Thinking controls time -- think about it.

"Moments are little pieces of time. Life is a string of moments. Each moment offers untapped potential. Pay attention to the moments, you control your life and your time." ~Alan Lakein

A microscope enables us to look at an insignificant speck of dust, focus the blur into a sharp image and see things we never imagined. Looking closely at the specks of dust in our own thinking enables us to bring the blur of life into focus, amplify the things we like, diminish those we don't, and equip ourselves to make the kind of informed choices that reverberate back to us, optimally enriching our aggregate quality of life.

Yet doing this simple act -- scrutinizing the bits and pieces of our own thought process -- is a thing we are unaccustomed to do. It is an interdisciplinary mind game that requires intellectual skill, mental flexibility and cognitive dexterity. Yet the winners of this game get huge and very personal rewards.

Life changes moment-to-moment yet, in the ideal, is held together with consistency. Elaborate schemes routinely take years or even decades to fully materialize, however each tiny nuance of intellectual strategizing -- whether done consciously or as an unrecognized sub-routine -- is inextricably linked to this enfoldment and, when all is said and done, these tiny bits and pieces of predisposition play a determining role in how quickly, smoothly, productively and beneficially everything ultimately works out.

"Life changes by the moment. Each moment offers far more potential than we know. Take hold of the moment from the inside out and change the potential of your life." ~Alan Lakein

TMx3: Warp Time

Define desired outcomes > Explore cognitive techniques > Implement selected practices > (Old habits squeezed out by attrition) >  Employ fully aware consciousness > Warp time to fit the mold you choose.


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