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The Willie Nelson Act will completely decriminalize cannabis in Arkansas, end the incarceration of those previously convicted of non-violent marijuana offenses, open the door for agricultural cultivation of hemp, regulate pot like aspirin and beer and get the drug-war monkey off of our taxpaying backs.

"Willie Nelson Act" proposed by
Arkansas Teapot Party
January 27. 2014

Legislation proposed by the Arkansas Teapot Party would, if enacted by the Arkansas General Assembly, make the "tax it, regulate it, legalize it" mantra sparked by the celebrated musician Willie Nelson late in 2010, a reality in The Natural State.

"I agree with what Willie has been saying all along," Richard Morton, father of 5, grandfather of 6, retired heavy-equipment operator for US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and spokesperson for the Arkansas Teapot Party, is a strong proponent of ending cannabis prohibition.

"Our criminal justice officers need to be focusing on real criminals. It's time to get this drug-war monkey off our backs," Morton affirms, and a rising tide of surprising proponents agree with him.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, for one, who said in a Las Vegas Sun interview, January 16, 2014, that he 'thought the current legal system for prosecuting and sentencing marijuana users was extremely flawed'. “I guarantee you one thing,” Reid was quoted. “We waste a lot of time and law enforcement going after these guys that are smoking marijuana.”

As of January, 2014, twenty states and the District of Columbia have legalized at least the medicinal use of marijuana with two of these, Colorado and Washington, having legalized recreational use and a long (long) list of municipalities have decriminalized simple possession to a 'low priority' offense. And accruing results, in context of the dire economics faced by many state agencies, are opening the eyes of legislators.

In Colorado for example, which first legalized med-mj in 2000, taxable sales from med-mj dispensaries for FY 2012-2013 totaled $328.7-million, resulting in over $9-million in tax revenue for the state. Add in projected recreational sales, currently averaging about $5-million per week, and the state expects to collect nearly $70-million in tax revenue over the next 12 months -- an increase of nearly 800%.

Public sentiment is also up in the numbers. According to a current CNN/ORC International survey, 55% of Americans now favor making cannabis legal for adults, which marks a 12-point jump in support since the last time pollsters posed the question in 2012. Confirming this quantum shift in public opinion, the 2013 Gallup poll reported support for legalization at 58%, the highest level of support ever recorded in a nationwide scientific poll.

And just days into this new year, in a move that is being seen by many as a signal that the end of the U.S. war on pot is imminent, the Department of Justice announced that it would not pursue prosecution of federal marijuana offenses in states where the herb has been deemed legal and is regulated.

What YOU *must* do to make the Willie Nelson Act a reality in Arkansas...

Our state legislators must here from YOU...!!! -- Yes, this means YOU, whoever you are, reading this now...

So, right now this minute....

Download a PDF of the flier above.

Download a PDF of the proposed
Willie Nelson Act

Download a PDF of the News Release

Download a printable PDF of the flier at left, below.

Print at least two copies of each of the above documents... and HAND DELIVER to YOUR Arkansas Senator and Representative.

What...??? You don't know who these folks are...??? Click here to find them...!!!!

And let's get real... if it takes you a whole day to do this, it's worth it to get this law passed NOW...!!!

"Tax it, regulate it, legalize it."

For more info, visit the Arkansas Teapot Party Facebook page or contact
Richard Morton: (870) 291-3536

Let's get'er done....!!!!!

~ Go the 2nd Mile ~

Learn what law enforcement officers say about ending cannabis prohibition at LEAP

Learn what the National Cancer Institute says about cannabis.

Learn about Act 1190 of 2013, for the creation of Restorative Justice systems in Arkansas.

Learn about Restorative Practices.

And then ask yourself.....

Why was Marjorie arrested?

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"It's about time," said Morton, who has enjoyed fishing the waterways in the Mountain Home area since the 1960's and has lived in Norfork, Arkansas, since 2006. "I mean really. Letting our farmers grow hemp is a no-brainer. It would give our whole economy a big boost. And giving sick people access without the fear of ending up in jail is just the right thing to do."

Agreeing with Morton, who served as labor-union rep for contract negotiations with USACE during his tenure as a heavy equipment operator, are a plethora of political pundits prognosticating that pot will be legal nationwide by 2016. Which is why, according to Morton, the time for Arkansas to act is now.

"I know that 2014 is a 'fiscal' session for our General Assembly," Morton affirmed. "And I can't see a more important financial issue for all of us Arkansans to address than this whole legalization business. I mean, it would cut prison costs, increase tax revenues, open-up new jobs and reduce health-care spending."

That's why, Morton affirmed, the Arkansas Teapot Party is forwarding The Willie Nelson Act, to decriminalize, regulate and tax cannabis/ hemp/ marijuana in Arkansas.

"We are looking to get legislators to sponsor the bill in both the House and the Senate," said Morton, who elaborated that the proposed legislation is retroactive and would essentially pardon everyone convicted of a pot-offense in the state, which, he says, supports the vision of Act 1190 of 2013, for the creation of Restorative Justice systems in Arkansas. "So we are encouraging every person in Arkansas who cares about this issue to contact their duly-elected representatives and tell them to get off their butts and get this job done."

For more information, visit the Arkansas Teapot Party Facebook page or contact Richard Morton at (870) 291-3536. ~ ~ ~

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