PSQ = Productivity, Satisfaction, Quality
The Power of Thinking in Threes

Now that you have a handle on some of your Lifetime Goals, one automatic objective is to have every investment and expenditure of your energy and resource "do something" to implement and actualize these ends. Thus whether your #1 Lifetime Goal is to be a leader of nations, enjoy great wealth or simply be a good person, for this goal to be attained there would, it seems, be the necessity for some type of envisioned plan.

The alternative, of course, is flying by the seat of one's pants. But let me ask you, which of these approached do you think the Wright Brothers or Thomas Alva Edison utilized when they were laying out their respective game plans?

Thus if you truly want to achieve the Lifetime Goals you've set for yourself, you've got to establish some Intermediary Objectives and translate these into an effective To-Do list, and "Thinking in Threes" is a simple, quick and efficient way to do this.

HINT: Respond to the following questions twice. On this first round, answer intuitively and candidly with your initial gut reaction. Then, again this initial response is complete, invest a few moments contemplating what, if anything, you've learned from the overall process and respond to the following again.

Start with #1 goal on your list and find the "operative" word. Let's say your goal is "Be a good person." Is the action-word "be," or the quality-word "good" or the human-word "person" more emphatically important to you?

What ever word you arrive at, write it down.

Go to your #2 goal -- let's pretend it's "Enjoy great wealth." Choose one of these words that holds the dearest meaning for you and, as with your #1 goal, write this word down.

Move on through your list of goals, however many they may be, contriving a single word that somehow -- and probably only to you -- represents the "distilled essence" of what that particular goal is all about. Thus if your #3 and #4 goals were "Be a good parent to my children" and "Live happily ever after in a comfortable house," a distilled list of essences, from which to create a personally unique "pneumatic" cognitive tool (which enables you to leverage the attainment of your Lifetime Goals through your daily actions and routines), might look something like this:

  • person

  • enjoy

  • children

  • happy/comfortable

Now the first thing you'll notice is that I somewhat broke the rules. That is, I used 2 words to communicate the essence of one thought. And it's important to heed the fact here that doing this -- aka: "discarding the rules" -- is in good measure what all "TMx3: Step Thirteen" practices are all about. That is, that ultimately the only rules worth abiding are those which add PSQ to the overall experience of life.

The second thing you'll notice is that these words -- being the ones you chosen to represent the distilled essence of your goals -- have a special "conjuring" influence on your frame of mind. That is, as you echo the word in your psyche, a sort of "resonant image" fills your thoughts.  

For a good example of what I'm describing, think about the word "mom." Though by dictionary definition we likely have similar ideas about what this word means, in the experiential dimension we each flavor this generic definition with unique emotional and intellectual tones. This intellectual/emotional "charge" gives each mental image a measure of "pro/con" energy.

Thus a critical step of "Thinking In Threes" is to identify the flavor/tone of the pro/con energy intrinsic to your goals, and to think critically about it. That is, after you've compiled a initial "gut reaction" keyword list, go back over it as you would if you were taking an inventory of the resources you have on hand.

As you reflect on your pro/con assets, evaluate each one of them in accord of your own unique appreciation for PSQ and what having it means to you, personally, in the scope of your own life.

Edit your list, further distilling the essences you expressed, with the objective being to both capture and liberate the totality of your Lifetime Goals in three (resonant image filled) words.

Continuing the example posed above, a "Thinking In Threes" keyword list might end up looking like this:

Abundance / Joy / Companionship

Finally, to fully implement "Thinking In Threes" all that's left to do is write this cognitive pneumatic leveraging phrase across the top of your routine To-Do list, reading it silently to yourself every time you check an item off. Do this religiously for three weeks, then forthrightly evaluate your results!!!

NOTE: The how-tos of To-Do lists are admirably discussed in many works related to time management. Notable among these, How To Get Control of your Time and Your Life, by Alan Lakein, is regarded as the Industry Standard.


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