, a residential learning center for teenage girls in the foster care system.


At left, Christine Beems of gozarks.com  took a turn in the interview seat mid-December of 2011.

At right, Kim Combs and Dr. Jeff Walker, just prior to Jeff's December 28, 2011 interview.


Nationwide Sex Offender Laws & Policy, November 2010 [PDF]

Pre-production of our weekly talk-radio show -- “It Could Be You” -- began in July of 2011 with broadcast training for our volunteers and a lot of help from the folks at KABF.

At right, left to right: Lynn Gilmore of SOSEN, Willie Cosme KABF station manager, Russell Carpenter KABF broadcast engineer, John Cain KABF program manager, and Kim Combs, host of It Could Be You. >>>

We did our first live broadcast at noon on October 12, 2011 and continue to fill the airwaves live from 12 noon to 1pm every Wednesday on KABF-88.3 Little Rock.

Our overarching mission in producing the show is to develop a cooperative sense of community (rather than take an adversarial approach) among all members of the community with a special focus on advocating for common sense practicality on sex-offender issues.

We welcome the opportunity to interview representatives of victim's advocacy groups, attorneys, public officials,  those who are on the registry and others who have a personal story to tell or useful information to share about community programs and events.

<<< At left, left to right: Willie Cosme KABF station manager and program manager John Cain.

Our debut broadcast included a guest appearance by MiChelle Moore, a volunteer with the Little Rock organization Compassion Works for All.

MiChelle shared information about a meeting she organized in Little Rock for the Washington D.C.-based Justice Policy Institute (JPI) addressing the 'life without parole' issue in Arkansas.

At right, left to right: John Cain and MiChelle Moore. >>>>>

Our October 19th broadcast featured an interview with Lewis-Burnett Employment Finders Inc. and a spirited conversation about employment, skill development the assistance provided with job-seeking by the agency, which specialized in finding work for registered sex offenders and other felons who often have difficulty securing gainful employment.

Our October 26th show featured a dynamic interview with Jeff Rosenzweig (pictured at right).


At left: Robert 'Kim' Combs, host of "It Could Be You."


Stay tuned to KABF 88.3 for more amazing episodes of "It Could Be You," broadcast live from Little Rock every Wednesday, 12noon to 1pm, Central Time.





Above, left to right: Jeff Rosenzweig, Kim Combs and KABF's Russell Carpenter. At right, Carpenter and Combs.