Community Ombudsman ~ Established 2007 ~ It's all about accountability.

Effective of decisions made by our board of directors, at and subsequent to our annual meeting held Tuesday, January 26, 2010, in Bee Branch, Arkansas, we wish to publicly reaffirm our determination as an ad hoc ombudsman to ensure 'equal treatment under the law' for everyone.

We additionally announce that beginning late in 2009, we began working for the development of specific legislation which, when adopted, will initiate the process of eradicating the double-standards which seem to permeate our current social-justice system.

On New Years Day we convened a meeting of thirteen civic-minded individuals, each known to us as having a unique area of expertise in the coalescing of a grass-roots legislative initiative. And we are pleased to say that now, roughly 90-days from inception, this collaborative group effort is producing tangible results.

To this effect, these participants have taken it upon themselves to work together as an independent legislative task force addressing the medicinal use of cannabis which we see as a cornerstone issue in that once clear regulatory policy is established regarding this practice, a wide array of the drug-war-related issues that we are deeply concerned about will be immediately resolved.

At present, this task force is reviewing the elements of what will become a piece of model legislation,, to be submitted in accord of due process to the 2011 Arkansas General Assembly. Click here for more info and to participate.

In support of the project described at left, during June (2010), The Committee, funded in part by Gozarks, conducted an independent research project on med-cannabis related issues, including one-on-one interviews with people in states where med-cannabis use is established by law. 

Subsequent and collateral research has, by our analysis, shed new light on the fundamental causes of the War on Drugs which, as we see it, left unchecked, is on a collision course with our own national security.

In the interest of bringing this research and the conclusions drawn there-from to the attention of the general public, and with the purpose of giving all of us, including our elected leadership, the benefit of this in-depth analysis, The Committee for Honest Law Enforcement has been working to facilitate the publication of HOAX: Manifesto of the Marijuana Prisoners Committee To End the War on Drugs.

This PDF publication will be freely available after January 2, 2011, from 

Our 2011 Annual Meeting was held, Monday, January 17, 2011. A full report is forthcoming. Direct questions to

Thank you,
Christine Beems


Arkansans For Medical Cannabis  Our MISSION is to Educate the public on the "Medical" benefits of Cannabis. Our goal is to ensure that the Citizens of Arkansas regain their right as defined by our Constitution to decide for themselves what an appropriate method of medication is WITHOUT government intervention.