PSQ = Productivity, Satisfaction, Quality
The Power of Thinking in Threes

People who get paid for thinking are called "knowledge workers." Whether you consider yourself a knowledge worker or not, the productivity and quality of your own thinking has a direct bearing on how much satisfaction you derive from your own life.

Yet the act of thinking can seem complicated and time-consuming. Thus things are done “without thinking” and we find ourselves scrambling for a backup or trying to second guess our way through events which have, it seems, somehow gone awry. 

Making matters worse, our modern society has adopted a widespread cultural predisposition which qualifies this type of lackluster, dysfunctional and aberrant behavior as "normal" and "natural," being "unavoidable" and "unpreventable," coming simply as a result of the "human condition" which overwhelmingly portrays common people as frail, weak, and abysmally incapable to develop critical thinking skill.

Frosting this (no-so-good) cake, we have been academically predisposed to believe that our own thinking is somehow not under our own control. That is, that the thoughts we come up with on our own are somehow less valuable than thoughts that have been thunk by others who came before us.

Thus we are taught (by subliminal immersion) to NOT think of "thinking" as a "controllable resource." Good ideas seem to come to us… or they don't. Plans work, or they fall apart. Decisions compound to make mountains out of molehills or transcend the bonds of fate... But never in today's world is it openly admitted that the PSQ of our own thinking is direct and implicit governor of all of this.

What would you do, for example, if you were able to just open a spigot and fill your cup with PSQ-thinking anytime?  What if doing "outside the box" magic came as easily to you as blinking an eye? And what if someone you trusted assured you that doing this really was easy and that you ought to give it a try. Would you?

If yes, and if you agree with the premise that the capacity, scope and usefulness of any individual's own thinking is accountable for the Productivity, Satisfaction, and Quality (PSQ) of that individual's own life, a step-by-step strategy for exploring the unique importance and vital significance of YOUR own thinking begins with an exploration of your Lifetime Goals.


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